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1x0 – Dynamite Dance

In this special short made to promote the series, Elmer Fudd is in pursuit of Bugs Bunny once again, however Bugs turns the table with the help of dynamite.

Xtrvoawnggiinulhybf1zmgzpx5 1x1 – Curse of the Monkeybird/Deflating Planet/Harm Wrestling

Porky Pig and Daffy Duck are inside a rainforest temple looking for a cursed bounty, a planet deflates as Marvin Martian attempts to conquer it, and Bugs Bunny is challenged to an arm wrestling match by Yosemite Sam

96m6gsrop56nnuiqw2uwo9bljxm 1x2 – Big League Beast/Mini Elmer/Firehouse Frenzy

Evil scientist Dr Moron unleashes Gossamer to get rid of Bugs when he invites himself to their castle to watch a baseball game one stormy night. / Elmer gets miniaturized while chasing Bugs. / Daffy and Porky make lousy firefighters.

Rpfdn614lduqfmipqumyygcfyyq 1x3 – Boo! AppeTweet/Plunger/Bubble Dum

Sylvester Pussycat attempts to catch Tweety Bird when Granny Webster goes out to get eggs, Elmer Fudd uses a plunger to try and get Bugs Bunny out of his hole, and Daffy Duck tries to get streetgum out of his feathers.

B5buffgyanqivy50jfn7k2jzytg 1x4 – Pain in the Ice/Tunnel Vision/Pool Bunny

Sylvester chases Tweety in wintertime. / Wile E. Coyote paints a tunnel on the side of a large rock to fool and catch the Road Runner. / On a hot summer day, Bugs takes over Elmer Fudd's home swimming pool.

4y6celxlijugjeb4xodqdzmxd1x 1x5 – Pest Coaster/Rhino Ya Don't

Bugs wants to ride carny Yosemite Sam's roller coaster but Sam, who hates rabbits, is determined not to let him. / Sylvester visits the local zoo to mock the animals but finds Tweety there under the protection of the zoo's rhino.

Ll38dr2dqktbkyn470jxq3rsdfl 1x6 – Buzzard School/Giant Alien Mouth/Wet Cement

Mother buzzard sends her dimwitted son to catch Bugs for dinner. / Marvin the Martian tries to plant his flag into the surface of a living planet. / Porky is smoothing out some wet cement but Daffy shows up to play with it.

J5v1lgxo9h4wtkadjgqwfjuvc1d 1x7 – Siberian Sam/Fishing Pole/Fleece & Desist/Split Screen Marvin

In need of a new hat, Sam feasts his eyes on Bugs Bunny. / Bugs pulls the old moving hole trick on Elmer. / Sam Sheepdog protects his herd from a hungry Ralph Wolf.

Vzwaihzota1qgayyqwlgpc9q7oc 1x8 – Grilled Rabbit/Cactus if you Can/Shower Shuffle

Detective Elmer Fudd interrogates Bugs about a theft. / Wile E. Coyote's plan to catch Road Runner gets prickly. / Daffy and Porky have shower troubles.

Kty0dptzbxgnhl95ynxywaa8gt0 1x9 – Overdue Duck/Bees/Vincent Van Fudd

At the library, Porky Pig tries to silence a troublemaking Daffy Duck. / This time when Elmer Fudd tries to catch a moving hole with Bugs in it. / Bugs Bunny interrupts Elmer Fudd's attempt to be a great artist.

1x10 – Hare Restoration/TNT Trouble/Plumber's Quack

To avoid being eaten, Bugs promises to cure Elmer's baldness. / Wile E. Coyote runs into some dynamite problems while trying to blow up the Road Runner. / Clueless Daffy tries fixing Elmer's leaky faucet.

1x11 – Bugs Bunny's 24-Carrot Holiday Special (Elf Help/Holiday Taz/Holiday Purrchase/Ho Ho Go/Snow Laughing Matter)

Duck the halls with Porky and Daffy as they travel to the North Pole on a mission to save Christmas. Don't miss out on all the holiday sales when Granny and Tweety go hunting for deal. It's the ultimate cold war when a snowball fight quickly escalates between feuding neighbors Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. Along with other favorites like Taz, Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner, let the Looney Tunes jumpstart your holiday season celebration.

1x12 – Daffucino/Moving Hole/Kitty Livin

Before his new coffee shop goes from grand opening to grand closing, Porky Pig must impress an influential customer. Whilst chasing Bugs, Elmer comes across a portable hole. Sylvester may have swallowed more than he can chew when he manages to trap Tweety - inside his stomach.

1x13 – Chain Gangsters/Sylvester Cat Jack Lift/Falling for It

Rocky and Mugsy need Bugs Bunny's help to break out of jail. Sylvester is hungry for something while he takes a walk, and as he found Tweety, raised his neck like a jacklift. But Tweety says his shoes are untied, even though he has none, and the "shoes" which in reality are dynamite, blow up in his face. Daffy Duck convinces Porky Pig to go skydiving but forgets one important little thing.

1x14 – Taziator/Little Martian/Climate Control

Bugs Bunny faces off against Taz in the Roman colosseum. Marvin accidentally plants his flag on the home of an irresistibly cute Martian. Wile E. Coyote orders a weather control kit, but his chances of catching Road Runner remain cloudy.

