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2x1 – Folge 1

With Earth and its allied worlds suffering from dangerous levels of overcrowding, Galaxy Garrison sends the Stellar Ship Explorer into the Near Universe to search out new worlds. However, doing so brings them critically close to the evil Drule Empire. For protection, they develop 15 exploratory spacecraft using an ancient super-technology and train their pilots with the secret of assembling Voltron.

2x2 – Folge 2

The Stellar Ship Explorer has landed on a new planet and is preparing to set up a permanent base. Drule fleet commander Hazar has gotten word of this plan, and has decided to capture the planet and the Alliance facilities in one fell swoop. However, his assistant Captain Quark gets impatient, and launches a full-scale assault while Jeff and the rest of the Voltron Force are busy scouting the planet.

2x3 – Folge 3

Hazar issues an ultimatum to the Explorer and her crew vacate the planet or he will obliterate it. Jeff, Cliff, Krik and the rest of the Voltron Force try to stop them, but the planet is too fragile and begins to explode. To escape the doomed planet, the Land, Sea and Air Teams must combine to form Voltron while under heavy attack from all sides.

2x4 – Folge 4

Krik's sixth sense leads the Stellar Ship Explorer to a strange black hole cluster. A faint distress call convinces Commander Hawkins of the need to investigate, so he sends in the Sea Team. However, the entire team is soon lost in the Sea of Holes, and there they encounter an enormous Robeast! As Jeff rushes to the rescue, Krik wonders if his sixth sense has doomed them all.

2x5 – Folge 5

Cliff and his Land Team are sent to explore a seemingly barren planet. The crew are surprised to discover strange vegetation in several areas of the planet, each patch near a crashed rocket. Ambushed by hidden defenses, the Voltron Force rushes into battle. Meanwhile, Hawkins realizes that the planet is already being terraformed by the Drules, and this time the humans are the invaders.

2x6 – Folge 6

The Explorer is caught in a terrific storm of meteors, and is badly damaged. Captain Mongo of the Drule Empire moves in to take advantage of the situation. Jeff and the entire Voltron Force don space suits to help with the repairs, desperate to finish before the enemy gets to them. But Mongo has an even bigger trap in the works, one that could destroy the fleet.

2x7 – Folge 7

Galaxy Garrison decides to send the Explorer into enemy space to try and make peace. Giving their word that they will not use Voltron, Hawkins and his crew approach the Drule Empire. To keep them safe, they are escorted by Commander Kio and his squadron. When Kio's squadron is ambushed by the Drules, our heroes disobey orders to go and save him.

2x8 – Folge 8

The Explorer arrives at a new planet, only to find a strange Ghost Fleet appearing and disappearing around the globe. Intrigued, the Voltron Force begins a wild goose chase as the Explorer waits in a central lake. Hawkins has a bad feeling that the planet holds a terrible secret, but will they figure it out before the Ghost Fleet strikes?

2x9 – Folge 9

Working around the clock, the crew of the Explorer is at the point of collapse. Captain Newley and Commander Hawkins have no choice but to set down on a nearby planet and give everyone shore leave. Meanwhile, the supply convoy they are scheduled to meet up with is ambushed by a Drule attack!

2x10 – Folge 10

Cliff and his Land Team find an ancient city on a forgotten planet. While exploring, Cinda and Modok find an army of strange bats. Modok goes berserk before finally collapsing, burning up with fever. It seems the bats have given him a strange virus. Then the Drule fleet attacks, but without Modok our heroes cannot form Voltron!

2x11 – Folge 11

A young Drule pilot crashes during training exercises and is saved by Jeff and the Voltron Force. Nursed back to health, the pilot begins making friends. Newley and Hawkins think that the Drule pilot could become an emissary of peace. However, Sea Team member Shannon has a brother who is a POW, and being friends with a Drule doesn't sit well with him.

2x12 – Folge 12

The forests of a dead world reminds Wolo of his childhood, growing up with his brother on a faraway planet. As he remembers when his brother was seriously hurt saving his life, an earthquake puts him in immediate danger. Without his brother to help him, Wolo must act on his own to save himself, and the entire Voltron Force.

2x13 – Folge 13

As the Explorer approaches the deadly planet of Itlon, they receive a mysterious distress signal. Risking their lives, the Voltron Force descends to the planet only to find the evil Nerok and his attack fleet. They are sitting in the middle of an electrical storm, and seem to be in trouble. Are they disabled, or is this Nerok's most risky trap yet?

2x14 – Folge 14

A mysterious comet passes very close to Earth, causing the populace to panic. Seemingly under the influence of the comet's strange radiation, General Steel orders the Alliance ships to stage a pre-emptive strike on the Drule Empire. Unfortunately, the Drules predicted this effect and are lying in ambush.

