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1x1 – Urlaub mit Folgen

Being cured from a disease Lotte Albers wants to go on a mission to Nigeria. The doctor and mother superior do not allow that. She has to help four other sisters in monastery Kaltenthal. Mayor Wöller wants to get rid of the monastery.

1x2 – Sand im Getriebe

Lotte starts doing her tasks in the monastery. She and policeman Meier fetch sand for the children's sand-box. Wöller sees his election congress threatened by this children care and cuts the monastery of from the water supply.

1x3 – Glück im Unglück

Lotte and Sophie get a top seller from Autohaus Wöller, Philipp Debold, out of a car in which car gasses are led. He was fired when he caught Wöller getting an extreme high provision from a big customer.

1x4 – Mädchen am Abgrund

Wöller catches novice Barbara and doctor Richter who drink a glass of wine together. Being tipsy he damages the doctor's car. Police officer Meier traces a burglar who turns out to be a runaway-girl who asks for asylum at the monastery.

1x5 – Romeo und Julia

Months ago Wöller promised a social worker a leisure center for young people. But in the meantime he gave the building to a political college. Now he decides to offer the monastery to the young people. One of them is wounded by a knife.

1x6 – Schlag auf Schlag

The mother superior let install computers including web-cams for the nuns so they can have live-contact every day. Jealous Willi Laban hits his ex-wife Marianne and mayor Wöller.

1x7 – Wolf im Schafspelz

The mother superior wants to sell the monastery to the municipality but Lotte resists against that. Lotte organizes a seminar for the monastery. Mayor Wöller tries to sabotage the seminar.

1x8 – Gelegenheit macht Diebe

The municipality has at least to pay the debts, so Lotte decides to sell Felicita's bottles of 50 year old monastery liquor. Auctioneer Christlein tries to cheat the nuns to pay his own gambling debts.

1x9 – Sünden der Vergangenheit

Sister Sophie is visited unsuspected by her ex-friend Eva Manger. Eva wants to marry her fiancée Georg Dahlberg. Someone blackmails her with her past as a call-girl. Lotte hears from Marianne that the mayor wants to cut of the power.

1x10 – Qual der Wahl

Lotte's decision to become mayor candidate causes commotion. Especially Wöller gets mad. Mother superior tells him the monastery is not for sale anymore. Lotte helps sound expert Walter Böll who has cancer.

1x11 – Verbotene Früchte

The old distillery has to be restarted for the production of monastery liquor. But mayor Wöller refuses a license for distilling spirits. Sophie is hurt because Dr. Richter is taking her away her friend.

1x12 – Sieg der Liebe

Banker's daughter Julia Seewald wants to become a novice in the monastery but her father wants her to be his successor. Wöller wants to proof the relation between Dr. Richter and Barbara. Lotte tries to find the recipe for the liquor.

1x13 – Kleider machen Leute

Former mayor Wöller has disappeared after his election defeat. When Lotte becomes the new mayor she has to say goodbye to her habit.

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