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Scsg01xlloxoteje6xmzaj50ao0 1x1 – Pilot

When the Executive Producer of sketch show 'Studio 60' has an on-air meltdown, new network president Jordan McDeere hires Danny Tripp and Matt Albie to replace him and save the show.

I8mvzsyibhdp2j98jsierjfrwph 1x2 – The Cold Open

It's the week of Matt and Danny's first show. A Christian group is threatening to protest and boycott the show, the musical guest suddenly becomes unavailable, and Matt is obsessing over the show's opening skit.

Ykbkkvd6dqen0vvrh1flfgsddtj 1x3 – The Focus Group

Focus group numbers have some people at the show and at the network up in arms, Matt seems apprehensive about airing skits that make fun of Republicans, and an embarrassing event from Jordan's past comes to light.

Utzzazds1w9kycnnum4p4ym2qsa 1x4 – The West Coast Delay

The show faces a legal nightmare when an viewer notices that a joke in the news segment was plagiarized from a stand-up comedian, and posts the clip on the Internet during the show.

Mm9ozztzhikhto17xvabrcquhn 1x5 – The Long Lead Story

A magazine writer shows up to write a story about the show, but ends up focusing her questions on the hot-and-cold relationship between Matt and Harriet.

Wu4une7z6ayke81owduenbrjb7o 1x6 – The Wrap Party

Tom gets a visit from his uptight conservative parents, Matt and Simon go out to find new African-American writers for the show, and Cal tries to find the identity of a confused elderly man who wanders into the wrap party.

Fwhogmfrjucubru8uwqlsyfelwv 1x7 – Nevada Day: Part 1

A sequence of peccadilloes lands Tom (and Simon's jacket) in front of a Nevada judge, making this "a bad day that's about to get worse." for a variety of reasons. It's show day, so the studio heavies (plus a wealthy business partner and Tom-fan daughter) fly to Nevada to throw their weight around. Danny and Jack play dueling agendas with Jordan's career as subtext. Back in LA, Matt and Harriet deal with censorship, public remarks half-quoted, and the possibility of writing a new show that doesn't use Tom or Simon.

Dgwagfy7zo0yaz7nkxsj7redgcl 1x8 – Nevada Day: Part 2

Jack continues to plead with the judge to bail Tom out of jail before the show airs. Meanwhile, the ones left behind try to write an alternate show in case Tom and Simon don't return in time.

5gls2xshv2xav963pyiuudgzjjy 1x9 – The Option Period

Matt discovers that Ricky and Ron are trying to get a sitcom deal, Jordan wants the producers to make staff cuts, and Harriet is considering appearing in a sexy magazine.

Mwj8vyjt4yezgx5sjy9n5q9ijrr 1x10 – B-12

Matt tries to get a new show on air with just two staff writers, neither of whom have ever gotten a skit on air. Meanwhile, Jordan tries to soften her image with a magazine interview, but it doesn't go smoothly.

7zx2qlf7nb8eg8prowo3c7ppxtt 1x11 – The Christmas Show

Danny helps Jordan with her pregnancy--but what ulterior motives does he have? Meanwhile, Matt tries to put together a Christmas-themed show without being too L.A.-phony, and Harriet gets a movie offer that could advance her career.

Ehwuazni4u465uqblhij1rd43t9 1x12 – Monday

After the Christmas hiatus, the cast and crew of Studio 60 are back in full force. Jordan must deal with both Danny's advances and Hallie, the new VP of Alternative Programming. Jack and Wilson White continue to fight against the FCC fines, and Jack goes to see Zhang Tao to ask for his help. Simon and Darius fight over a new sketch and Darius' lack of gratitude. And Tom asks Lucy out.

1oowvdll8edwctkqd6tzoyunnzw 1x13 – The Harriet Dinner: Part I

Matt's bid to be Harriet's date to a dinner held in her honor ends in a tie--with a 15-year-old Star Wars-obsessed snowboarder. Cal films a promotion for a video game with live snakes, and one gets loose in the studio. When Danny tries to apologize to Jordan for his obsessive behavior, he accidentally locks them both on the roof. Tom breaks his date with Lucy so he can go to Harriet's dinner with Kim Tao on Jack's orders, only to find out that Lucy got an invitation too. Darius and Simon's feud continues.

Xy8ysy8bzte27eoqyl9oomyrunq 1x14 – The Harriet Dinner: Part II

Tom is stuck at the dinner with a drunk Kim Tao who keeps coming on to him. Jordan and Danny get rescued from the roof. Matt and Harriet's relationship falls apart.

U0qdo56sufmnwimdqobn9y9puih 1x15 – The Friday Night Slaughter

Matt recalls how he met Harriet.

3uwimy7yq71kzfa1vnzdu4u73hk 1x16 – 4 A.M. Miracle

Matt has writer block and must deal with a lawyer filing a sexual harassment suit. Harriet continues shooting her movie. Jordan and Danny enter into a contest to see who is the better parent.

Fjeiblmlcmicr7zj43mjblxhhhm 1x17 – The Disaster Show

A wildcat strike and a bomb scare combine to challenge the Studio 60 crew on show night.

Hit1rhfurmc0stu4exquhn5ea5m 1x18 – Breaking News

Jordan faces a scare with her pregnancy. Tom must deal with a crisis. Matt's drug habit is no longer a secret.

Npogmtvfwk0x0nknnnllbocgmum 1x19 – K&R: Part 1

Jordan has surgery as the situation with Tom's brother grows more grim.

G3ulul6sc218xyglhdl9axzgrbp 1x20 – K&R: Part 2

Tom's Brother is still captive; Simon talks to the press; the lawyer talks to the ransom liaisons. Matt flashes back to 9/11 censorship. Jordan has her baby.

Ntevnjnduhqksu4sxbgfyqjksr4 1x21 – K&R: Part 3

Jordan faces a new complication, Jack spends time with Simon following the actor's outburst and in flashback we finally see why Matt and Danny left the show five years previously.

Xrvlscv6xa3sntpsdedk5k4d417 1x22 – What Kind of Day Has It Been

Dawn finally rises after the night from hell with some good news, new beginnings and new additions for some of the cast and crew of the show.

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