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7x1 – Alles für die Bildung

Murphy tries to get Avery a spot in an elite school and invites the school's board to a party to secure it. When FYI kills a story about one of members, Murphy is concerned her ethics will be questioned.

7x2 – Ein Idol fällt vom Sockel

While pitching stories for the show, Murphy learns that a famous astronaut's brother has been murdered. After debating the value of the news, they discover the astronaut is the chief suspect, and FYI goes over the top in its coverage.

7x3 – Auf den Affen gekommen

Murphy is overheard making disparaging remarks about her network's fall lineup. As punishment she has to attend the affiliate convention with her colleagues and make nice with an orangutan.

7x4 – Die scharfe Moderatorin

Corky gets her chance at a hard news story and interviews one of America's most successful businessmen. She impresses her colleagues but is distressed that her popularity among viewers takes a nosedive.

7x5 – Nostalgie

After a burger chain closes, Murphy buys its mascot. When it's stolen, she suspects someone in the Washington establishment and begins retaliation to force Meaty Boys return, not suspecting a friend.

7x6 – Das Preisrichter-Komitee

Jim is head of the Humboldt judging and persuades his co-workers to serve except Frank who missed out on getting nominated. Conflict arises when Murphy and Corky serve on the same panel but have different standards.

7x7 – Die nächste Welle

Frank accepts a new job at the network but the show bumps FYI into a bad time slot. Thinking his friends are jealous of his success, Frank burns some bridges as he prepares to leave.

7x8 – Meine Story, Deine Story

Murphy and Peter decide to take a relaxing tropical vacation but a major news story occurs. Their competitive natures take over putting them at odds instead of getting closer to each other.

7x9 – Die Vernunft siegt

Miles asks Corky out to dinner as a friend after she helps him move but Corky misunderstands and thinks it a date. Egged on by Murphy and Peter, Miles becomes concerned if a relationship develops.

7x10 – Ein Abschied

Eldin's mother Reena comes for a visit and Eldin learns he has an opportunity to study with a famous muralist in Spain. He's ready to pass on the chance of a lifetime to remain Avery's nanny so Murphy fires him.

7x11 – Seine wilde Nacht

Jim's wife Doris is away, and a misunderstanding lands him in tabloid headlines. Despite his protestations, his co-workers doubt his explanation, and head honcho Lansing is excited that the scandal increased ratings.

7x12 – Der Weihnachtsmann macht’s richtig

Murphy wants to give Avery a memorable Christmas, but she becomes desperate when an impossible-to-find toy is at the top of his wish list. Murphy is not above pleading, cajoling and threats to make Avery happy.

7x13 – Unter Druck gesetzt

Much to the surprise of the FYI staff, their former co-worker Stuart Best is elected to Congress. Murphy decides it would be a good interview to let him air his political views, but the segment takes an unfortunate turn.

7x14 – Widrigkeiten der Liebe

Frank is organizing a Valentine's Day bowling benefit in January and needs his co-workers to show up. He also needs a date so Peter sets Frank up with his ex Linda while Miles and Corky take their relationship to the next level.

7x15 – Ziemlich makaber

Murphy's indifference to the crew has become too much, so her friends help stage a practical joke to teach her a lesson. Informed a staffer has died, Murphy pretends to have known him well, even agreeing to host his funeral.

7x16 – Frischer Wind

Murphy, Miles and Frank visit Stan in the hospital, who's had a revelation after watching so much TV. He wants all network shows to go younger or add a dog, so FYI hires veejay McGovern, who eventually clashes with Murphy.

7x17 – Sexuelle Belästigung

Corky goes to see exec Tony Lucchesi about hosting a special, and he sexually propositions her. When she declines to file a complaint, Murphy decides to visit Tony, but then finds she is the one accused of harassment.

7x18 – Rattenplage

In an innovative move, FYI starts broadcasting from a ground floor studio with a windowed backdrop. Animal activists target Murphy after she is seen targeting a rat for eradication.

7x19 – Das absolute Chaos

Miles is asked to help on another program, leaving Corky neglected and giving a returning Miller an opportunity with her. The absence of Miles from FYI also gives Murphy free to try out some ideas that create havoc on the show.

7x20 – Nackt auf dem Titelbild

McGovern's photo shoot for Rolling Stone is unsupervised after Miles is called away. The issue features a nude McGovern and Murphy uses it as a reason for firing her. Talking to Stan she has second thoughts after hearing the exec's objections.

7x21 – Ein smarter Neffe

Stan decides the perfect secretary for Murphy is his nephew Andrew and in the beginning he is right. Everything starts going Murphy's way while her co-workers have a series of mishaps. Andrew's ambitions begin to be questioned.

7x22 – Der Hurricane tobt

With a major storm approaching Florida, Miles sends Miller to cover it to disrupt his dating of Corky. But then the entire FYI crew also has to go, with Murphy suspecting she's pregnant when she's nauseous. Peter has a surprising reaction.

7x23 – Zweifel bis zuletzt

Murphy is at a loss how to plan a wedding, so she accepts Corky's offer to help make it memorable. Miles decides to date a supermodel to make Corky jealous as she continues seeing Miller.

7x24 – Kein Platz für Daddy

As Murphy and Peter's wedding approaches, he leaves on a short assignment. Frank goes ahead with the bachelor party at a strip club without him, but Murphy shows up to quiz everyone about marriage. Miles and Corky reconcile.

7x25 – Episode 25

Celebrating the end of the seventh season, Lesley Stahl interviews the cast on the highlights of the show. Outtakes are also featured.

7x26 – Episode 26

Series creator Diane English joins the cast as they reflect on their characters and what they enjoyed the most in the show's seven years. Lesley Stahl leads the discussion that also includes outtakes.

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