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Jq1dgc2bkatxarosd51t3yklici 1x1 – Tanz mit dem Teufel

Dean Munsch declares that Kappa must accept any pledge; Chanel's plan to scare the pledges goes horribly wrong; The Red Devil begins wrecking havoc.

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Wi8srbegthsxvos0gj9inspym7e 1x2 – Die Höllenwoche

As Chanel hazes the new pledges, the murders continues; Gigi hires security to protect the sisters; Grace learns a dark secret about Kappa house.

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7q56nzvytjobebwvzfbpchpvkqk 1x3 – Das Kettensägenmassaker

Chanel turns Hester into her next project; Chanel #3 shares a secret; A surprising connection between two students is revealed; Chad leads the fraternity into a witch hunt for the Red Devil.

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Hceyjf2r5nnqfdfy2ruiyzoxs37 1x4 – Das Spukhaus

Zayday makes a stunning announcement; Chanel concocts a devious plan; Pete and Grace visit a mysterious woman connected to Kappa's past; Dean Munsch struggles to keep Wallace University open.

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2geyylofwkuavwvx8ampj2ksgip 1x5 – Teuflisches Labyrinth

Dean Munsch makes an announcement that impacts Chanel's plan to throw a pumpkin-patch party; Pete and Grace search for Zayday.

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D8oedij43pvydq7trqxqaojxvny 1x6 – Sieben Minuten in der Hölle

Chanel makes a decision in an attempt to protect herself that puts Zayday in a position of power; The Kappa sisters make a shocking discovery during a slumber party.

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Ystpnzjmijksvbujttxekp9uau6 1x7 – Vorsicht vor jungen Mädchen

Dean Munsch comes face-to-face with her ex-husband's mistress; The Chanels use a Ouija board in hopes of communicating with the deceased Chanel #2 and identifying the killer.

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Yntuq4pvi5cpvzojegmojso4hjp 1x8 – Meine liebe Rabenmutter

Grace enlists Chanel's help to learn more about Kappa's past; Dean Munsch becomes a target; A shocking figure from the past makes a return.

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R5lk1ymi77u9tcuzku0wpkbe2kz 1x9 – Geistergeschichten

Denise tells a terrifying ghost story; Hester's announcement pushes Chanel to the brink; A familiar face returns; The killer claims another victim.

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77wsviafj1nbjicdttthrj5qmmx 1x10 – Es ist angerichtet

Chad takes Chanel to his family's home for Thanksgiving, where a surprise guest shows up uninvited; Dinner at Kappa House explodes with accusations of who they think the killer is.

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Bpmz2mxrnmjv8euzo9ihvkxwsv2 1x11 – Black Friday

The Red Devil has plans to disrupt Black Friday for the Chanels; Believing Dean Munsch is the killer, the Kappa sisters devise a plan to stop her; A shocking confession is made.

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9fxuimktxer0q46hpfizwtr0x33 1x12 – Geister der Vergangenheit

Grace learns shocking details about the remaining Red Devil; Chanel's angry email to her minions goes viral, so she tries to make amends by apologizing to Melanie.

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Hhfmhhzwzauvemyrxhlu0qrzcqc 1x13 – Letzte(s) Mädchen

In the final aftermath of the Red Devil killings, the remaining killer isn't finished with the survivors and has something in store for them.

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1x14 – Episode #1.14

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1x15 – Episode #1.15

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