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1x1 – I Want to Be an Apprentice

Arte is born into a noble family, but she would rather work for a living as an artisan than be married off to another noble.

1x2 – A New Life

Arte starts her life as an apprentice by fixing up her shed and meets an apprentice named Angelo when she goes to the marketplace to buy materials.

1x3 – First Job

During Carnival, Leo takes Arte out, but it's not to join the festivities - Then, she helps with a job for a client for the first time.

1x4 – Courtesan

Arte accompanies Leo to his courtesan patron's house and learns about what it takes for a woman to live by her own means.

1x5 – Inescapable Bond

Arte practices negotiating with a difficult customer and ends up learning more about Leo's past.

1x6 – Trade Guild

Apprentices from other workshops take issue with the fact that Arte is a girl, so she has to prove herself through her work.

1x7 – The Venetian Noble

A noble from Venice visits Leo's workshop with an offer of work for Arte, but it would mean she would have to leave Florence and Leo.

1x8 – A New Chapter

Arte sets off for Venice with Yuri, but what Leo says at their parting makes her feel uneasy about her decision to leave Florence.

1x9 – Naughty Child

Arte starts her lessons with Katarina, but she needs to get Katarina to open up to her before she can do her job.

1x10 – Katarina's Dinner

Katarina invites Arte to the dinner she prepares at Yuri's, and Yuri tells Arte more about Katarina's past.

1x11 – The Faliers' Portrait Painter

An encounter at a local Venetian workshop leads Arte to work harder than ever as she finished up the Faliers' portraits.

1x12 – Apprentice

Arte finishes the Falier portraits and returns to Florence, reuniting with her friends and family there.

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