2x15 – Folge 15

Commander Hawkins finally convinces the Drule Empire to engage in peace talks. Bravely going to Captain Mongo's ship alone, he convinces the Drule leader of his good intentions. Before they can finalize a plan for joint exploration of space, Brak decides to use the peace talks as a distraction to launch an attack on the Voltron Force.

2x16 – Folge 16

An uneasy peace has been established between the Alliance and the Drule Empire. But Galaxy Garrison is unable to reach a consensus in time, and a local fleet commander refuses to withdraw from a Drule planet without official orders. If Hakwins and the Voltron force don't convince him to leave, they'll be in violation of the truce.

2x17 – Folge 17

Infighting among the Drules makes it impossible for them to make a move for either peace or war. On the Explorer, the crew gets surprise news as they try to meet up with the Drule for peace talks. Captain Newley is being transferred to Galaxy Garrison headquarters. It is an honor, but the captain has many important friendships he will be leaving behind.

2x18 – Folge 18

After countless false starts, the Voltron Force finally begins joint explorations of new worlds with the Drule Empire. However, Nerok calls in a favor with the Imperial Council and manages to get command over the peace effort. His first order to the exploration force is to forget the peace effort and prepare for attack!

2x19 – Folge 19

The Voltron Force discovers signs of an ancient civilizationon planet Neb. However, the planet is unstable and Nerok isright behind them, ready for an ambush. Hazar meets withhis father, Chancellor Mozak, to consider the fate of theDrule Empire. They realize that the empire will lose if theytry to attack Earth, and peace is their only long-term option.

2x20 – Folge 20

Colonel Cross sets up a new Alliance supply base, but he isunder heavy Drule attack. Because of his pride, he refusesto call the Voltron Force for help, but Krik senses thatsomething is wrong. The Voltron Force rushes to the rescue,but they are ambushed by a new Robeast and Jeff is knockedout. Can Voltron fight without a head?

2x21 – Folge 21

The Explorer and the Voltron force are in bad need ofadditional funds to continue their operations. Steel andNewely appear before the Alliance council to get moresupport for the Explorer program. They also explore theoption of building yet another Voltron Unit. Back on theExplorer, the team trains to be stronger for their nextencounter.

2x22 – Folge 22

Marshal Keezor brings news that Hazar has been demoted,and Nerok is finally given permission from the Drule councilto go on the offensive. He immediately orders Mongo, one ofthe few Drule commanders who still agrees with Hazar, toattack Voltron's support fleet. Despite his misgivings, adirect order gives Mongo no choice.

2x23 – Folge 23

Mongo is forced to launch an attack on the Alliance againsthis wishes. The Alliance fleet commander decides toconcentrate all fire on the flagship, in hopes that the fleetwill retreat if their commander is lost. With his ship quicklydisabled, Mongo decides to fight a losing battle to prove hisloyalty to Hazar and the empire rather than retreat.Meanwhile, Nerok uses this time to set up an ambush at thefleet's rendezvous point.

2x24 – Folge 24

Hazar returns to planet Drule to try and convince highcommand to make peace with the Alliance, and plead hiscase against allegations of treachery. Despite help from hisfather and his sister Dorma, he is attacked by a mob ofcitizens, and then sentenced to exile on planet Dreska. Inhonor of the efforts he made for peace, the Voltron Forcedecides to name the planet he saved "Hazar."

2x25 – Folge 25

Jeff leads his Air Team onto the surface of a mysteriousplanet, when an energy pulse in the atmosphere drains thepower supplies of his entire crew. Cut off, he's ambushed byZabar, and is helpless to protect his team. Back on theExplorer, they desperately search for a way to help withoutbecoming disabled themselves. They need Jeff for Voltron,and a Robeast is on its way.

2x26 – Folge 26

The Explorer is tricked into sending out search teams to aplanet they believe the Drules are trying to colonize.However, it turns out that the air is not safe, and Cliff's LandTeam is in trouble! Cinda and Hutch pass out, and their autopilotsystems are locked. The Drule Empire attacks, and theVoltron Force faces its biggest challenge yet with twomissing members and no way to reach them!

2x27 – Folge 27

With the Explorer undergoing repairs after the last battle,Nerok launches an attack on the Galaxy Garrison's spacestation. The Alliance crew defends the station admirably, asboth Hawkins and Carver desperately try to get their teamsthere in time. However, when a Robeast gets inside thestation itself and begins to wreak havoc, it looks like they'llbe too late.

2x28 – Folge 28

The Voltron Force is attacked near planet Eldora when thelocal people mistake them for the Drules. Jeff is takenprisoner and tries to reason with them, but a nearby Drulecommander realizes what's going on and demands Jeff'srelease, insisting he is one of the Drules. Jeff has no choicebut to escape on his own, or the team won't be able to formVoltron in time!

