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Al6ay0om4w2pvrztxh4hiajzpgt 1x1 – Pilot

Luke and Lizzy, inseparable pals since childhood, decide to have a child together as friends.

Ggpsubmrexic5eufkruzscm34gf 1x2 – Out of the Closet

Prudence moves into Luke and Lizzy's apartment -- along with a mess of belongings.

H7l9f1wpravapqfvh40qh7wuei 1x3 – Crushing It

Luke and Prudence help Lizzy make a date with her secret crush.

V24w1gzniddwq73ekacoprhijwu 1x4 – Flight Risk

Prudence tries to convince Luke and Lizzy to spice up their lives.

2d43c5lr3u0xgwgux4q9ihd2czx 1x5 – A Tale of Two Hubbies

After discovering Luke and Prudence's wedding wasn't legal, Lizzy decides to plan a new one.

Admliwgmgqpc7zf6kauxowuq4b5 1x6 – Wedlocked

Luke disappears after discovering a secret Prudence had been keeping, putting their future and her immigration status in jeopardy; Lizzy comes up with an idea that surprises everyone.

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