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1x1 – Episode 1

With the threat of eviction hanging over her, Àngela takes her family to see her estranged father, whom she asks for a loan.

1x2 – Episode 2

Victòria begins to unravel in her grief. Àngela is surprised by a party thrown at her father's house, where she meets an old friend.

1x3 – Episode 3

Nando and Angela visit a lawyer. Sara needs a drum kit for her talent show. Eduardo's editor demands the first chapter of his new book.

1x4 – Episode 4

Raül Dorado has bad news for Àngela and her family. Fran discovers the value of an important painting his grandfather kept.

1x5 – Episode 5

Hoping to use their business Electropipes to launder money, Nando sees his ex-girlfriend Lola for the first time in years. Fran faces a tough decision.

1x6 – Episode 6

Adela suspects her neighbors murdered Eduardo and shares her theory with her husband. Meanwhile, Àngela accidentally eats magic mushrooms.

1x7 – Episode 7

Àngela is forced to reunite with her mother in order to get Eduardo's car back. Fran unwittingly becomes the go-between for Àlex and her boyfriend.

1x8 – Episode 8

Victoria holds auditions to find someone who can pretend to be Eduardo. Alex sets up a Tinder profile for Fran. Miquel starts to get suspicious.

1x9 – Episode 9

Angela struggles with what to do next in the wake of Miquel's response to their secret. Fran goes on a date. A drunk Lili makes a move on Nando.

1x10 – Episode 10

Raül interrogates the family in order to figure out who caused the car accident. Lili is surprised by what she discovers at the hospital.

1x11 – Episode 11

At Victoria's insistence, the family agrees to bury Eduardo. Fran, Alex and David go to Fran's girlfriend's workplace to attempt to steal a cadaver.

1x12 – Episode 12

The family prepares for Eduardo's official funeral service, but Marcos's arrival complicates matters, as does a surprise from Raül.

1x13 – Episode 13

When Angela's family is pitted against Victoria and Alex, tempers flare - just as Marcos gets dangerously closer to discovering the truth.

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