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2x1 – Informant der Polizei

Pepper goes undercover to expose a club that is operating as an illegal gambling operation. Lives are put at risk by an interfering and overzealous Police Chief, played by Roddy McDowall

F0rjhpbf6xo9bh8wj1jkpm29rut 2x2 – Geballte Ladung

A small time druggie commits suicide and Pepper poses as her sister to nab the dealers, until it turns out they've seen her photo - and they've realized it isn't Angie. So the squad moves in on the bad guys who have Pepper in the meth-shack, and she jumps through a glass window before a shell hits the building and the whole place blows up.

2x3 – Mord in Weiß

A serial murderer is killing young blonde women and leaving each of his victims clad in a bridal veil. Pepper teams up with former partner , Detective Tom Foley, to try and catch the killer.

4jtzvjucm2srfvhla7blhrfyyuu 2x4 – Terror in der Modebranche

A fashion designer's business is being threatened by the Mob wanting a piece of the industry. Pepper goes undercover as a fashion consultant to investigate and expose the criminals.

2x5 – Die falschen Samariter

Ian McShane plays an insurance scammer and Ida Lupino is his partner. They fake and contrive accidents to collect the dough. Pepper "foils" a purse-snatching by getting knocked-down in a parking lot, falling in a pool and getting hit by a truck within a matter of a few seconds. In the hospital with a rag on her head, Pepper overhears the ambulance chasers pressuring the other patients on the ward. Pepper intuits a plot and once Bill finds her, they scheme to scam the scammers. Pepper charms McShane instantly into telling her all their secrets and, just as fast, a ...

8n7loul3f9ztd1jckwnsjtggvp7 2x6 – Der Schlüssel zum Verbrechen

Pepper & Crowley get involved after two men are shot dead outside the factory they worked at. A number of suspects are identified and the final solution creates a devastating emotional moment that makes both officers question their careers.

Ohd9hmuybmhvegcaqeq6twyh4lo 2x7 – Der Bewährungshelfer

Pepper needs to go undercover when she and Crowley get brought into a case that has seen a parole officer gunned down in cold blood. Suspicion falls on the officer's case load. While investigating the murder things take a strange and all the threads converge in a surprising climax

2x8 – Showdown in der Wüste

Pilot Bill Klein is working as a police informant, but Sergeant Larry Byron has discovered that Klein is in fact smuggling drugs in with his plane. Pepper and her colleagues try to bust him.

2x9 – Highway-Banditen

Pepper is undercover as president of the United States, when she's kidnapped during a bank hold-up; Pepper charms one of the robbers and his brother to survive, while the police force chases them into the desert.

2x10 – Ein goldener Käfig

Pepper investigates the death of a musician, but has to tangle with a drug dependent rock star and his manipulative Manager.

2x11 – Eine harte Probe für Bill

Crowley comes under intense scrutiny after a sting operation at a trucking firm goes horribly wrong leading to the death of an underage youth. He becomes disgruntled when he realizes the department is putting the rights of criminals ahead of his 18 years with the force.

2x12 – Tauben füttern verboten

Pepper must infiltrate a trio of ruthless con artists who are duping old ladies out of their money.

2x13 – Der Berufskiller

A hired killer wants to retire, but his powerful Mob boss, forces him to do one last dangerous hit job.

2x14 – Schweigen

An angular blonde gets off the plane at LAX and takes a cab to her brother in law, Julian's house. She's looking for her sister, Beth, missing six weeks. In his study, there's the woman's portrait, looking suspiciously like a brunette version of Pettet - they are sisters after all. Mute from a childhood growth and resulting surgery, the sister can only communicate through sign-language. Her brother-in-law's secretary, his lover, makes their relationship obvious by her unsuspecting, "Darling!", as she enters the study, and Beth's sister leaves in a huff. While in the ...

2x15 – Angela

Pepper and Crowley lead the search when a fellow officer is killed during a gang fight. Their investigation is impeded when Lt. Buckles sees an arrest in the case as a chance for his advancement.

2x16 – Gefährlicher Einsatz im Streifenwagen

A robbery goes wrong and the situation becomes more complicated when the stolen diamonds go missing. Suspicion centers on a construction site and Pepper goes undercover as a caterer to try and discover who at the site has the diamonds.

2x17 – Die Jagd nach den heißen Diamanten

Due to a string of high end burglaries, Anderson and Crowley try an undercover sting operation by opening a pawn shop on the West side. Pepper posses as a buyer of quality antiques based out of Paris to try and lure the gang into making a mistakes.

2x18 – Die Schlüsselfigur

The father of a policeman's girlfriend tries to frame the officer for selling narcotics.

2x19 – Ein wertvolles Unterpfand

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2x20 – Zwei Generationen

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Dhm3sul4n0hyvuvrpnw5srzi0g9 2x21 – Ein doppeltes Spiel

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Ulgjjzluww5f31ucdron8sq0vhy 2x22 – Tamee und ihr Baby

Pepper gets involved in a child kidnapping case when a close personal friend has his child taken. There are further questions raised over the origins of the child in the first place. People want to know - who exactly is the mother of the child to begin with

2x23 – Das Wespennest

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2x24 – Das Wespennest (Teil 2)

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