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Cslwrrhhokshbuggwfymllfbgtw 1x1 – Fisher und Söhne

When the funeral director is killed in an accident, the family comes together to mourn and decide the fate of the funeral home.

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9qe6tsvjufhwgqsgshlef55ipvk 1x2 – Der letzte Wille

The family attends the reading of Nathaniel's will. A widow is unable to pay the funeral bill after her late husband leaves her with a mountain of debt.

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H9vkotvtcpxlkndal3cr9azgaqy 1x3 – Der verlorene Fuß

The family considers selling the business. Their latest client had an unfortunate accident with an industrial dough-mixer.

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Cjnhcl46ypj5cvk05plhqwshcal 1x4 – Familienbande

When a gang member is shot, his family requests that he is buried, but the gang's leader wants it done a different way.

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1dkh4dh3ob6bb0xdn21eauzlhaa 1x5 – Wie ein offenes Buch

An adult film star electrocutes to death in her bathtub, which leads to a memorial service that is anything but ordinary.

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Cnxdnctqcbjzeudiefh89fwigam 1x6 – Das geheime Zimmer

After a woman passes away in her sleep, her husband proves to be a very demanding client.

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Wrwq3vp9bnjlwhuadxkgc16b0yy 1x7 – Zwei Brüder

The family must persuade the angry brother of a war veteran who died of lung disease that his brother should receive a military-honoring burial.

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A2p8rgzfkjpbkclqmwjspyiwngo 1x8 – Die tief hängende Ampel

A divorced woman meets an unfortunate end while partying with her friends, and the family discusses renting out the home to a seniors' dancing group.

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Pyxbefwpndtrhgaq5cld6ieyvkk 1x9 – Das Leben ist zu kurz

A boy accidentally shoots and kills himself while playing with a gun, and his mother is nearly comatose with grief.

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Turyd5c2bfgpwj5kao0eattzp5m 1x10 – Die Neue

An egocentric husband is killed with a frying pan after his wife finally has enough of his mouth.

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Pr4erlq8mnxvu6amcad0fambcrz 1x11 – Der verhängnisvolle Ausflug

Nate and Dave travel to Vegas in order to attend a convention for funeral directors. A newborn child dies from a case of SIDS.

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7uz8faq74chjjl9ollbvxmumx5c 1x12 – Davids Gewissen

A gay couple is attacked and one of them is killed, causing controversy among the family and a confession to be made.

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Nqieblupxos0vyv6eke0vcl74b8 1x13 – Der Herr hat es gegeben, der Herr hat es genommen

A simple game of golf results in the death of a woman.

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