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Mgiav4rslem3xy5fgqsrbinfp5h 4x1 – Episode 1

Recovering from his injuries and the loss of Hélène, Balthazar flies home to Paris from Istanbul. When passengers start falling ill, he realizes they have been poisoned.

Szgkdu1uh7aielz2nq8qsbuhh7i 4x2 – Episode 2

A freshly severed foot, a decapitated head and an innocuous man reporting his missing wife is just the start of one of the team's most disturbing cases.

10libkmums1n3uji12s8lixccvo 4x3 – Episode 3

A little girl is abducted from her room during the night and 24 hours later a ransom demand is made, but the truth behind the kidnapping is much darker than the team realizes. Meanwhile, Maya's presence continues to haunt Balthazar.

M7tjcer3l7hklhx41ndzskm0vvp 4x4 – Episode 4

While investigating the brutal deaths of three young men, Balthazar is being audited by the forensic sciences institute and having to deal with Maya's continuing harassment.

R0lwstt9dkeiprkqn3k51wmgrl2 4x5 – Episode 5

During a lecture at the school of medicine, Balthazar and his team are held hostage by a student desperate to exonerate his father, who has already confessed to murder. Meanwhile, Camille continues meeting her mysterious friend.

C1ltj2ikomqypad492fnl8ugeti 4x6 – Episode 6

Balthazar's lab is being filmed by a documentary team. Called to examine a skeleton found in the river, he continues to embarrass Vesinet as the police realize they're hunting a killer with an apparent taste for human flesh.

A7fszqalmvneqv57qg9fvjxn7rc 4x7 – Episode 7

Balthazar is sent to his hometown to investigate the ritualistic killing of a cow and runs into memories of a childhood he'd rather forget. When former friends start dying, Balthazar's blackouts suddenly seem a lot more sinister.

Enf0ffnlcwqq4wecz0calst4ese 4x8 – Episode 8

Despite his friends' efforts, Balthazar refuses to defend himself. Believing there's no one he can trust, someone proves surprisingly helpful. Free from the drugs, he remembers a terrible secret but is it too late to fix everything?

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