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1x0 – Unaired Pilot

Cartman wakes up and realizes he was abducted by aliens after hearing it from his friends. He is in major denial at first though, but even Chef is a believer.

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Dp3ovf4osyciu06uiav3u8wasq5 1x1 – Cartman und die Analsonde

While the boys are waiting for the school bus, Cartman explains the odd nightmare he had the previous night involving alien visitors abducting him from his bed. Meanwhile Kyle and Stan try to convince Cartman that the dream was in fact a reality.

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Ukljowcim01jvquhxfsnkpsepbu 1x2 – Wie werde ich zum Kampfkoloss?

Mr. Garrison starts the day off with a special announcement; one of South Park's own has won a national essay contest. Everyone is shocked to learn that the winner is Cartman, who doesn't even remember what he wrote about.

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7g5ryqgy2iixixoe6papbis2mzk 1x3 – Knall endlich den Hasen ab!

The boys get together with Stan's Uncle Jimbo and Jimbo's war-buddy Ned for a hunting trip in the nearby mountains. After Cartman's mom makes sure her "little" boy is safe and sound (much to Cartman's dismay) the group heads off for adventure. As they drive away from the town, Jimbo explains the "finer" points of hunting.

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T9hc9wj5myaagwxr3krxobm0lng 1x4 – Ein Heim für Tiertunten

Stan's got a new dog-named Sparky. Stan proclaims his pet to be the toughest dog on the mountain. Though while Stan thinks his dog is ready for fighting, Sparky proceeds to hump Sylvester like a little bitch. The other boys taunt Stan about his gay dog and Sparky runs away to find someone who will love him for who he is.

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D1wcweenw5mzzp70qw5xkzez3dm 1x5 – Tanz der Mutanten

Stan notices a new addition in their bus stop crew, an elephant standing alongside Kyle. At school, class lessons for the day involve genetic engineering (conveniently enough). Kyle questions the possibility of a genetically engineered elephant made smaller by design. The boys have to beat the rough kids in their genetics experiment, and will try anything to do it.

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Cpc6nhuyahu0iksct6kdknphmos 1x6 – Wer killt Opa?

"Happy Birthday" to Stan's Grandpa Marsh who just turned 102. How does the wizened Mr. Marsh feel about his birthday? He sums it up in five words; "I wish I were dead." and proceeds trying to end his life enlisting Stan to do it for him. However, Stan is aware of a very important thing if he kills his grandfather, he'd be in trouble, and if he's in trouble he can't watch Terrance and Phillip.

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A21re0u8zaqkh7xmrtumevxrogl 1x7 – Her mit dem Hirn!

The first Halloween episode starts off with the failure of the Mir Space Station, which crashes right on Kenny. An ambulance comes and takes his body off to the morgue. The boys start to brag about their Halloween costumes. At the morgue, a freak accident involving a bottle of Worcestershire occurs, and next thing you know Kenny is a member of the undead. Kenny breaks free and wanders off into the night.

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Mdhnfv4ujtg89qo4judhvq2kfmw 1x8 – Ein Fettwanst in Äthiopien

The four boys are at Cartman's house watching the "Terrance & Philip Thanksgiving Special" on television. During a break from the show, a Sally Struthers commercial convinces the boys that the prospect of a free "Taiko" sport watch with a five-dollar donation is irresistible. Typical greedy American youth. So Stan dials in, using his mother's credit card number and makes their donation.

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Uaqvrg3r3epi7a2npwkdivj8t92 1x9 – Mr. Hankey, der Weihnachtskot

South Park Elementary is on stage rehearsing for the schools play. Kyle begins to sing a song about Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo. Of course, no one has any idea what the heck he's singing about. Kyle explains that Mr. Hankey comes every year to all the good boys and girls who have a lot of fiber in their diet. Everyone thinks he's insane and sends him to a mental institute.

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Mstxuzakzecdlnzbakn81pbml5c 1x10 – Damien

Eric is handing out invitations to his birthday party at school. Mr. Garrison informs them all that there is a new student joining the class. Announcing to all that he is Damien, the son of Satan. Even as Damien demonstrates his demonic powers the children are more loathsome than impressed.

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Oyccttdcj8a18x0kzpnakmwuxjb 1x11 – Geil auf Miss Ellen!

Wendy and Stan discuss their plans for romance. Principal Victoria comes into the classroom and announces that Mr. Garrison is going to be out and that a substitute will be taking his place. The lovely Miss Ellen speaks to Stan and he pukes all over his desk. Wendy is upset because Stan only pukes when he is in love and has Mrs. Ellen arrested for being a spy.

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64gltfvqdvxyhemovmrhdtch5ak 1x12 – Robo-Streisand

The boys meet up with Barbara Streisand who wants to take over the world with Kyle's discovery and an archaeological dig. Leonard Maltin, Sydney Potier, and Robert Smith come to the rescue to defeat Babs and her terrible destruction.

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In2yzvqylqr7vdyf2d96ihzjs8y 1x13 – Cartmans Mama ist eine Schlampe!

Cartman needs to find out who his father is but his mom is no help. Learning that his father could be one of the many people that his mom "had relations" with during an annual party called "The Drunken Barn Dance," he finds that there's more to his mother then he thought.

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Die Serie konzentriert sich hauptsächlich auf die Abenteuer der vier Kinder Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman und Kenny McCormick in der fiktionalen Kleinstadt South Park in den Rocky Mountains in den USA der Gegenwart. Neben den vier Hauptcharakteren wird die Stadt von einer Reihe von zusätzlichen Charakteren bevölkert. South Park nutzt Running Gags, Gewalt, Sex, Popkulturreferenzen und die satirische Darstellung von Berühmtheiten und Institutionen und integriert diese in die Handlung. Die einzelnen Stories werden in der Regel durch Alltägliches oder außerordentliche, bis hin zu übernatürliche Ereignisse in Bewegung gesetzt. Im Verlauf der Episode sind es meist die Kinder, die den Bezug zur Realität bewahren, während die Erwachsenen um sie herum in Panik ausbrechen oder irrational handeln. In diesem Zusammenhang ist eines der wiederkehrenden Elemente der Handlungen die Bloßstellung “erwachsener Sichtweisen” als verzerrt, verlogen und unmoralisch - zumindest vom Standpunkt eines Kindes aus.
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