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Yxmz4zd6tzshlbycol0hogfqt5s 1x1 – The Return

Beowulf returns to Herot one last time to say goodbye to its leader and his former guardian, Hrothgar but something follows Beowulf and Breca back to Herot.

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W0va4i5nyww1thycun9hlzit6wo 1x2 – The Gathering

Following Hrothgar's funeral other thanes start to arrive at Herot to elect a new Jarl, leader of the Shieldlands, including Lagathorn, the fierce Rate and Scorann, who, along with Slean, is captured by bandits. Aware that Bayen was not killed by the troll Beowulf realizes that the murderer was a skin-shifter - a mud-born able to take on human form. Breca's wife Lila, who runs the smithy with daughter Vishka, tells Beowulf that Bayen argued with iron smelter Tarn, who points him towards the steward Varr, though both prove to be innocent. Eventually Beowulf unmasks the...

Fiywm1ed7cfgoug5tyb0ntechgu 1x3 – Episode #1.3

Beowulf and Rate pursue the brigands who have captured Scorann and Slean for ransom, Beowulf opining that another thane organized the abductions to prevent Scorann voting for Rheda at the gathering. The kidnappers are routed but Scorann is mortally wounded, asking Rate to support Rheda. Back at Herot skin-shifter Koll's wife Sylvi faces trial and death as the villagers assume she was aware of her husband's true nature when they married. A sympathetic Elvina helps her and her daughter to escape though Koll is slain by Rheda's brother Abrecan. He is in turn confronted ...

Mir0eikvyuyafqcpeaboul3eo0x 1x4 – Episode #1.4

At the gathering Rheda is elected as Jarl of the Shieldlands, thanks to a casting vote by Roth, on condition that Slean marries Mara, daughter of Gorrik of the Mere to strengthen alliances. Slean is not happy, as he loves Elvina, and soon afterwards accuses Rate of being the traitor, resulting in Rheda banishing him, whilst holding the truth over his uncle. Beowulf and Elvina lead a party to bring Mara back to Herot but are attacked by the ferocious Warigs after Vishka has unwittingly trespassed on their burial ground and Beowulf needs to hatch a plan to allow them to...

Czzlhkmewzavyaa9sbxwdovtwcj 1x5 – Episode #1.5

Beowulf's party reach the Mere but lose the dowry to a giant Sandwyrm and get a hostile reception as a result. The tribe is struck down by sea fever and Elvina's healing skills plus the unexpected reappearance of the dowry effect a change of heart by thane Gorrik. However, when the bride to be dies of the sea fever her sister Kela is only too happy to leave the Mere to marry Slean. Slean himself rediscovers his skills as a blacksmith as he works against a deadline to prevent the smelters from deserting to the Varni. He also gets a message from his uncle urging him to ...

Fyfbhaygzhfvphj2rmrystq8mvd 1x6 – Episode #1.6

Slean agrees to marry Kela but reacts angrily seeing Elvina with Beowulf, leading Abrecan to believe he will still help him overthrow Rheda. Slean is wary but agrees to support his uncle and take his mother's place provided no harm comes to her and when Abrecan's village is attacked by raiders the pair fight them off, sending the attackers towards Herot. Beowulf and Breca encounter a troll in the woods, which they kill but come to realize that somebody has been stealing the supply of salt put out to appease the trolls. Elvina meanwhile makes her own offering to the ...

Zc3n7nxvv3mqrpsnrbmerp4yr5t 1x7 – Episode #1.7

As Beowulf and Rheda discuss the reality of a traitor in their midst Herot is attacked by the ferocious Wulfing raiders, who abduct Kela, though Beowulf and Varr give pursuit and rescue her, killing Wulfing leader Jogan. Slean returns to Herot, prepared to bide his time to assist his uncle and unaware that he is being used. Abrecan also kills one of his own men, claiming to Beowulf that he was the salt thief, but he is also doing a secret deal with Jogan's son Draven.

Rddktwobrpjfpyicsxok4tzj1d9 1x8 – Episode #1.8

Slean foils an attempt by Abrecan and his mistress Saray to prevent his wedding by killing Kela, after which Kela admits to poisoning her sister in order to take her place and the marriage goes ahead. Bounty hunters arrive in Herot, demanding to arrest Breca for murder. Between them Lila and Beowulf are able to raise the blood money to spare him but Beowulf, angry that his friend lied to him, demands that he leave Herot for good. In his home village Abrecan receives a vote of no confidence from his council but circumstances allow him to save his reputation and ...

Aay77xm7op31zd54vzo74hgewwq 1x9 – Episode #1.9

As Kela and Slean's unconsummated show marriage continues Beowulf is shocked to learn that Elvina has been feeding a wounded Mud-born troll. However the pair are captured and caged by Warig, led by shape-shifter Razzak, who plans to lead them in an attack on Herot. During their captivity Beowulf tells Elvina that Warig murdered his wife and child before Beowulf is taken out to be killed. He is saved but at a cost following a terrible revelation. Meanwhile Breca learns of Abrecan's treachery and breaks his exile to warn Rheda and Beowulf .

Ztr9zyulmj4waswazgy4njureog 1x10 – Episode #1.10

Refusing to believe Abrecan would betray her Rheda goes to confront him, unaware of his alliance with the Wulfing, whilst at Herot Slean and Breca prepare the inhabitants for battle. Slean also shocks Beowulf by admitting that he knows Elvina to be a skin-shifter. Rheda has cause to regret her faith in her brother when he exposes Slean's past collusion with him and threatens to kill her unless she signs over the Jarlship to him. However she is saved by an unexpected act of self sacrifice and is able to make her escape.

3ysk5clkk2e2on9i7vgn5jvaj77 1x11 – Episode #1.11

Rheda returns to Herot, demanding Slean's imprisonment for his past treachery whilst Beowulf and Varr ride out to seek allies from the other tribes as Abrecan plans his assault with his Wulfing associates. Kela releases Slean to lead a small army in defending the strategic Draca bridge but Abrecan's force is much larger and, with no help from the Varni tribe, Herot seems doomed.

Ydpb6od50srd8bqek8pjshiailf 1x12 – Episode #1.12

As Herot awaits Abrecan's army's onslaught Rate arrives, promising reinforcements if Rheda honours a promise she once made to him. To Slean's horror it involves a marriage ceremony but Rheda is desperate and agrees to it. Rate's men consequently arrive to lift the siege whilst Rheda confronts Abrecan and Beowulf avenges a friend. Herot is saved but Elvina still has one final shock for Beowulf.

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