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3x1 – Door Handle

To Saffy's annoyance not only has Eddy forgotten her birthday but has failed to redecorate the kitchen after the fire. Eddy agrees to start work but ends up flying to New York with Patsy on the Concorde in pursuit of a suitable door knob she once saw there. In the event she photographs it but spends the day sight-seeing and getting her navel pierced. On arrival home she fails to notice that Saffy has had the kitchen renovated in her absence.

3x2 – Happy New Year

Eddy and patsy are about to go out for a New year party when Patsy's older sister Jackie arrives,claiming to be homeless and asking to stay at Eddy's until she can get the money together to start a shelter for stray animals. patsy raids Eddy's belongings in order to get things that Jackie can sell to raise money but,by the time she has finished and shown Jackie out,it is too late to go to the party.

3x3 – Sex

Eddy has not had sex in an age and Patsy decides to remedy the situation by holding an orgy with male escorts but they are not especially enthusiastic so,to get them going,Patsy plays a video of an orgy she and Eddy attended in their youth. Unfortunately it turns out to be the video Saffy had made for her science presentation at the university so Eddy and Patsy rush off to try and prevent her from showing the orgy tape,which has accidentally been switched. They are too late but the film shows that,even when young,Eddy had little appetite for sex and fell asleep with a...

3x4 – Jealous

At a dinner to award the prize to the best P.R. consultant Eddy is not happy when she loses out to rival Claudia Bing,despite having bribed the judging panel,though Bubble pairs up with Claudia's male assistant,Squeak. On returning home Eddy finds Saffy in an amorous situation with Gerard,her tutor,though on discovery that he is married Eddy hits him. At a P.R. meeting Claudia scoffs at Eddy,who has lost her speech,which has been thrown out with the trash. in their efforts to regain it Eddy and Patsy end up on a refuge barge.

3x5 – Fear

Despite their frequent conflicts Eddy feels lost when Saffy moves out to live in college and drinks herself unconscious. When she wakes up she finds Patsy and her colleagues in her kitchen as their magazine has gone bust and Patsy is considering a move to New York for another job offer. Despite the inevitable set-to between Patsy and Saffy when the latter returns for her things, Eddy ends up arguing with Patsy for abandoning her and decides to sell the house.

3x6 – The End

Eddy is living in a commune but failing to fit in,whilst Mother has moved into her empty house and is buying things from the shopping channel with Eddy's credit card. Patsy is having artistic difficulties in New York and sets out to sleep with the publisher but he is elderly and infirm and dies after marrying Bo,Marshall's girlfriend,now his nurse. Whilst Patsy is drinking alone on a roof-top Eddy turns up in a helicopter and they return home. A flash forward twenty five years shows Saffy as a housewife and mother whilst Eddy and Patsy are growing old disgracefully - ...

3x7 – The Last Shout: Part 1

Whilst Paolo,Saffy's sexy but self-centred boyfriend,proposes to her, Eddy and Patsy go on a skiing holiday where they row over the lack of glamorous facilities and their constant dependency on each other - even in a past life they were conjoined twins in a circus. Eddy goes skiing and has a near death experience but God appears to her and tells her that it is not yet her time. Meanwhile Mother goes to the airport with a sign to welcome her visiting friends -'It's Me,Dears' - but in her confusion gets mistaken for a terrorist and is rescued by Bo in a burkha.

3x8 – The Last Shout: Part 2

Mother's very hip friends turn up and stay in a camper van in the street but extract electricity from the house. Eddy is unusually supportive of Saffy as the wedding draws near,largely because Paolo's parents are extremely wealthy. When Kalishia,the groom's mother,turns her nose up at Saffy as being not good enough for her son,Patsy changes her mind for her by reminding her that they were once co-stars in a porn film. However,just as the bride and groom are about to exchange vows Eddy has another vision of God,who indicates that the marriage should not take place,and ...

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