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Tbuixhlu1775fyobqqkkzrxvxyn 1x1 – Folge 1

Young people living on the edge and, for the most part, living out of sight in East London today based around inner-city drug and gang culture.

Ynxtgohxpd50m0zzgtupnimgnp8 1x2 – Folge 2

Raikes gives Sully and Dushane two weeks to retrieve the stash stolen by rival Kamale and they find a mysterious present of guns to help them. To remind them of their responsibilties Raikes' henchman Greene attacks Dushane's brother Chris and gets badly beaten up in revenge. The boys decide to kidnap Kamale's cousin Shaun and hold him to ransom but they hit him just that little bit too hard and end up with a corpse on their hands. Meanwhile Ra'Nell misses seeing his mother on her day out from hospital as he is helping Heather tend her illegal crops and Gem loses his ...

9op6slyuywudmajdtdxzkgyiqir 1x3 – Folge 3

After Heather has shown him the flat she hopes to buy with her drugs money Ra'Nell welcomes his mother home. Sully visits his daughter but Chris bars Dushane from his house as a liability. Sully suggests to Dushane that an informant in their group is in league with The London Fields. He names Gem and sends a thug,Dris,to kill the boy's dog and send him into hiding before Ra'Nell gets the courageous Leon to call the gang off. Though Kamale does not turn up to Shaun's funeral a chance sighting leads Dushane and his gang to their rival where,after claiming another victim...

9gzswryzo0n6uffgql7thlhbtdn 1x4 – Folge 4

Dushane is shocked that Sully still has the gun which killed three people but he refuses to go along with Raikes' plan to sell him out as a liability. Overhearing Vincent,Heather's Vietnamese buyer,refusing to give her the price she wants for her weed,Ra'Nell persuades Dushane to pay the required rate and shows him a sample of its quality. Heather goes to hospital and gives birth,admitting to Lisa how she involved Ra'Nell in her scheme. Lisa rings Leon,who tries to prevent Sully from stealing the marijuana from Ra'Nell but in the fight that follows Sully shoots and ...

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