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Mppbdhwzbgii2l2ji7rv3utn9ti 1x1 – Codename: Loser

Tim is in a custody battle with his ex-wife, when he quits his job. He applies for a job as a civil servant doing data entry, but discovers during the job interview that he has been offered a job as a trainee spy for MI5.

Cyytqjxwgdydqkiqgijjqmnxrj0 1x2 – Codename: Tramp

During Tim's first day at MI5 he appears to rescue a homeless man. A social worker assesses Tim's parenting skills, but she becomes a little too friendly.

Ycfhd4tylkb5x4uf3zsazgtykvs 1x3 – Codename: Grades

Tim doesn't like the grade he gets when he hacks his son's report card.

Yrtxmiztz2ea13g8f6toskndnjd 1x4 – Codename: Bookclub

Tim wants to join Marcus's mysterious "book club" so he asks Caitlin to give him lessons in culture.

Crikem9xpl1ya3yfv6ha1vfkfsr 1x5 – Codename: Blood

The new drugs policy leads the Examiner to substitute Tim's blood for his own, which leads to unexpected trouble. Meanwhile, Marcus finds a new vocation.

2apt6extrfzbu1fv7xabfcys5ov 1x6 – Codename: Portis

The day of the custody hearing arrives. Who will stand up for Tim?

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