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1x1 – Der schwarze Spiegel

Karl Ravinski, CEO of a flourishing design kitchens firm, celebrates his birthday with family, mist of which lives on his grand country estate. Then Karl travels to Mallorca, to negotiate a Spanish takeover with slick Freiberg, who keeps him distracted with his luxury villa, yacht and foxy executive assistant Cora Talheim. She however betrays her boss by revealing she not an MBA but a call-girl, and the deal is rotten. Back in Germany, Karl stubbornly overrules Cora's protestations she wants neither a reward nor a relationship. They end up married, greeted by the ...

1x2 – Der blaue Vogel, Teil 1

While divorced Magnus Kamphoven tried to collect his daughter Christine 'Tine' from her ma Friederike, he accidentally kills her Italian lover, violinist Michele Tassi, and is locked away in jail. His pa, Jon Kamphoven, raises Tine on his German stud-farm, Breedekamp. When Tine learns she has a half-sister, she gets Mara from Italy and arranges fro her violin talent to be cultivated. Life gets complicated when Tine insists to pursue her horse riding passion on a stallion descended from her ma's and several eligible males show interest in the sisters and Tine's ...

1x3 – Der blaue Vogel, Teil 2

Christine Kamphoven can rely on her best friend Winnie Henning. Winnie arranges a clarifying conversation in which it turns out that Julian does not love Mara, but only Christine. But the happiness of the two does not last long. When Julian learns of the Kamphovens family drama, he secretly wants to mediate and travels to Italy, where Christine's father Magnus was released from prison after 15 years. On the return flight, Julian dies in a plane crash, whereupon Christine, who is three months pregnant, is again left with nothing. When Magnus returns from Italy to help ...

1x4 – Die Hochzeit auf dem Lande

Bavarian industrialist Otto Kilian's socialite wife Helen plans a fairy-tale wedding on (hence the title) their country estate. It's for their daughter Martina and Arndt, the Graf (count) of Solm-Weltingen, her better in show-jumping. When his horse has a fatal accident, Arndt calls off their plan to raise horses together and considers a job in Singapore, but Otto offers him a job in his firm. To out-stage Otto's jet set sister Johanna, Helen engages butler William, ignoring their common past. William enlists as his gopher Erik, the only other horse fanatic Martina ...

1x5 – Die andere Eva

The brothers Franz and Klaus Seebacher's comfy farm life is shaken by the arrival of penniless Eva 'Eve', who claims to be Franz's estranged gambler-son Georg's second ex-wife, arriving with recently deceased first wife Eva Maria's sissy pre-teen son Robbie. Unhappilt married country doctor Dr. Freese gave Eva a lift from the rail station, and already has a crush on her. Franz decides to file for grandfatherly custody and make Robbie his heir, Klaus turns flirtatious. Devoted housekeeper Alma soon smells a rat about 'poor' Eve and takes measures against the apparent ...

1x6 – Der Sommer des glücklichen Narren

Paul Buchner's romantic novels sell well, his head on the cover stands for love, romance and passion. His private life however is a depressing mess. Paul's marriage ended in divorce. He has a lover, his publisher's daughter, yet their whining daughter forces him to return to his ex, who remarried Konrad 'Conni' Killinger, a better catch who provokes Paul.

1x7 – Der Mond im See

After six years of international business peregrinations, Florian Riemann finally visits his Bavarian mountain home town, considering to settle down now the firm's Munich HQ may want him. Staying with his best friend, veterinarian Rudi Loescher, Florian decides to visit his first love, local Annabel Wilbert. Her marriage to Harry is shaky as she reproaches him lack of interest for the lake family hotel and even a car accident caused by a stranger which wounded their pre-teen son René. Florian falls in love with Harry's sister, painter Ilona. But Annabel kept a crucial...

1x8 – Das Familiengeheimnis, Teil 1

For the birthday of his father Carl Ludwig, the successful foreign journalist Jakob Goltz returns to his home on Lake Constance for the first time in many years. Jakob is accompanied by his pretty wife Madlon, whom he married not out of love but out of a sense of responsibility. He never learned to love and be loved. In Jacob's eyes, his mother Jonah is to blame for this. Meeting her reopens old wounds: to this day he cannot forgive his mother for always being dismissive and only sporadically taking part in family life. The cool, unapproachable woman has always lived ...

1x9 – Das Familiengeheimnis, Teil 2

The very first visit that Jakob Goltz pays to his mother Jona on the farm on the other side of the lake ends with a shock: Jakob catches his wife Madlon cheating on Jona's estate manager, Rudolf. In a crisis meeting, however, Jakob and Madlon agree that their convenience marriage can still be saved despite everything. Madlon is also concerned about Jona: She doesn't want to take away her mother-in-law's administrator and best friend, because living together under one roof isn't possible. A stormy night that Jakob spent with the charming but 13 years younger Clarissa ...

