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Vvem1czyqheb3nmq3bhoomq9vxx 1x1 – The Kill

A gang attempts to extort money from Mother. When she refuses to pay, the gang dynamites her club and critically injures its owner. When the police investigation into the bombing moves too slowly for Gunn, the detective goes hunting for the man he holds responsible.

J3ikebtzfiasrwmurkoxmegshq6 1x2 – Streetcar Jones

Gunn is hired by a jazz club owner to prove one of his musicians has been framed for murder, but the musician's lawyer doesn't want Gunn's assistance.

Lev3pkv9uhykha6kr40j94okzpl 1x3 – The Vicious Dog

When newspaper editor George Walker is viciously attacked by a German shepherd, he calls on Peter Gunn to find out why, and his suspicions center on Carl Kane, a powerful and shady businessman. Gunn's path to the truth leads through late-night strong-arm meetings, a poetry-quoting bum and Walker's overly helpful assistant.

Lhzyi3kzxl5uv5jhthq78ppvhgu 1x4 – The Blind Pianist

A suavely-dressed man calmly enters a nightclub late at night, carefully takes off his scarf and with it, strangles an older woman who is sitting at a table. The only other person in the nightclub is a blind pianist, who hires his friend Peter Gunn to help find the murderer.

N6s9eljqbpgeodmk51xkkm3ka07 1x5 – The Frog

A low-level mobster, the Frog (Stubby Kruger), is stabbed on a dock and falls into a river, his jaunty green hat floating above him. The Frog was waiting to meet Peter Gunn, who is jumped when he goes to the Frog's apartment. Gunn kills his attacker, setting off a police investigation into the deaths.

Mu9xd1gacbgtyys9wpxde8zmzi0 1x6 – The Chinese Hangman

A young man enters his apartment and is immediately put into a sleeper hold by a huge assailant waiting inside, in the dark. The assailant hoists the victim into a hanging noose, and kicks a stool out from under him. The death is ruled a suicide. The giant is an assistant to Ahben Vanesku, a cult leader who hires Peter Gunn to find a female cult member who supposedly embezzled $ 200,000 from the cult. Gunn tracks the beautiful woman to Spain.

Bteh6kf9e2wysobh4eqguvjpzgg 1x7 – Lynn's Blues

A young man rides an apartment building's elevator up, but another man has opened an upper floor elevator door with a knife, stopping the elevator, then jumps on the roof of the elevator, opens the escape door, and shoots the young man. After the murder Edie's friend Lynn Martel, also a nightclub singer, begins to drink uncontrollably. Edie asks Peter Gunn to help Lynn out, and Gunn discovers that Lynn's club is controlled by mobsters.

9yia3nskhj55yit6hwxkffzw9bn 1x8 – Rough Buck

A popular young boxer on his way up, Tony Triano, is shotgunned to death on a dark city street by professional hit men. His family is devastated - who would want the generous Tony dead ? Especially hard-hit is Tony's mediocre stablemate Gino, who Tony helped get fights. Tony's family hires Peter Gunn to find who killed Tony. When the drunken Gino comes to Mother's nightclub to meet with Gunn, he's waylaid and beaten by the hit men.

A02pdg64rfwrtufnfzvdhxuwhfa 1x9 – Image of Sally

A man just released from prison hurries down a dark street, sees a patrolman, then breaks into a run. He runs to a warehouse, where he's attacked by a gunman. In the struggle, the assailant is killed. The ex-con hires Peter Gunn to find his girlfriend, to help the ex-con beat the murder charge. Police Lt. Jacoby confides to Gunn that the dead man is a hired killer, and the ex-con took the rap for a payroll robbery, from which the take was never found. Gunn tracks down the girlfriend, who has no interest in helping, because she has a new lover. He's the ex-con's ...

R6nszfeqf6le2bz30ibicbyxyrx 1x10 – The Man with the Scar

A giant with a scarred face crashes into an apartment, then confronts a couple on the couch. He tosses the man aside, then strangles the woman, who frantically gestures that there's a gun in her desk. The young man shoots the huge attacker, who collapses, blood dripping from his mouth. The woman urges the young man to get out - she'll dispose of the body. After he leaves, the giant sits up and breaks into a huge grin. Peter Gunn is summoned by the District Attorney to find the beautiful woman, because the DA's been threatened: drop the case of a mobster he's ...

