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1izlmqo81nm8xzms5zc3hn2tpqu 1x1 – Wolf Moon

Everything in Scott McCall's life is starting to fall into place. He gets a spot on the First Line of his Lacrosse team and a date with the woman of his dreams. But when he gets bitten by a wolf, the people around him could be in danger.

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Wbhf6nownqzeudcxpuvyjq1gljk 1x2 – Second Chance at First Line

Scott and Stiles discover that the werewolf curse can also be triggered by anger, besides the full moon. With the lacrosse game coming up, Jackson and his girlfriend, Lydia, hope to humiliate Scott. Will Scott be able to control his rage?

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5qnb8jk19c668w3bro4nsbxs49u 1x3 – Pack Mentality

Scott is shaken when his vivid dream of a mauling aboard a school-bus turns out to have actually happened. Scott turns to Derek for help, but Derek warns him that his help will not be free. Meanwhile Scott's long awaited date with Allison turns into a group date and Scott gets bowling help from Allison.

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Wv4mfsefkg6amqgmgpek2hgvvne 1x4 – Magic Bullet

Allison's aunt comes to town and shoots a shadowy werewolf figure with a special bullet that she estimates will kill it within 48 hours. Derek is the one hit and insists that Scott and Stiles help him.

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2bpfvkedvnxydcijj5fnol36ddm 1x5 – The Tell

Lydia and Jackson witness a werewolf attack at the video store. Stiles is worried for his father, the sheriff. Allison's aunt gives her a family heirloom and encourages her to use it to learn more about the family history. Scott and Allison play hooky on her birthday. Derek confronts Jackson about what he saw the night before. Derek gets a surprise visit. At the parent teacher conferences Scott's mom and Allison's father find out they both skipped school that day... After the conference someone pulls a gun...and uses it.

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Xqoctck3wurr3ahjyzotpuj6ghx 1x6 – Heart Monitor

Scott and Stiles are on the outs after Stiles dad gets hurt, but when Derek insists that Scott avoid Allison, Scott turns to Stiles to help him master his anger with the help of a heart monitor. Meanwhile Jackson is feeling the effects of having been scratched and approaches Allison claiming to want to get to know her and Scott better.

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6p6jdvbizkkhd4hmbrnwkotwsuh 1x7 – Night School

Responding to Scott's howl, the alpha savages Derek and traps Scott and Stiles in their high school. Events escalate even further when Allison, Jackson, and Lydia are lured to the school as well with a phony text message.

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Knclpjxun1enxwzqzlfr4rwud1c 1x8 – Lunatic

As Scott's second full moon approaches, he gives in to his animal urges and hurts Stiles but Stiles gets a measure of revenge in locking him up. Meanwhile Jackson continues to try and get closer to Allison. The Argents learn that Scott somehow knew Derek.

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Szedzmg6p7p592wdwo0ashqkmv4 1x9 – Wolf's Bane

Jackson discovers that he has aconite poisoning and thinks he's figured out what's up with Scott. Meanwhile, Derek hides from the manhunt in Stiles' room while Stiles and Scott try to get Allison's necklace and any clues that may lead to the identity of the alpha. Teammate Danny lends Stiles his internet expertise to help in the search.

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Eoobvlropizh3z0x7r27irgtccl 1x10 – Co-Captain

The Alpha finally reveals himself to Scott and gives him an idea why he's killed certain people. Argent stages an encounter thinking that Jackson may be a werewolf. Meanwhile Allison discovers a bit more about her family's secrets and confronts Lydia about her kissing Scott.

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U8d9jcum61hg1t6gqb09l4bgcuz 1x11 – Formality

Kate Argent has Derek chained up in a basement following her attack on his house and shows him off to Allison, before torturing him. The coach has banned Scott from the Spring Formal in exchange for not dropping him from the team (for academic reasons) Scott intimidates Jackson into escorting Allison to the dance and she asks Lydia to escort Stiles.

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Vzasyytfiescvdbtpgtwyoasdgg 1x12 – Code Breaker

After his daughter Allison sees Argent fail in his attempt to run Scott down with his car, Argent decides to send Allison and his sister Kate to Washington. Stiles convinces Peter (the alpha) to spare Lydia's life after he bites her but in return he must help the alpha locate Derek. Meanwhile Jackson is called to get Lydia to the hospital, and Scott must cope with the girl he loves knowing his secret.

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