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3x1 – Das Buch der Begierde

Pepper gibt sich als Callgirl aus, um den Mord an einer Bordellchefin zu klären.

Doc5m3b4ec0vzbtk1ghj9ya6eyw 3x2 – Terroristenjagd

When a patrol cop is shot to death just before dawn in a Los Angeles neighborhood which turns out to be a hot-bed for cult activity, and Monica Dunlap - the daughter of a powerful California businessman - is arrested in a nearby safe-house for the P.C.U. (the Peoples' Combat Unit) Pepper poses as a mysterious '60s activist/terrorist on the lam for years who surfaces in order to infiltrate the group.

D4cjqxz4g2pqpt1jzpxeqiog9yr 3x3 – Viel Lärm um nichts

When the team investigate a reported burglary and arrest the lookout, a girl, she alleges that Pepper sexually assaulter her.

A97zhmnv5objrjiqfipmwkwdn16 3x4 – Jagd auf einen Frauenmörder

An all-out effort is made to find the killer of Bill Crowley's police officer girlfriend.

3x5 – Honiglämmchen

Pepper's alcoholic academy classmate Loretta Muldare working juvenile welfare is placed in peril by a corrupt lawyer and a narcotics ring when pursuing a child abusing addict.

Xnmbmghuvhx1chfx74k8nekzra 3x6 – Die Razzia

Pepper poses as an investigative news reporter to probe the private school where several teenagers have mysteriously died.

3x7 – Gehirnwäsche

Pepper and Crowley pose as a wealthy couple trying to adopt a child in order to anxious to crack a black market baby ring.

4fjt0jeiatqpgdpcwfzg0xu6pfp 3x8 – Geheimagentur "Life Line"

While working under cover, Pepper becomes romantically involved with a tennis pro and doesn't realize he's also an undercover cop.

3x9 – Der Tennisprofi

Pepper and Bill investigate the rape of a college student.

3x10 – Unter falschem Verdacht

Pepper disobeys orders and invades a motel room where militants are holding hostages.

3x11 – Der Leichenwagen ist bestellt

Pepper and Bill investigate the kidnapping of a 12-year-old girl whose father is in hock to the mob.

3x12 – Korruption in San Roble

Pepper poses as a prostitute to learn why an attempt was made on the life of the new chief of police.

Zhate74xlii8xwtrhlezdvhfdnt 3x13 – Jagd auf einen Frauenmörder

Pepper acts as a decoy to capture a schizophrenic young man who strangles middle-aged women.

3x14 – Die Strohwitwen

Pepper is on the trail of a gang of female bank robbers.

3x15 – Mord in der Musikszene

Pepper assumes the identity of a woman who was shot during a record-company executive's murder.

3x16 – Im Schatten des Verdachts

Styles is suspected of complicity in the killing of his former girlfriend.

3x17 – Tankstellen-Cowboys

Frank Converse plays an airline pilot from Pepper's past who comes back to get her just a year or two after his wife's death.

3rayyone4n5wqclw45p7e3q53jo 3x18 – Kredithaie

A loan-shark operation terrorizes borrowers to collect bad debts.

3x19 – Der letzte Einsatz

A liquor-store stakeout for two robbers goes bad when one of the two cops is blown away by a shotgun before his partner can take down the two robbers. The crooks escape and wind up in Los Angeles, where the surviving cop joins Pepper's team. The cop goes right up the leader's shotgun barrel to knock him unconscious. While Pepper and Crowley wonder about the visiting cop's stability, they get word that a terrorist is planting bombs. This becomes an issue when they take the crooks to the airport and the crooks escape. Pepper and Crowley learn that one of the bombs is in...

3x20 – Die Vestalin

An actress involved in making "provocotive" movies turns up dead. Pepper goes undercover to find out more about the late woman's employers. Eventually, she is found out, causing a foot chase with Pepper clothed in lingerie. Things look bad until the brother of the dead woman saves her life.

64lslvdh3vrn5h1qfbzrszubqxg 3x21 – So glatt wie Seide

Con men relieve Crowley's gullible uncle of his life's savings.

3x22 – Verabredung mit dem Tod

When a reporter is killed by a car bomb, the man's son starts search for his father's killer.

3x23 – Folge 23

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