1x10 – Plötzlich ist es Liebe

Julius von Tallien invites Barbara to spend the summer and attend his daughter Marianne's grand wedding at the family castle. She's the orphaned daughter of his sister Barja, who was discredited on account of an 'undesirable affair. The girl's lack of finesse disturbs the women, especially Julius's wife. Her natural charm soon delights the men, especially hunky neighbor Christian Thormann, an architect who adored Barja as a boy. She dumps him when his estranged wife, actress Liliane Thormann, turns up. Then Marianne's fiancée dumps her to seduce Barbara.

1x11 – Eine Liebe in Venedig

At the death of her once close Italian uncle Gianni, Lilly Kerner is in line to inherit a substantial sum. While her whole family is in Venice with her to settle the estate, she meets Conte Francesco di Selari, the charming aristocratic hotel owner who was Gianni's best friend. They soon fall in love, but she refuses a proposal because he's already engaged to employee Giovanna. Francesco also tells her that Gianni had an illegal child. Actually, uncle Gianne left his palazzo jointly to Lilly and Francesco.

1x12 – Eine Liebe im September

Munich publishing firm researcher Vera Benthaus feels neglected by her boss and partner when he forgets her birthday and assigns a younger, more 'attractive' colleague to seek a scoop interview with recluse author Miles Spoon, rumored to be in France while she believes he's in Germany. Vera joins her mother for a few weeks in the Oberlausitz. Both have a romantic affair with a romantic man, but there may be more to Vera's nature-loving mystery admirer.

1x13 – Der Himmel in Deinen Augen

Sensible Bavarian veterinarian Nina Sander fits dresses for her registrar's wedding with even more pragmatic Munich businessman Paul. Suddenly she's called away: aunt Charlotte Berger, who raised her when orphaned, has a mild heart attack. Charlotte implores her to reconsider the marriage and moves back home dangerously soon so Nina stays to mind her. Charlotte keeps pushing her to her summer lodger, widower painter-sculptor Daniel Roth, who has trouble keeping his and angelic son Miki's home on Fraueninsel in lake Chiemsee. Charlotte also hides a secret for both of ...

1x14 – Tanz auf dem Regenbogen

Shortly after giving up her job to nurse her terminal father, Hanna Stetten literally bumps into much older opera star Roman Rusnak. After their romantic wedding, she soon feels abandoned on his wonderful Bavaraian country estate by a lake. Having overcome her aversion from dogs, bringing canine new mountain walk friend Max to the hunky gentleman vet Christian Zimmer makes her an even better friend. Meanwhile Roman's assistant still has a romantic eye on him, and more occasions to spend time together.

1x15 – Wenn Träume fliegen

Philipp Wiegand arrives at a Bavarian mountain town to supervise the Everes book chain's local branch that's in financial trouble. He's amused that the divorced elder sister of the regular manager, Sarah Berger, his new neighbor Juliane Stettner, mistakes him for Schorschi, the salesgirl Moni's young new boyfriend. Both are swept off their feet, Juliane enough to turn down a public proposal from MD Lukas März, her steady admirer. Their cardiac father Rudolf Berger and mother Lotte are not amused, worrying how to contain a jealous drama which keeps complicating.

1x16 – Das Geheimnis unserer Liebe

Atttorney Benedict Bordin returns to his Starnberger See hoe after years to prepare taking over the law practice of his father Martin, a recluse since his best friend Robert's fatal sailing accident, as gloomy as the widow Lilo Wieser. Her daughter Franziska Wieser, now runs business-wise her late father's watchmaker shop, the only in the area, with doting gentleman watchmaker Henry. The rented premises are about to be torn down to build luxury apartments, so she seeks legal help from Benedict, who gets priceless paternal advise while the young pair falls in love. ...

1x17 – Mit Dir die Sterne sehen

After two years, Floriane 'Flo' Weber's lover Holger confesses he's married, and won't help her renovate her Bavarian country boardinghouse and salon. They arrive, at the same time, because of coincidental car trouble, with her mother, who moved to Toronto 15 years ago after a divorce, and the Munich businessman Sebastian Mores. Perhaps he's a better catch?

1x18 – Der Verlobte meiner besten Freundin

Katharina and Elena are best friends since youth. Trained in Canada, Elena finally returns to native Bavaria, to her parents' surprise with a fiancé, Canadian food engineer Tom Ferguson, whom she wants to live with overseas. Elena's conservative, domineering father Markus expected her to wed suitable brewery successor Markus, who meanwhile fell in 'forbidden' love with Katharina, displeasing her own parents. Katharina and Tom fall in love, complicating further the complex conflict of loyalties.