7cncojcdhsfwzqild9ohqkk6hfc 1x11 – Death House Testament

The sole survivor of an armored car hold-up sends for Peter Gunn from his Death Row cell. The convict tells Pete how to find the $700,000 booty after Pete agrees to turn over the reward to his estranged daughter without telling her where it came from.

F1hwh853acydndf2pvyz4rqlcdp 1x12 – The Torch

An old man in a suit and a younger man dressed in black set a fire on the roof of a building. As the flames shoot up, a huge young man emerges and throws the man in the suit into the fire. The murdered man co-owned the business which was torched, and his young widow is suspected of contracting his murder, so she hires Peter Gunn to investigate.

1ajmlmrhbat9tdi9tzgp4rcjpby 1x13 – The Jockey

A nightclub singer makes an unscheduled appearance on stage when she falls through a skylight. When the police rule her death accidental, her wealthy jockey boyfriend hires Peter Gunn to find the truth.

D53fnu8n0sggbdo6t1zvs0kuvdf 1x14 – Sisters of the Friendless

A car attempts to run down a young man as he walks a lonely stretch of highway. He flees into the woods and over a convent wall striking his head. Hours later he wonders home. When he is charged with a murder and has no memory of where he had been, Peter Gunn is hired to uncover the alibi.

W0vifj2zlfvuj25uzmiskd27tcg 1x15 – The Leaper

An older man stands on a high ledge of a downtown building: he asks someone trying to coax him not to jump "What time is it ?" On a rooftop across the street, a sniper in a TV repairman's uniform, opens his repair case, extracts a rifle with a silencer, and shoots the leaper off the ledge. The leaper was performer Lester the Human Fly, so his widow hires Peter Gunn to find out who killed her husband - and why.

Hlowvd1v1toq9gvwcpoq3onv1da 1x16 – The Fuse

A heavyset man trudges down a quiet neighborhood street, into a dark house, flips on the light-switch, spurring a large group of family and co-workers to yell "Surprise !" It's his birthday, and he generously volunteers to pick up the pizza for the celebration. He's the reform leader of a stevedores' union - when he switches on his car's ignition, the car explodes. The obvious suspect is a mobster who muscles into unions, so the gangster hires Peter Gunn to find the real killer, before the docks explode too.

Wgqgybgnmsrc0holkel0wnnecrx 1x17 – Let's Kill Timothy

2 safe-crackers realize too late that the lookout on their jewel store burglary is no longer looking out, he's absconded with the most valuable jewels. The double-crosser bursts into Mother's nightclub, interrupting Mother's Louis Armstrong-style rendition of "Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home," to beg Peter Gunn to protect a mysterious 4th conspirator, Timothy, so he and Timothy can catch a train out of town the next morning. Before Gunn can meet Timothy, the double-crosser flees. The 4th conspirator, waiting in the alley, is a trained seal, on a leash. Lt. ...

U6y8gzgukwzlz053x3n3tg8o3nw 1x18 – The Missing Night Watchman

Peter Gunn is hired by Quimby, a meek antiques store owner to track down a consignment of rare jewelry, before the arrogant collector finds out they've been stolen. The store's missing night-watchman is the obvious suspect, until he's fished out of the river with a round bullet in him - from a 1836 Colt.

1xk93uocsbfzwoi2k7xvm8jdnsc 1x19 – Murder on the Midway

At a carnival, a magician promises the audience he'll make his gorgeous assistant disappear - instead she plummets out of the mummy's coffin onto the stage, shot dead. The show's strongman hires Peter Gunn to protect her seductive roommate (Nita Talbot, the Russian spy on Hogan's Heroes), who dances in veils. Soon, Gunn needs protection from a jealous Edie.

Ghxjncbf3orwjvtnn7akayltccm 1x20 – Pecos Pete

An assailant leaps Tarzan-style from a tree, murdering a wealthy rancher riding a horse. The victim's brother flies cross-country to hire Peter Gunn to disprove the Texas coroner's verdict of accidental death. The Henry Mancini score playfully emphasizes the big city PI sticks out like a gun in a haystack compared to the suspiciously lackadaisical local sheriff, but Gunn rounds up a Texas-size line-up of prime suspects, who might turn and stampede him.

Abjprcfeuclni3qrbnfeclpwukx 1x21 – Scuba

Working alone late at night, a marine salvage company owner grabs a revolver to follow gigantic footprints out of his office to a dock, where a frogman croaks him with a spear-gun. His co-owner, a huge, hulking frogman, claims he's too upset to talk to anybody - except his lawyer. A meek insurance adjuster hires Peter Gunn to solve a series of mysterious riverside robberies, so Gunn enlists a competing salvage diver, whose lily pad is a swinging tiki lair, complete with seductive hula dancers.

