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8x1 – Jedem das Seine

After Murphy and Peter put their wedding plans on hold, she becomes more negative then usual. When Miles and Corky announce their surprise marriage, Murphy cannot bring herself to wish them well.

8x2 – Wer manipuliert wen?

Lansing's devious nephew Andrew returns as head of a TV division and offers Murphy a spot opposite Walter Cronkite on a news show. Murphy accepts, but the show's content is fluff and her co-host is Miller.

8x3 – Furchtlos bis in den Tod

Frank evades a deadly situation at a prison, and it proves to be a ratings booster. He would like to cover tamer stories, but head honcho Lansing pushes him into dangerous circumstances, so Frank seeks Murphy's advice.

8x4 – Das Urteil

Murphy is called into traffic court due to her questionable driving skills, and asks for no special treatment because she is famous. She finds more trouble when she ignores the community service she is sentenced to.

8x5 – Ein ganz besonderer Abend

Stuck between the hammer and the anvil, Miles assigns both Corky and Murphy to work on the same breaking news story. Corky and Miles decide that the time is right to consummate their marriage.

8x6 – Erfolg auf der Sex-Schiene

Murphy begins to question her impeccable communication skills when she loses an interview to Miller, but grudgingly allows that he may be making progress as a journalist - until she discovers his methods.

8x7 – Ein Ehrendoktor

While visiting her old college to receive an honorary doctorate, Murphy tries to prove the students in the women's studies, a class she helped establish, that she's still in touch with young women's issues.

8x8 – Brisantes Material

Andrew gives both Murphy and Frank the idea to write an expose on a powerful shady businessman.

8x9 – Ein neuer Agent muss her

Jim becomes jealous over the way his agent favorably treats newly signed Murphy, and the resentment spills over in a joint talk show appearance.

8x10 – Frontal und direkt

Miller takes all the credit for a story the entire FYI staff worked on.

8x11 – Gang nach Canossa

Murphy must apologize for what she said about a popular talk show host.

8x12 – Das „Ja-Wort“

Corky and Miles cause a stir in her family when she finally tells them they're married.

8x13 – Der Mega-Pop-Star

Murphy is told to continue with her exclusive fluff interview with a reclusive celebrity despite her wish to move on to a more important story that just broke.

8x14 – Millers Wandlung

Jim is told to turn Miller into a proper journalist, and after his initial reluctance he begins to take pride in Miller's progress.

8x15 – Alte Flammen

Murphy has a nightmare about being on trial for the way she treated her past lovers.

8x16 – Kalter Rauch

Stuart Best offers to be an insider for FYI and give them the dirt on the tobacco industry.

8x17 – Neue Aufgaben

Jim quits FYI to work for the new ICN Network. Miller gets his old job. Murphy tries to convince Jim to come back.

8x18 – Klausurtagung

Elizabeth Taylor visits FYI. Miles takes the staff to an outdoors team building exercise.

8x19 – Die Regisseurin

Murphy is to play Hillary Clinton in a sketch she's written for a comedy show but the cast of the show protests.

8x20 – Wahlkampffieber

Miles and his team end up stuck in a diner after the bus they used to cover a tense primary campaign breaks down.

8x21 – Der Neffe

Andrew tries to seduce unsuspecting Murphy.

8x22 – Die Traumfrau

Frank recklessly agrees to buy a mansion he can't pay off because he's attracted to the realtor.

8x23 – Ein Gerücht

As Murphy marks eight years of sobriety, she learns the shocking truth behind the rumors that FYI is done for.

8x24 – Die Viererbande

The FYI team fights back against network cutbacks, thanks to Miles - but there may be an unexpected side effect.

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