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7x1 – Episode 1

Barnaby is one step ahead of three syndicate hit men in tracking down a witness in the remote mountains in a national forest when one of them fires a shot at him, grazing him in the forehead. The force of the blow knocks Barnaby temporarily unconscious, and when he wakes up he can't see. While hoping J.R. will rescue them both, Barnaby must rely on his wits to try to outwit the gunmen.

7x2 – Episode 2

Barnaby and J.R. investigates an insurance case that was reported as a suicide, but J.R. has a feeling that it could actually be a murder stemming from a blackmail conspiracy.

7x3 – Episode 3

While taking a couple of days vacation to help out a friend, Betty encounters a serial rapist who prays upon women who frequent a local bar- only to learn that a different man has already been sent to prison for earlier similar assaults.

7x4 – Episode 4

Young Shelley Barrett tries to get to Barnaby, whom she believes is her father. She gets arrested on the way. Barnaby has to clear her, help her mother,and prove he is not the father.

7x5 – Episode 5

J.R. investigates the disappearance of a real estate agent at a resort lodge run by two sisters and their aunt.. The murders pile up as he begins to realize that he's in the midst of a nest of scorpions with these women.

7x6 – Episode 6

Barnaby and J.R. get involved in a kidnapping for ransom that goes bad and a former associate gets killed during the drop off -or so it appears. Barnaby has a hunch that it was an inside job, then quickly gets wise to the whole scheme.

7x7 – Episode 7

Jedediah is set up on a phony rape charge and sets out to clear his name and find those responsible.

7x8 – Episode 8

While Barnaby and J.R. are tied up working on another case, Betty takes a part in a stage production as a singer and dancer to find out who's terrorizing its cast members. But when things turn deadly Barnaby and J.R. come running.

7x9 – Episode 9

J.R. gets involved in a dangerous situation when an old friend tells him that her ex-husband is stalking her and their son and using his influence as a police officer to do it.

7x10 – Episode 10

Betty goes under hypnosis so she can remember the events that led up to a car accident that killed her friend and caused her to lose her memory-and realizes it was no accident.

7x11 – Episode 11

In the course of investigating the death of a film editor, Barnaby and J.R. uncover a movie pirating operation that could potentially cost the studio millions in lost revenue.

7x12 – Episode 12

Betty investigates an academy for girls where a series of accidents have injured instructors and students alike. What she finds is a vicious group of girls who dominate the school through fear and intimidation tactics.

7x13 – Episode 13

J.R. investigates the disappearance of three women in a five week time period, and then gets involved with a psychic to help him when it looks like she might be his best chance of solving the case.

7x14 – Episode 14

Barnaby is hired by the family of a man who supposedly died in Vietnam, but later they hear a rumor that he may have deserted, along with another soldier. They want him to find out if it's true. Barnaby tracks the soldier who was with him but he runs away. While chasing him, the man shoots, Barnaby shoots back and hits someone, killing him. Barnaby is relieved of his gun as the D.A. considers whether to charge him or not. Barnaby considers dropping the case but the man's wife asks him not to. J.R. has Betty do a check on the man he shot and learns that he and the one ...

7x15 – Episode 15

Barnaby is hired by the family of a man who supposedly died in Vietnam, but later they hear a rumor that he may have deserted, along with another soldier.

7x16 – Episode 16

Betty goes undercover at a rehabilitation center for substance abuse addicts to investigate a suspicious death and discovers a sinister scheme where they administer dangerous drugs that keep patients coming back.

7x17 – Episode 17

A beautiful disco dancer is harassed by numerous men from the disco where she dance's and her life is threatened. When her roommate is murdered she believes it was meant to be her and she asks J.R. to investigate.

7x18 – Episode 18

A high tech security team asks Barnaby to help them with a case in which a wealthy businessman narrowly escaped a kidnapping attempt. Together they discover it was an inside job and the objective is not kidnapping, but murder.

7x19 – Episode 19

Betty is asked to investigate the death of an inspiring young actress after she witnesses the deceased and another couple in a heated argument at the hotel across from her own on the very same night of her death.

7x20 – Episode 20

A woman that is helping to develop a revolutionary new type of television set disappears without a trace, and the company that she works for asks Barnaby to find out what happened to her.

7x21 – Episode 21

Betty's cousin Foxey Dolan comes into town and sets her and Betty up for a night out on the town with a man she just met. He also happens to be on the run from crooks he's stolen from, and they'll kill to get their goods back.

7x22 – Episode 22

Barnaby investigates why a lawyer for a powerful family corporation is killed soon after he tells him he no longer needs him to find out who is threatening him. He learns it may be related to a missing girls involvement in a religious cult.

7x23 – Episode 23

J.R. infiltrates a religious cult to help Barnaby get to the bottom of why a lawyer for a family run corporation was murdered, and why the identity of a young woman that is a member there is being kept so secret.

7x24 – Episode 24

A young man tries to coerce the niece of gold prospector(and Barnaby's goddaughter)into marrying him after he learns that she is set to inherit the property his gold mine is located on. Barnaby suspects he has murdered the uncle as well.

7x25 – Episode 25

Barnaby and J.R. investigate a case where a material witness was murdered by the loan sharking gangster he was going to testify against. During the investigation they learn Lt. Biddle is romantically involved with the gangster's girlfriend.

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