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3x1 – Say it Again, Han (1)

The development of their romance is put on hold when Patrick Serreau, a world class photographer, comes to Chicago to take pictures for the magazine. Patrick's interest in taking pictures isn't as great as his interest in Hannah.

3x2 – Martus Interruptus (2)

Patrick thinks that he has a great working chemistry with Hannah when they put together a their story on toxic-waste, so he offers he a chance to work with him in West Africa.

3x3 – Hello... Mali (3)

As Hannah prepares to accompany Patrick to the jungle, he and Marty contend with the urban jungle; there Patrick shows his true colors.

3x4 – Long Day's Journey into... What

After Hannah & Marty complete their relationship they begin to fantasize how everyone at the office will react.

3x5 – The Day After

Marty and Hannah have their first relationship-related fight the next day at work when Marty must edit her article and Hannah resents the changes.

3x6 – The Torrid Zone

Much to Hannah's dismay, Marty must accompany a swimsuit model to the Caribbean for an interview during her latest photo shoot.

3x7 – My New Best Friend

Hannah befriends the mistress of a billionaire just to get her exclusive story, but regrets it later when she finds out what she is really like.

3x8 – Adventures in Baby-sitting

Hannah gets called away and Marty is left totally alone to entertain Hannah's 5-year-old niece, Marty's appendix has other ideas.

3x9 – Isn't It Romantic?

On Valentine's Day, Marty must find a way to rekindle their relationship when Hannah decides the fire has gone out.

3x10 – Scream a Little Scream

Catherine tries scream therapy as a way to reduce tension. Robin becomes a fifth wheel in her relationship with Hannah and Marty.

3x11 – Pot of Gold

A new magazine puts feelers out for Hannah, so Catherine plans to give her a raise to keep her. Consequently, Marty's self-esteem drops because she'll make more than he does.

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