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Iztxrolug95d3us8kwnrij8qhox 2x1 – Episode 1

Al, Riley, Art, Lizzie and Vanessa work together against a ticking clock to get Al's sister out of Afghanistan and to safety after Kabul falls.

W7hwfgrxlvjgacbjfcv1o9z82or 2x2 – Episode 2

Al and Riley take on second jobs as "repo men" to make extra money to send to Al's sister, but Riley's behavior while working becomes concerning.

2x3 – Episode 3

Al tries to find an eligible Afghan-American bachelor for his sister to marry so she can move to the United States; Riley and Freddy challenge each other to a bowling match.

2x4 – Episode 4

When Al begins having panic attacks, Riley, Art and Lizzie encourage him to seek therapy so he can deal with stress.

2x5 – Episode 5

After Al and Ariana begin dating, they quickly realize they have different ideas about courtship; when Hazel is punished and can't go to the drag race with Art, he takes Vanessa instead.

2x6 – Episode 6

Riley struggles with his disability rating as he prepares to meet up with some military buddies for Veterans Day; with Art's help, Lizzie finally opens a box of her fiance's belongings.

2x7 – Episode 7

When Al struggles with the college class he is taking, Riley takes it upon himself to speak to his professor; Art's confidence is shaken when he learns Lois used to be married to a professional football star.

2x8 – Episode 8

While heavily medicated from having his wisdom teeth removed, Al mistakenly insults Art, which forces Riley to choose sides; Lizzie tries to help Art, Riley and Al make peace.

2x9 – Episode 9

Vanessa becomes upset when Riley invites his new girlfriend to a family Christmas party; Art is uncomfortable when Lois gets him an incredibly expensive sweater as a gift.

2x10 – Episode 10

When Al invites his professor over for dinner, Al's professor and Lizzie start flirting with each other; Riley hits a snag in his physical relationship with Holly and seeks out his therapist for help.

2x11 – Episode 11

When Hazel gets in trouble at school, Riley and Vanessa disagree on how to handle the issue.

2x12 – Episode 12

Art grows concerned when Al gets hooked on playing poker, misses a class and is late for work; Lizzie and Brett's relationship grows stronger, but she struggles with dating again for the first time in a few years.

2x13 – Episode 13

Riley, upset that Freddy taught Hazel how to ride a bike while he was deployed, attempts to teach her something new to make up for it; Ariana invites Al to a fundraiser involving spin bikes.

2x14 – Episode 14

Riley finally realizes how hard it was on Vanessa to be home while he was deployed in Afghanistan; Lizzie and Lois grow closer, which concerns Art; Hazel starts a dog-walking business and ropes in Al to help her.

2x15 – Episode 15

When Riley realizes how much he cares for Holly, he tries to impress her with a giant romantic gesture. Also, Vanessa tries to talk Hazel out of getting a drastic haircut.

2x16 – Episode 16

When Art tries to hide his gout flare-up, the family is shocked to learn how long it's been since he saw a doctor and they try to convince him to go.

2x17 – Virgin/Bakr

Heartbroken over Ariana, Al begins dating Cindy, who Riley feels is too wild for him.

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