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2oszlwybymw3xlr9iwiyyq9nz27 2x1 – Episode 1

It's the start of spring term and Kingsley has reinvented himself, while Josie is turning over a new leaf by making friends with a girl from her course. The gang hunts for a suitable replacement for Paul, who has moved out.

Dhreabn6ahxqbzjgrg5kxpalz2u 2x2 – Episode 2

A series of muggings on campus leaves the friends concerned for their safety, while JP is confined to his bed with mumps. Elsewhere, Kingsley makes an announcement that leaves Josie reeling.

Twmrafjeyumctayhrlaqaylxqe1 2x3 – Episode 3

A geology careers fair sets the boys against one another as they battle for lucrative internships. Oregon is thrown together with Tony again as she attempts to secure funding for her new magazine.

Gyjlbjkidvlsdymbfwssatxa2lu 2x4 – Episode 4

JP invites the gang to stay at his country house during the Easter break, but things aren't as idyllic as they seem. Josie marks ex-fiance Dave's new wedding day in her own way, while Howard finds himself at home with Sabine.

Afp5omqpgtzpcgtmhyp4rahjvhy 2x5 – Episode 5

Things go from bad to worse for the students as Josie makes a catastrophic error of judgement, a chance encounter leads Oregon to fall for a sexy librarian and Vod is forced to admit she is in love.

Hfk9hm6jmtqyh1cpl1nlczanfv 2x6 – Episode 6

Kingsley makes an official complaint to get his money's worth, but when a field trip goes awry, things come to a head for him and JP. The rest of the crew face some home truths they'd rather ignore.

Odit06wsfg7fph3wxhzcpwltn9y 2x7 – Episode 7

Heather encourages Kingsley to follow his dream of becoming a musician. Vod gatecrashes a seminar by a renowned poet and befriends the great man himself - leading to tragic results. Josie tries to hide her gambling problem.

Zloeotubeqegjneepsqbh4genco 2x8 – Episode 8

The end of the academic year is fast approaching and the housemates face some big decisions.

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