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1x1 – Fashion

P.R. consultant Edina - Eddy - Monsoon wakes up with a hangover - again - but gets no sympathy from sensible student daughter Saffy as she had promised Saffy she would book into a clinic. Eddy is organizing a fashion show later in the day but the celebrities keep dropping out and finally,encouraged by her equally alcoholic friend magazine editor Patsy Stone, Eddy pulls off a successful show by blackmailing stars into taking part. In the evening she gets Patsy to phone Saffy pretending to be from the clinic awaiting Eddy's admission.

1x2 – Fat

Edina has put on weight and has trouble getting into her clothes so she is horrified when her secretary Bubble informs her of a forthcoming visit by pencil slim Penny Caspar-Morse,who once teased her about her weight. She is not keen on Saffy's idea that she takes exercise,the doctor will not give her slimming pills and,after a nightmare,decides against Patsy's suggestion of liposuction. However,when Penny arrives,it seems she has been temporarily blinded,so Eddy will get away with it - or will she?

1x3 – France

Eddy and Patsy are off to France but find themselves staying, not in the expected chateau but a tiny cottage where they feel threatened by an old Frenchman whose language they cannot understand. When Saffy and Bubble arrive, usual air-head Bubble surprises with her perfect French, explaining that he was inviting them to move into the chateau further up the road. A pleasant holiday results though. On the return home, Customs find a white powder in Patsy's luggage, which turns out to be perfectly harmless - to her annoyance.

1x4 – ISO Tank

Banned from attending Saffron's college open day, Edina sulks in her brand new isolation tank, but she's got a few tricks up her Lacroix sleeves yet.

1x5 – Magazine

Patsy has moved in with the Monsoons whilst her flat is being fumigated and Saffy does not find her a welcome guest though Patsy herself is jealous when Eddy gets a date. Patsy finally goes to work but needs a map to find the office where she edits her magazine and on arrival alienates all her models. So she comes up with a plan to give Saffy and Mother make-overs on television but,since Saffy is her natural enemy,she has to win over her with a sob-story about how she was neglected by her own mother,never knew her father and relied on Eddy's mother to give her those ...

1x6 – Birthday

On Eddy's fortieth birthday, which she is dreading, Saffy cooks her a special meal but the guests are not the celebrities Eddy had wanted but her mother, her ex-husbands Justin and his boyfriend Oliver and Marshall with his American girlfriend Mo, plus Patsy. Eddy is an ungracious birthday girl, alienating her guests and finally retreating upstairs from the basement kitchen to get stoned with Patsy while her ex-husbands plan to cut off her alimony.

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