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10x1 – Ho Down

The temperature is rising. Andy receives a death threat. A prostitute is murdered, causing IA to look at John. A huge drugs and cash hoard is found. An elderly woman is found tied up and beaten.

10x2 – You've Got Mail

A bomb threat is received at the courthouse. John Clark is placed on restricted duties pending charges for murder of the prostitute. John Irvin buys a new car only to be carjacked on the first drive.

10x3 – One in the Nuts

Andy and John attend a shooting where a man is shot in the groin. Connie's sister turns up, pregnant and beaten by her husband.

10x4 – Meat Me in the Park

A little girl disappears at the park, after her father leaves her - or so he thinks - in the care of a friend's nanny for a moment. Connie's brother-in-law is arrested.

10x5 – Death by Cycle

A boy on a bicycle is murdered. Connie's sister posts bail for her husband.

10x6 – Maya Con Dios

Maya's partner in anti-crime is killed. A little girl is snatched off the street. Connie becomes foster-mother to her niece.

10x7 – Das Boots

Connie struggles to settle with the baby. A woman is found dead in a vacant lot. Another is found dead in the laundry room of her building. The Lieutenant dresses up for a lunch.

10x8 – Below the Belt

When NYPD Auxiliary Police Officer Heather Peterson is murdered, the detectives find a diary of her's that details the sexual habits of the police officers at the 15th precinct. These findings cause the detectives to suspect the officers of the 15th precinct had something to do with her death, and the investigation of the cops cause tension between the officers and the detectives.

10x9 – Half-Ashed

IAB start interviewing the officers who were in the diary, and Sipowicz and Clark are blamed as rats. A social worker appears to have taken her own life. A former cop wants his ashes buried at the precinct.

10x10 – Healthy McDowell Movement

Andy and Theo move out. Tony thinks about calling it a day with his ex-wife. Sipowicz and Clark Jr look into the threats made to Clark Sr. A distressed, schizophrenic young man keeps saying "she can't breathe".

10x11 – I Kid You Not

Connie and Rita find young children home alone, living in squalor. Tony's ex-wife is found dead. A carjacker is killed, and cocaine is found in the car.

10x12 – Arrested Development

Clark is placed under arrest after police find heroin in his car; detectives search for clues when a woman is beaten to death with a cordless drill; a murder victim's obsession with clean living may have led to his demise.

10x13 – Bottoms Up

In hopes of freeing Clark from jail, Sipowicz searches for drug dealers who might have a connection to Laughlin; McDowell and Ortiz investigate a series of rapes in a park involving a perpetrator who forced his victims' boyfriends to watch.

10x14 – Laughlin All the Way to the Clink

The detectives investigate the murder of a gay man who gave room and board to Latino parolees in exchange for sex; McDowell and Ortiz search for clues when a community activist is stabbed to death.

10x15 – Tranny Get Your Gun

A transvestite prostitute's murder leads the detectives to two prime suspects: a pimp, and a john who claims the pimp and the prostitute set him up in an effort to steal a watch.

10x16 – Nude Awakening

Sipowicz and Clark investigate when Julian Pisano is wounded in a shooting incident; McDowell and Ortiz assist a woman who doggedly pursues justice when she's conned out of $100; Clark grows concerned when his father stops returning his phone calls.

10x17 – Off the Wall

Jones accidentally shoots a 13-year-old boy while pursuing a murder suspect; McDowell and Ortiz search for answers when a man whom police escorted from the scene of a domestic dispute is found dead.

10x18 – Marine Life

The detectives investigate the murder of a gay financier whose death might be tied to a marine; Medavoy and Jones search for answers when a strangler attacks a Russian mail order bride; Haywood feels threatened when a murderer's conviction is overturned.

10x19 – Meet the Grandparents

As Andy and Connie prepare to finalize the adoption of baby Michelle, Frank Colahan's mom and dad show up. Connie sweetly and sincerely tells them they want the grandparents to be part of Michelle's life to the fullest extent possible.

10x20 – Maybe Baby

The murder of a man who frequented a betting parlor leads Sipowicz to an old friend; Jones searches for the man who attacked Haywood; the detectives research the Colahans' background.

10x21 – Yo, Adrian

A meek and mousy young woman is found beaten to death on the floor of her apartment. Her brother- in-law is very upset but not about her death--he was paying her money to use her apartment for an extramarital affair.

10x22 – 22 Skidoo

The detectives hunt for a man suspected of killing minorities to avenge injuries his brother suffered during the first Gulf War; Sipowicz and McDowell plan to marry.

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