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3x1 – Day of Recovery

The remaining X-Men and Brotherhood members go to Area 51 to rescue their captive members.

3x2 – The Stuff of Heroes

While Storm and Beast step in front of the Senate to try curbing the rampant anti-mutant crowd, the rest of the X-Men have to stop Juggernaut, who has been unleashed by Mystique and is threatening to destroy a dam.

3x3 – Mainstream

Despite rescuing Professor X, the bigotry towards mutants still exists as our heroes return to Bayville High.

3x4 – The Stuff of Villains

Wanda wants to find out where her father Magneto is, so she enlists Caliban for help.

3x5 – Blind Alley

Jean is about to confess her love to Scott when Mystique abducts Scott and abandons him in the desert in Mexico.

3x6 – X-Treme Measures

Spyke joins a skateboarding contest sponsored by "Pow-R 8" soda.

3x7 – The Toad, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Wanda tracks down Magneto to his Acolyte headquarters in a nearby ski resort.

3x8 – Self Possessed

Thinking everybody hates her, Rogue's latent Multiple Personality Disorder breaks through and she loses her sanity.

3x9 – Under Lock and Key

The Acolytes and the X-Men face a spider-like being which is virtually unstoppable.

3x10 – X23

A mysterious assassin terrorizes the X-Mansion, knocking out the X-Men one by one.

3x11 – Dark Horizon: Part 1

Rogue falls under the mind control of Mesmero and is used as a weapon to absorb the mutant powers of every X-Man, Brotherhood, and Acolyte member.

3x12 – Dark Horizon: Part 2

The X-Men, Brotherhood, and Acolytes track Apocalypse to Egypt, but fail to prevent him from coming back to life.

3x13 – Cruise Control

Taking a break from superhero duty, the X-Men (without Rogue and Berzerker) take a pleasure cruise.

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