Lsznxnjroppgbz9pkhiodjb9dkw 1x22 – Edie Finds a Corpse

After Edie discovers a male corpse in her shower, her finicky landlord (Joseph Kearns, Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Menace) threatens to break her lease. Leaving Lt. Jacobi to crack wise and console Edie, Peter Gunn pursues the killers, so she won't have an excuse to move in with him.

Fnx3er5hd3efq12dyazaw2pvvhc 1x23 – The Dirty Word

At his posh soirée, a publisher sneaks off into the garden to conspire with a sleazy PI. Hiding in the bushes, a man in gloves plugs the publisher, tosses the revolver, then splits. The PI picks it up, just in time for the party-goers to spot him holding the gat, which turns out to be his. The PI hires Peter Gunn to clear him, but is too afraid to level with Gunn.

Mzzewbu7kilycmm9ed37h8wxgyu 1x24 – The Ugly Frame

Late at night in an empty greasy spoon, a mug coolly kills the owner, but when the register yields only $14, he just shrugs and unscrews his silencer. The diner was Lt. Jacoby's teenage hangout, so he rabidly pursues the murderer, while struggling to prevent a mob leader from muscling in on Jacoby's side of the river. To help Jacoby, Peter Gunn pays diminutive pool shark Babby (Billy Barty) for a lead.

Utjz5raoeitouhwsexmru0qc4lo 1x25 – The Lederer Story

As she's dying, a glamorous yacht owner staggers into Mother's, seeking out Peter Gunn. Gunn and Lt. Jacoby suspect she was poisoned and her husband pushed overboard - by her captain, maid, or butler (Sam Edwards, Little House on the Prairie's Bill Anderson) - who are all related, and overacting suspiciously. Gunn cases the yacht club for clues.

2bexussfayofg0arma3aj4ik4ko 1x26 – Keep Smiling

A Murphy game blackmailing trio target lonely male bowlers from out-of-town, murdering an uncooperative one with a bowling ball. After his own tryst in the blackmailers' Poke Street love nest, bowling conclave organizer Woolrich (Jackie Coogan, Uncle Fester of "The Addams Family") hires Peter Gunn to nab the perps on the down-low. Gunn goes way undercover at Shelly's Manne-Hole, grooving to cool sounds by Shelly Manne & His Men. Drummer Manne's LP riffing on Henry Mancini's music from "Peter Gunn" hit the racks simultaneously with this episode. As a bow-tied hayseed ...

O29td6v6pvb3viosumtvncgbqjb 1x27 – Breakout

A priest totes a Bible into a prison cell and presents it to a convicted murderer (Frank DeKova, "The Untouchables" ). The hollow book contains a gun, which the killer uses to escape. Soon, Peter Gunn is hired by an accident victim cloaked in head bandages, to find his brother. At Mother's nightclub, while Edie chirps "Eisenhower's looks give me a thrill" Mother helps Gunn piece together that the missing "brother" is actually the escapee's robbery partner who kept the take, ducked the rap, and went to ground. The police join the hunt for the deceitful partner (H.M. ...

Clhznzwatz0x9cel43mdrnzntrq 1x28 – Pay Now, Kill Later

England 1945: Working late, an arrogant textile scientist assures the failing factory's owner, Gregory Spain, he'll soon perfect his long-promised miracle fabric. After the owner heads home, the scientist urges a homeless man he just hired on to sweep out his lab, to try on one of the scientist's own suits, then knocks the janitor out and blows up the factory with a bomb. After serving 14 years for insurance fraud and for murdering the scientist, the factory owner traces the scientist, who framed him, to the U.S., where Spain hires Peter Gunn to flush his quarry out ...

Uybschzmkht3qytdob0aipzsmb1 1x29 – Skin Deep

A knock-dead heiress is clubbed with a poker while flirting on the phone. Her uptight sister employs Peter Gunn to locate her. Surprisingly, the extroverted heiress worked for a florist (Hal Smith, Otis on "The Andy Griffith Show"), luring wealthy men, and had frequent-buyer status at a lonely hearts bureau. In a nightspot where guitarist Laurindo Almeida is playing, Gunn digs up a tip on a gigolo working the missing sister.