2x29 – Folge 29

Hawkins lands the Explorer on planet Dema for some restand relaxation, not realizing the planet is a hidden Druleslave base. The Drules ambush them, and a terrific battleunfolds. Seeing the chaos, the slaves decide to stage arevolt against their dangerous masters. Now Voltron has toprotect the Explorer, defeat the Robeast and save theslaves, all at the same time.

2x30 – Folge 30

Drule saboteurs manage to disable Voltron's energy supply system, making it impossible to form the super robot. The empire takes full advantage of this, sending a fleet to Earth to stage a direct attack on Galaxy Garrison high command! The Voltron Force can only watch helplessly as enemy shipsbombard Earth's surface directly. Carver's fleet rushes to help the Explorer, so the energy system can be repaired.

2x31 – Folge 31

Jeff and the Voltron Force are sent to attack a Drulecommand base, but it's well protected by an impenetrableasteroid belt. In addition, the enemy has set up a field ofspace mines. Luckily, before Voltron can fly into the trap, oneof the Drule commanders becomes impatient and launches apre-emptive strike. Jeff takes the chance to disrupt theDrule's plans. It won't help if he can't get past the asteroids.

2x32 – Folge 32

Jeff leads the Air Team into a Drule Robeast factory, but he'swounded by an enemy attack. Krik leads the team in hisplace, but he finds that the factory is actually a trap set byMarshal Keezor. They set explosives at the base's mainreactor, but they have no way of getting out themselves.Colonel Carver is determined to save the Voltron Force, evenif it means sacrificing his own ship.

2x33 – Folge 33

Jeff, Krik, Cliff and the rest of the Voltron Force are campingon a new planet while the Explorer is down for repairs. TheDrule Empire sends a fleet after them, jamming theircommunications and attacking. Krik and Cinda are separatedfrom the others, so forming Voltron is impossible. TheExplorer is pinned down and even Hawkins is ready to admitdefeat... until the arrival of an old friend!

2x34 – Folge 34

As Hazar makes another desperate attempt to arrangepeace between the Drule Empire and the Alliance, the Drulecouncil sees this as an excellent way to trap Voltron. Settingup a fake peace conference, they ambush the Air Team whenJeff flies his men in to scout out the meeting place. Jeff'steam ends up trapped in a cavern, and the entire planet isset to explode!

2x35 – Folge 35

A series of letters from home reaches the Voltron Force,and for some reason this sends Chip into a deep depression.The Voltron Force needs to mobilize, but Chip is nowhere tobe found. Hawkins sends out the incomplete force, but theycan't form Voltron. It's up to Lisa to find Chip and convincehim he's an important member of the team before theothers are blown away by a Drule trap!

2x36 – Folge 36

Hazar and his sister, Dorma, convince the Drulecommander Borgam to meet with the Alliance to discusspeace. Borgam finds the Sea Team exploring a prehistoricplanet, and makes contact with Commander Hawkins.Hawkins and Borgam meet face to face, and it seems likeHazar's dream of peace might still come true. However,could this really be the Drule's most involved treachery todate?

2x37 – Folge 37

Jeff, Kirk, Cliff and the rest of the Voltron Force are busy exploring a new planet when Jeff and his Air Team are pulled underwater and captured!

2x38 – Folge 38

Embarrassed by her recent defeat, Captain Twyla makes a deal with Borgam to betray Hazar.

2x39 – Folge 39

Voltron destroys a Drule supply base, and the Galaxy Alliance fleet is able to capture a number of Drule officers.

2x40 – Folge 40

Cilff and the Voltron Land Team are exploring a new planet when they come upon a human boy.

2x41 – Folge 41

Jeff and the Voltron team descend to a planet to begin exploring.

2x42 – Folge 42

The Voltron Force and the Drule attack fleet have a silent standoff as Hawkins and Hazar desperately work behind the scenes to arrange peace talks.

2x43 – Folge 43

Hazar, Hawkins and Newley meet to discuss the future of the new planet they've discovered.

2x44 – Folge 44

Hazar is stripped of command for disobeying the Drule council, leaving the cunning Borgam in charge.

2x45 – Folge 45

Dorma tries to convince Hazar to join a resistance movement to overthrow his superiors.

2x46 – Folge 46

Emperor Zeppo takes personal control of the council's actions in the face of rebellion.

2x47 – Folge 47

Supreme Commander Throk's plan to bury the Voltron Force on a remote ice planet kicks into gear, as Dorma tries to sway him in Hazar's place.

2x48 – Folge 48

The Drule council calls a meeting to deal with the rebels.

2x49 – Folge 49

The Explorer and the Voltron Force reach the Drule home planet's protective asteroid belt.

2x50 – Folge 50

The Explorer arrives on Planet Drule, intent on helping the citizens evacuate.

2x51 – Folge 51

The Voltron Force makes contact with Hazar and the rebellion as earthquakes shake the capital city of Drule.

2x52 – Folge 52

The Drule people themselves have spoken, gathering around Voltron with white flags of surrender.

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