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Vin Diesel am Boden auf neuem Set-Bild zu "Fast & Furious 7"


Von Daniel

Quelle: Facebook
Bildnachweis: © Universal Pictures

Heute veröffentlichte Vin Diesel ein Set-Bild zu "Fast & Furious 7", welcher im Sommer 2015 in unsere Kinos kommen wird. In Zusammenhang mit seinem Post auf facebook, schrieb er folgendes:

"We were day two into what will be the most epic fight scene…

The minor concussion… how did it happen?

I was lying face down at one point in the sequence, and I had to elude the next lead pipe swing to the head... so I pushed off the ground to leap back just in time to avoid the swing by the Shaw character. When I did, I hit the side of the car with such force that my head dented it, haha… the whole sound stage heard it. When the director yelled cut, I got up and checked playback… and then opted to do it again.

P.s. What an intense week, and despite our battle wounds, a scene was created that both Jason and I will be proud of for the rest of our lives..."

Das Bild könnt ihr HIER sehen!

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