1x15 – Lepreconned/Flag Won't Stay Straight/Brave New Home

Bugs Bunny is looking for Hawaii but finds Ireland and an angry leprechaun instead. Marvin's flag begins to lose its balance when he plants it. Porky Pig's new home has all the modern amenities anyone could hope for, including a computerized assistant - but the voice recognition software could use an update.

1x16 – The Case of Porky's Pants/Fully Vetted

Detective Daffy Duck takes on the case of Porky Pig's missing pants. Tweety's trip to the veterinarian's office gives Sylvester the perfect opportunity for a lunchtime treat.

1x17 – Erabbitcator/Planet Split in 2/Salesduck

Bugs Bunny must outsmart a new technological foe. Marvin accidentally breaks a planet in two by planting his flag. Elmer Fudd is ready for bed, but persistent salesman Daffy Duck stands in the way of a good night's rest.

1x18 – Pitcher Porky/Cherry Picker/Duck Duck Boom!

Benchwarmer Porky Pig finally gets his chance to shine on the pitching mound. With the game on the line, he needs all the help he can get - even if it's from Daffy Duck. Elmer Fudd sets his sights on Daffy Duck, but who's hunting whom?

1x19 – Postalgeist/Anvil/Fudds Bunny

Daffy Duck and Porky Pig deliver packages to a haunted manor. Elmer Fudd's plan to disguise himself as a bunnyto lure Bugs Bunny out of his hole dosen't quite go as planned.

1x20 – Shoe Shine-nanigans/Multiply and Conquer/Parky Pig

Elmer Fudd visits Daffy Duck for a quick shoeshine. Wile E. Coyote attempts catching Road Runner by cloning himself. Porky Pig is running late for movie night but finding a parking spot is easier said than done.

1x21 – Shell Shocked/The Daffy Dentist

Bugs Bunny races against Cecil Turtle for the title of "fastest thing in New York City". The only thing more painful than Porky Pig's sore tooth is a visit to dentist Daffy Duck.

1x22 – Puma Problems/Marvin Flag Gag: Bowling Ball/Duplicate Daffy

Dimwitted Pete Puma tries to catch and eat Bugs Bunny. Marvin the Martian can't stick his flag into the planet. Daffy Duck messes around with an office photocopier.

1x23 – Key-Tastrophe/Hole Gag: Hammer the Rabbit Hole/A Devil of a Drink

Daffy Duck tries to help Porky Pig find his missing car key. Elmer Fudd tries using a wooden mallet to catch Bugs Bunny. Taz tries to drink from a geyser, but is repeatedly splashed back by it.

1x24 – Weaselin' In/Time Out

Foghorn Leghorn, seeking to prove Barnyard Dawg is a phony at defending the chicken coop, tries to sneak a weasel inside. Wile E. Coyote tries to catch Road Runner with a ray gun that can freeze and unfreeze objects in time.

1x25 – Bounty Bunny/Hole Gag: Underwear/Vender Bender

Sam tries to catch a wanted Bugs Bunny to collect a $5,000 bounty on him. Elmer Fudd tries to catch Bugs Bunny. Porky Pig tries to get the last snack out of a vending machine after it gets stuck.

1x26 – Mallard Practice/Beaky Buzzard: Mouse/Born to be Wile E.

Daffy Duck acts as Elmer Fudd's lawyer in a court case over a parking ticket. Beaky Buzzard tries to catch a mouse. Wile E. Coyote tries to catch Road Runner using a motorcycle.

1x27 – Raging Granny/Daffy Psychic: Famous/Spare Me

Sylvester tries to catch Tweety with former boxing champion Granny sleeping nearby. Daffy acts as a psychic for Porky Pig. Daffy Duck and Porky Pig try to change a flat tire in the desert.

1x28 – Marv Attacks/A Wolf in Cheap Clothing

Bugs Bunny tries to foil Marvin the Martian's invasion of Earth. Ralph Wolf tries to steal a sheep from Sam Sheepdog's flock by using various disguises.

1x29 – High Speed Hare/Beaky Buzzard Gags: Rattle Snake/Nutty Devil

Bugs Bunny buys a self-driving car, only for a gremlin to try to destroy it. Beaky Buzzard tries to catch a rattlesnake. Taz tries to open an incredibly tough-shelled coconut.

1x30 – Pigture Perfect/Telephone Pole Gags 2: Grappling Hook/Swoop de Doo

Petunia Pig tries to take a picture of a squirrel that won't stay still. Sylvester tries to catch Tweety at the top of a telephone pole with a grappling hook. Wile E. Coyote uses a hawk suit to try to swoop down and catch Road Runner.

1x31 – A Pane to Wash/Telephone Pole Gags 2: High Wire/Saddle Sore

Daffy Duck and Porky Pig try to wash every window of a skyscraper. Sylvester tries to catch Tweety atop a telephone pole by walking across its wires. Sam tries to saddle and tame a wild horse.

1x56 – Episode 56

Tweety begins to terrorize Sylvester after accidentally dousing himself in flour

1x57 – Episode 57

Elmer Fudd tries to suck Bugs out of his hole via usage of a plunger

1x58 – Episode 58

When Daffy accidentally steps on a piece of street bubblegum that he previously chewed, he pulls out all the stops to get it off.

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