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1x1 – Todesurteil für den Priester

T. Hewitt Edward Cat is engaged to protect a priest sentenced to death by a cabal of extortioners.

1x2 – Der letzte große Coup

Cat tries to prevent his cat burglar mentor from stealing a rare gem from a mobster.

1x3 – Tote plaudern nicht

Cat tries to protect a small time press agent from mobsters.

1x4 – Die zweite Chance ist selten

A hoodlum holds a teenage girl at gunpoint, demanding that Cat bring the girl's policeman father to him so that he can kill him before his mob associates do, all as retribution for something that happened 17 years earlier.

1x5 – Nichts bleibt wie es war

A gangster is released from prison after serving 30 years. He wants to get back into the rackets, and refuses to accept that the times have changed. McAllister, who lost his left hand to the gangster's bullets before he was jailed, is determined to put the man back in prison again.

1x6 – Das Buch des Sterbens

The widow of the head of a Gypsy clan hires Cat to protect the man's son as he spends the night in the traditional mourning of his father. She believes her husband was murdered, and the same people who killed him want to kill the son.

1x7 – Der Augenblick der Wahrheit

Cat offers his protection to a famous bullfighter who is marked for murder.

1x8 – Kampf um Pepes Leben

Cat must save Pepe, who has been marked for death by a gypsy king.

1x9 – Profi gegen Profi

Cat is involved in a deadly cat and mouse incident at a ferry crossing.

1x10 – Blindlings in die Falle

Cat protects an artist who sketches a picture of an underworld henchman at the scene of a murder.

1x11 – Ein Sarg für den Diener

An actress past her prime hires Cat to protect her from someone who is out to kill her.

1x12 – Der Mann ohne Stiefel

Cat is hired by a young woman to protect a boy from a group of assassins, but is she really looking out for the boy's best interests?

1x13 – Der Herrscher von Las Vegas

Cat rescues a kidnapped scientist and tries to keep him safe from a ruthless monarch.

1x14 – Es ist nicht alles käuflich

Cat is hired to protect the owner of a cheap goods store from a deported mob boss who has risked his freedom in coming back to the U.S. just to kill the man.

1x15 – Die Strafe der Götter

Cat is hired to protect an antique collector who has been marked for death.

1x16 – Original und Fälschung

A countess, an old friend of Cat's, hires him to retrieve a necklace she gave to a blackmailing ex-lover of hers, before her husband finds out. Unfortunately, the blackmailer is now using the necklace as collateral to cover his gambling debts.

1x17 – Flucht unter heißer Sonne

In an episode filmed entirely in the daylight---a change of pace for this nocturnal series---Cat tries to protect a man and woman as they ride through the desert in the blazing sun, trying to evade the sadistic mobster the man is scheduled to testify against.

1x18 – Familientradition

Cat tries to dissuade the daughter of an old friend who is determined to start a career as a cat burglar by cracking the safe of a dangerous king aboard his ship. And the king has something he wants no one to know about, and is willing to kill to keep it a secret.

1x19 – Zweifel an sich selbst

Cat's girlfriend witnesses the killing of a man who was to testify against a mob boss, and she sees the face of the killer. But while protecting her, Cat is himself wounded and his girlfriend is killed. Her twin sister offers to set herself up as a decoy, but Cat is determined to avenge the killer himself.

1x20 – Ein Abend für zwei

The owner of fashion agency orders the murder of model who had been carrying a set of counterfeit passport plates. Now one of the model's friends is also a target, and Cat is told he must produce the plates to save her life.

1x21 – Das zweite Gesicht

Informed by a mind reader that Cat is out to kill him, a mobster decides to kill Cat first.

1x22 – Die Macht des Rubins

Cat is hired by an elderly woman who believes the priceless ruby she has long owned is a death curse for anyone else. She believes someone wants to kill her before she has the ruby cut into three pieces, which she thinks will end the curse.

1x23 – 90 für mich und 10 für dich

Entertainer Timmie Taylor is under complete control of a gangster and is desperate to get out of his contract. Cat is enlisted to not only protect him physically but also solve his dilemma permanently.

1x24 – Auf alte Freunde schießt man nicht

Cat is asked by police to locate and help capture an escaped cop killer who is holding a nurse hostage in the heights of a shipyard factory complex. The killer is an old friend who once saved Cat's life.

1x25 – Es gibt nur eine Zeugin

Cat tries to protect a woman who is slated to testify against a crime boss, who has put up a $200,000 bounty for anyone who kills her.

1x26 – Eine alte Bekannte

Cat answers a call for help from a woman he knows he shouldn't trust, who then drugs him and leaves him to be found with foreign currency in his pocket, all as part of a scheme to steal millions from an arms smuggler.

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