9khqqrcoc2tcr1yrs8ash48e2lo 1x30 – February Girl

June Holton meets Michael Delak in his apartment. She refuses his sexual advances then a shot rings out killing Delak. The woman contacts Peter for assistance after someone tried to run her over. Gunn guesses there is more to the story and she finally admits witnessing the murder of Delak. She then admits she intended to kill Delak after his rejection of her sister led to her suicide. Gunn speaks to a number of people including Rector the newspaper man, all confirm Delak was extremely disliked and a known player of women's emotions. On Rector's suggestion Gunn goes to...

M7rfxjxd0oakorpkfgijdm2sn9c 1x31 – Love Me to Death

Mr. Bowers booby-traps his basement, electrocuting his wife when she turns on an overhead bulb. Next, the bullet-headed widower ties the knot with mousy heiress Maggie (Jeanette Nolan). While Edie warbles "when the lights start lighting the town," Maggie's controlling older sister drives to Mother's in her Model T, to employ Peter Gunn to investigate Bowers. Gunn detects he's an ex-con blackmailer, but the new bride doesn't fret, though her pince-nezed attorney James Bond warns her she'll be the next victim.

Hrggemvs4dpqov8ifh4ugpw8xkp 1x32 – The Family Affair

B E Raleigh places something into a hidden wall safe before preparing for bed. As he rides a stair elevator an ax swings across in front of him almost putting him into cardiac arrest. Gunn arrives at the house at the request of Raleigh who explains he only has months to live, then shows Gunn a threatening letter from his nephew, Martin Raleigh who had previously stolen money from Raleigh and gone to jail. Raleigh wants Martin found and stopped from completing his threat, he finally explains his nephew was an accomplished guitarist. Talking to Raleigh's nurse, Gunn ...

R5spdc3nrmnas7tuqplpkwc0dbk 1x33 – Lady Windbell's Fan

A hearing-impaired man (Vic Perrin, Control Voice, "The Outer Limits") stabs a Chinese shop owner to death with a dagger, while Triad muscle go after a gorgeous dancer's fan, given to her for good luck. The dancer's fiancé (James Hong, the arrogant host of "The Chinese Restaurant," Seinfeld) hires Peter Gunn ("the king of finders-out") to change her luck. Is there a connection between the fan and the murderer, who adores The Green Dragon's star dancer ?

Qhaqm4v7o2venvoh2fbr5kuv6jv 1x34 – Bullet for a Badge

Lt. Jacoby scurries out for a night rendezvous with a tipster, but it's a set-up, and he's wounded by gangsters, so Peter Gunn leaps into the case. 2 real informants talk to Gunn, but one is killed, the other scared off. The incorruptible Lt. Jacoby was up for promotion - could police be involved in the shootings ?

G1bauqnasom1neymzujrbzkgg2d 1x35 – Kill from Nowhere

Louise Reardon (Mary Alan Hokanson) is a wheelchair-bound woman with no enemies --but somebody lures her to a window as a sniper's target. The only obvious suspect is Joe Scully (Wesley Lau), an ex-convict who is her nurse and has been named in her will. But Louise, barely alive, hires Gunn to clear him.

Amokft0sqm3ky4fqolpicocxkfr 1x36 – Vendetta

Two men arrive at a closed restaurant. They ask one of the people inside if they are Edie Hart (Peter's girlfriend) she confirms her identity and is shot with a warning "Tell Peter the 3 years are up" Gunn visits Edie in hospital and promises to allow the police to take of the case. Gunn then visits Lieutenant Jacoby, also in hospital recovering from a broken leg. Jacoby tells Gunn of a message from a recently released prisoner, Max Greko "Three years" apparently referring to his jail term that Gunn helped bring about. Gunn decides to go after Greko, Jacoby warns him ...

Orgifcghta0otwmkabluz2t3rk 1x37 – The Coffin

Gunn is hired to deliver the body of a man's dead son to him in Mexico.

Oatpc8lnvsy5b8ds7uovjql7jwg 1x38 – The Portrait

Luther Russ, a famous painter wakes to find two men breaking into his house to steal artwork. He confronts them only to be shot dead. A woman visits Gunn insisting he recover one of the stolen paintings. She has a theory the theft was the beginning of a blackmail attempt. She is a married woman having an affair with Russ. Gunn contacts Walter, a local dealer who was very familiar with Russ's work. Following up on a lead he finds his way to a waterside warehouse. He meets the men who have the paintings; Gunn discovers the mysterious woman is Elsa Keys, wife of State ...

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