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8sdmbgwhyw7uwrpv8c39w7vhj83 1x1 – AKA Ladies Night

Jessica Jones is hired to find a pretty NYU student who's vanished, but it turns out to be more than a simple missing persons case.

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Mmzxxjaeudfid42mfotl3pges41 1x2 – AKA Crush Syndrome

Jessica vows to prove Hope's innocence, even though it means tracking down a terrifying figure from her own past.

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Ynaolugv5e3cr0zxtb4uvqgvziq 1x3 – AKA It's Called Whiskey

It won't be easy to acquire or deploy but Jessica thinks she's found a weapon to use against Kilgrave. Luke and Jessica bond over their similarities.

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8ijt1lcsvbfwtikatqnmlngbens 1x4 – AKA 99 Friends

A new case demands attention as Jessica tries to find out who's spying on her for Kilgrave. Trish's radio show yields unexpected consequences.

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Fmhrlgacstqbmwxzyee9rhrtmfk 1x5 – AKA The Sandwich Saved Me

Despite Jessica's objections, Trish's new friend Simpson gets involved in the hunt for Kilgrave. Jessica recalls a pivotal moment in her life.

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6kzu2xbcdz6szmhmch64s0zhcw4 1x6 – AKA You're a Winner!

Luke hires Jessica to help him find someone who may have skipped town, but she fears he'll learn too much about her history in the process.

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D1xk3ptft8uydbwgnqojdyc23qv 1x7 – AKA Top Shelf Perverts

Malcom, Simpson and Trish go rogue to prevent Jessica from carrying out an extreme plan to outwit Kilgrave.

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X9k5zugjfqki8y4bi1bnqtmnsqw 1x8 – AKA WWJD?

Jessica experiences a strange homecoming courtesy of Kilgrave. Hogarth's conflict with her estranged wife reaches a tipping point.

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Rjrbaiotwrbhbtbhbslntezcz6j 1x9 – AKA Sin Bin

Just when Jessica has Kilgrave right where she wants him, Hogarth's involvement complicates the situation. Details of Kilgrave's past emerge.

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Xgb7nmyu5najhhbirczvl6qdjwj 1x10 – AKA 1,000 Cuts

A discovery has the potential to change the entire game -- if Jessica can refuse Kilgrave's offer.

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Pwpxyggnomxq0rszjx75wfitc76 1x11 – AKA I've Got the Blues

Jessica searches morgues for clues. Trish goes all out to keep Simpson from getting in Jessica's way. Malcolm has an epiphany.

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2lte326gvaux6ckjavcbio8mi0x 1x12 – AKA Take a Bloody Number

The hunt for Kilgrave reunites Jessica with Luke. Trish receives some unexpected information about Simpson and Jessica.

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Nzytqi8hd2v0ankbavnox9tal5 1x13 – AKA Smile

Jessica and Luke get help from someone else in the neighborhood. Kilgrave gears up for a major test of powers against Jessica.

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