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Jq118euglrrvun8bv3xnmkk4bxd 1x1 – Null Toleranz

The seven sheriff's deputies of Reno introduce themselves to the new camera crew who are filming their every move. And, we see just how horribly wrong their every move really is.

P4t6pra9etpgmarzrfltzjlnohm 1x2 – Feuerwerk

When the Mayor's kid blows his thumb off with an illegal explosive, the officers are put on the line to rid Reno of contraband fireworks.

X1oxobcbkgpfkbe9uji0fbf5oi6 1x3 – Tickets fürs Schafott

When the Sheriff's Department is given only two tickets to an upcoming execution, the officers compete in a scavenger hunt to win.

8rl6hnntapytjlixxytfno4tppx 1x4 – Clementines Schwangerschaft

When the entire Reno Sheriff's Department is given a drug test, Deputy Johnson discovers that she is pregnant.

Lvma79q9fk6dxdkbr49fkcjfv03 1x5 – Jones wird suspendiert

Jones gets suspended from the sheriffs department because he assaulted his partner Deputy Garcia. Weigel is assigned to be Garcia's partner and Jones' punishment along with his suspension is to do traffic control for a public school. Clemmy goes to cheer up Jones, but she sees he is actually enjoying himself.

A4k2ddsi859lahiycxxwlkpgjdr 1x6 – Hilfe vom FBI

When the FBI comes to town to investigate a homicide, the Reno Sheriff's department tries to put their best foot forward.

Pyykd8jokyisxdycusfmo91uu1d 1x7 – Doch nicht tot

Officer Wiegel enjoys the attention when she tries to commit suicide and everyone is assigned to her 72 hour suicide watch.

Rkcwwoa2hrkxug3go8lxgttpbiu 1x8 – Der Heiratsantrag

Clemmy's deadbeat boyfriend proposes to her unexpectedly, and she gives him a definite yes. The rest of the Reno Sheriffs department believe it will end badly, and they were actually right this time around. Williams throws Clemmy a bachelorette party. Wiegel gives her dead mom a visit.

89pjxhhyy7orfsidyho4ul7nrx2 1x9 – Garcias Jubiläum

It's Garicia's 15th anniversary on the force and he begins to feel depressed because he has spent so much of his life on that job. So the rest of the sheriffs feel obligated to throw him a party, even though they don't really want to.

Djk4qioa7ofr9fdwv45rgsvwly7 1x10 – Das Burning Man Festival

When the Sheriff's Department is given $1200 to get people off the streets, Garcia decides to help a hooker improve her life.

Iiy5mndi8luyqtjtddfhntvaocu 1x11 – Dangles großer Tag

Dangle is moving out of his house and asks for the department's help. Jones is the only one who shows.

32i9nisldl1fxnzamjgn448a5bn 1x12 – Terroristen Training ,Teil 1

The Office of Homeland Security comes to Reno to teach the Sheriff's Department protocol in case of a terrorist attack. (Pt. 1 of 2)

Ok5jzmgedchwyntkayq3vocstxc 1x13 – Terroristen Training ,Teil 2

Deputy Junior helps the department cheat to pass their Homeland Security training. (Pt. 2 of 2)

Zkd55kkln03e7psbiucrudx4to5 1x14 – Halloween

The officers must deal with all of the Halloween mayhem and debauchery, some of which they actually cause themselves.

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