1x19 – Schokolade im Sommer

Due to a fall and injury, grumpy town baker Karl Sterner must advertise for a sales clerk. For lack of better candidates, he hires Anna Seidel, despite her obviously CV lies, ignoring she's the bastard daughter her mother only disclosed being by posthumous letter to Anna. The two don't get on, but Anna falls in love with Karl's handsome, gifted pastry bakery partner, Michael Wendelin, while Karl's present life partner Helene Reichert's patience wears out.

1x20 – Eine Nonne zum Verlieben

Louisa is a young novice and one day she receives a letter from a lawyer about the death of her uncle and the inheritance.So she leaves for a day the monastery to meet her brother Danio and speak with him about this inheritance .

1x21 – Wachgeküsst

Romantic Bavarian hotel Blaues Land ('blue country'), visited by several artists, even inspiring them, is a family business. Widow Ruth Rosinger runs it with her granddaughter Marie, whose mother Carla always gives priority to her own career in painting and admirers, like art professor Peter Blumfeld. Berlin-based international photographer Niklas Steinke is hired for a publicity campaign, but Ruth also hopes to 'sell' gray mouse Marie before age cripples her charm as potential bride. Fellow hotelier Ronald Schönauer is attracted by dating website, but ignored. Marie ...

1x22 – Liebe mit Lachfalten

Dr. Maria Wagner's sudden dismissal at 50 is a hard blow, so she wants another job. Meanwhile she goes to her ex's idyllic lake house, where her best friend Jovana presents her older lover, Elvis imitating hedonist Steffen Berger. An anniversary party and a lumbago soon make Maria spend time with and grow closer to Steffen, as Jovana with her ex, studly veterinarian Finn Huber.

1x23 – Prager Geheimnis

Hedonistic boyfriend Jan encourages his girl Anica to pay a surprise visit, together, to the Bavarian home estate of her ever-absent illegitimate father, Claudius. They arrive at his golden wedding anniversary, which turns into a prelude to divorce for his unwitting 'cheated' wife Christine. Still Claudius lets his legitimate granddaughter Sophie, from divorced parents, convince him to travel to Prague and get to know his daughter there, and revisit her mother Editha, the (garnet and gold) jeweler he fell in love with.

1x24 – Wer küsst den Doc?

Dentist assistant Anna Maria harbors an old secret crush on her unsuspecting employer, Dr. Leander Winter. When Winters expects his ex Franziska Liester-Winter to bring her partner for their daughter Emily's marriage, he asks Anna Maria to play his fiancée, for the festivities. It gets out of hand as they develop mutual feelings, but Franziska also seems interested again.

1x25 – Sturm am Ehehimmel

Paul Sommer reluctantly faces mandatory pension age as Bavarian weather observation station officer, forced to hand over to academically more qualified, yet in his eyes inept, unconcerned present deputy Bernhard. Paul's wife Teresa plans the start of their happy life as leisure couple, to kick off with a Mexican cruise, but he enlists local, also meteorology-obsessed rascal whiz kid Tim Gruber to help him set up a private website while Paul transforms his garden into a weather station. That drives Paula to attempt making him jealous by answering the seductive ...

1x26 – Die Himmelsstürmer

*Florian, a brilliant astrophysicist in the running for a Bavarian science foundation prize, supplements his meager research funds by teaching basic mathematics to backward adults. Caro(line) Waldheim, who runs her late mother Taunstein kiosk into the ground by miscalculation, slack dues collecting and chaotic accounting is beyond hiding it's near bankruptcy, so she joins his course. Alas Mathematics teacher jumps straight to Einstein, yet Caro somehow seduces loner Florian. Her father Wolfgang Waldheim is tired of bailing her out in vain, yet a surprise visit from ...

1x27 – Von Kerlen und Kühen

Single farm girl Anna must consider seeking a fiance so they can run her retirement-minded parents Hans and Elisabeth's mixed farm together. So he must be a good worker and sexy, but the date site her best friend recommends yields no suitable candidate. Against initial objections on principle, she tries and likes foxy fatherless neighboring farm boy Ludwig, who is eager to date. However pilot Georg, who met Anna as market vegetables client, has the hots for her and isn't satisfied stealing a kiss.

1x28 – Lisa schwimmt sich frei

After a long time of absence Hugo,her former husband, appears again in the life of Lisa.And besides he has a lot of big ideas and projects.Lisa agrees to work with him only for a while, because she needs to recover her freedom.

1x29 – Lügen haben schöne Beine

At a speed dating, it clicks between public greens laborer Andi, who pretends being an attorney, and assurance mathematician Kathrin (40), whose married -hence envied- sister Susanne convinced her to try, but reacted on previous candidates being turned off by that profession posed as a nurse. Yet finding out his deception she meanly overreacts, yet can't forget him and is to be found out herself after 'dumping him', believing she's revenging being stood up, while he only hesitated to call. Andi's work buddy Norbert and Susanne counsel coming clean, leading to another ...

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