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Lroiyrybi65jsyiobserehhkg1g 4x1 – Episode 1

The prospect of the real world is looming large for the student housemates.

Lkajmd7rcwedr1boa7o9xsikq7c 4x2 – Episode 2

Vod thinks a job in a pub is the answer to her money worries, while a heartbroken Howard seems to have developed a slight drinking problem. Oregon decides to set up a poetry competition in her name, cutting money for sports.

1qrrbsdlct5w2dbr43iyesd4w5q 4x3 – Episode 3

Vod decides to retreat to an anarchist commune, with the other two girls tagging along. The boys head to London.

Siyqjbrrct4jhcofwqlwdxurton 4x4 – Episode 4

Oregon's glittering future looks seriously under threat when societies that have had their funding cut table a motion to have her thrown out of office, and Howard has his work cut out trying to make his CV stand out.

Iarxpbqdrb6gibnvogyd7x1aad5 4x5 – Episode 5

Tickets for the alternative graduation ball Vodstock are selling very well, but Vod gets on the wrong side of hired security for the event and the housemates end up having to barricade themselves in the cellar.

Zilp3grkmd1fvrno5m82d9hcmha 4x6 – Episode 6

The housemates' finals are over and most of them are enjoying their freedom as they wait to find out how they have fared - but not everyone is happy with the results.

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