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4x1 – Enormous Changes at the Last Minute

A home pregnancy test turns up positive. Hannah and Marty make plans to get married in a hurry; however, the doctor's results are a bit different.

4x2 – I Feel a Cult Coming On

Marty exposes a cult and they retaliate by exposing facts about the staff. Marty becomes worried because he has one thing about him and Catherine that he hasn't yet mentioned to Hannah.

4x3 – A Tale of Two Kiddies

A young girl gets to be editor for the day, which sets the tone for Marty and Hannah imagining what love would have been like if they had met at a younger age. They do this while celebrating their 1st anniversary of knowing each other.

Ox7kmh5tybsnwouttbmvi5ngmre 4x4 – M is For the Many Things She Forgot She Gave Me

Marty must place his mother in a home when her failing memory begins to force the issue.

4x5 – Gimme an O

Hannah makes a joke about the best sex she ever had, Marty sets out to find out the details after he finds out it wasn't him.

4x6 – Training Film

Marty's bad day is made worse when Hannah takes him on a train trip but the only thing on his mind is ""Murder on the Wisconsin Express"".

4x7 – First Lady Sings the Blues

Marty becomes obsessed when he finds out his cholesterol is too high, meanwhile Hannah provides shelter interviews the widow of a deposed monarch and is she a royal pain.

4x8 – Stop Me Before I... Again (1)

Patrick Serreau returns for the opening of a gallery show featuring his erotic pictures, but he shows no sign of his old lecherous self to a disbelieving Hannah.

4x9 – Stop Me Before I... Again (2)

Patrick tries to set Marty up with the triplets, who love Jewish men, featured in his exhibition so he can discredit him in the eyes of Hannah and strengthen his own position.

4x10 – Salmonella is Coming to Town

Jules cost cuts on a holiday dinner for the homeless, with sickening results. When Hannah convinces Marty to go all out for Christmas, she gets the idea that he has, by getting a new apartment for them.

4x11 – The Call of the Mild

Marty, Jules & Mike go to a wild man weekend in which Marty refuses to take part, Jules decides to right Catherine's wrongs and Mike writes a poem.

4x12 – I'd Kill for a Mink

Robin and the Animal Rescue Front (ARF), a group of animal rights activists, are after Marty when he writes an article they don't agree with. Marty is after them when their pet mink bites him. This is all further complicated by the fact Catherine needs to keep fur ads in the magazine to keep their budget intact.

4x13 – Catherine Honey, I'm Home

Catherine seeks cooking advice from Hannah when the husband from her open marriage suddenly shows up, wanting a divorce because he has found a new mate.

Aixqtzvbwysedoujjhxco98surf 4x14 – Angst for the Memories

The visit of Hannah's friend, Rachel, disturbs Marty who thinks Hannah will unlike the fact that she and Marty once had a one-night stand.

4x15 – Tryst and Shout

Mike's wife is out of town for a while, so Hannah invites him over for dinner and then he hits it off with Robin and Hannah becomes worried, what if he hits on her?

4x16 – The Waiting

As Hannah sits in a specialist's office awaiting the results of her biopsy, she reflects on the past week of living with this secret from Marty.

4x17 – Marty Walks

When Catherine won't print one of his stories, Marty quits the magazine and Hannah is left holding Marty's big article on airline safety. Hannah becomes the arbitrator in their dispute.

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