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Tskjcmj4lc0i8k1a4g4hm7nfalz 1x1 – Das Element der Seele

When a local high school student is killed in a small town, a newly arrived gypsy is rumored as a suspect even though evidence points to some sort of animal attack.

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Gunaovoyuyjm2fasq3qz2gnlklm 1x2 – Die Verwandlung

Just in time for the school dance, Letha reveals she's pregnant - by an angel. Meanwhile, Roman and Peter work on becoming friends and share an experience.

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Kjpbg5jtxifuc9seyvcphmv5dul 1x3 – Der Orden des Drachen

Another body is found. Peter thinks there is something running around in the woods and the Sheriff brings in an animal tracker.

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S6l7odi0goelhgzd7atjb2rfny0 1x4 – Der Dämonenhund

The murder investigation uncovers human hair in a pile of wolf scat. Roman and Peter turn to the grave of the victim in search of more clues.

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Fyshz001thhpi9dqjv2prxnbnrr 1x5 – Blick in den Abgrund

The shovel left at the grave is traced back to the Godfrey estate. Destiny helps Roman and Peter to make sense of things. We get some back story to Dr. Chasseur. A party is thrown at the tower to celebrate the Godrey Institute.

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Fypdfhbm2dfrizjicc7hhbitgwd 1x6 – Angst hat ein Zuhause

Peter and Letha start hanging out. Olivia has some medical issues. Peter and Roman investigate the old steel mill.

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Gutvr4yk3djnortfi2ylbkzbktx 1x7 – Grenzenlose Wut

Shelley steps out on her own, and body parts are found at the old steel mill. Meanwhile, Peter starts hanging out more with Letha and less with Roman.

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Fi2qlbdzz45culqdnrkecqaabo1 1x8 – Abstieg in die Unterwelt

Roman visits the tower, and gets a little more than he expected. Dr. Chasseur deals with some internal issues while Letha and Peter get a little more serious.

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Ak67nexoxknibkd0veokv8ej9mc 1x9 – Die Aufgabe Gottes

Letha's parents find out about her relationship with Peter. Shelley and Jenny develop their friendship. Dr. Chasseur continues her investigation.

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Ii8hmu9gfgvljajspkl50s8tlql 1x10 – Vollmond

Roman wakes up just in time for the full moon, to help Peter track the vargulf. Dr. Chasseur contacts her brother for help after things clear up.

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Tc7339nb4fdoru5mf2hom33v3ri 1x11 – Die Jagd beginnt

Peter and his mother hide from vigilantes seeking the killer. Christina disappears. Peter and Roman continue looking for the vargulf. Roman finally begins to face the truth about his nature.

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2iwuecgw46fylzezuhfpsxkzmuu 1x12 – Kinder der Nacht

Dr. Chasseur wakes up locked in a cage. The latest victim is revealed. The missing Christina shows up at Letha's house. Shelley runs away. The vargulf's identity is finally affirmed to Peter, Roman, and Letha.

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Xdai9exsqartvwepbxaswvyty17 1x13 – Die Geburt

Peter and Roman battle the vargulf. Sheriff Sworn, still acting irrationally, attacks Shelley. Letha goes into labor. Olivia's back story is given. Many secrets are revealed.

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