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4ndyrfk8jcywsttv3a3z9icb8ds 1x1 – Rendezvous with Yesterday

Congress has poured seven billion dollars into a large and deep hole in the ground - the home of Project TicToc and its revolutionary new technology, the Time Tunnel. A mechanism intended to access past and future, the tunnel is not quite ready despite a decade of work and all the billions. Senator Clark declares his intention to cut funding and abandon the project. Desparate scientist Tony Newman uses the apparatus to send himself through time to prove the concept. But the TicToc team cannot retrieve him, and so his mentor Doug Phillips goes back to help Tony out of ...

Yagqkawf99tbbuljs53jpvv6s5b 1x2 – One Way to the Moon

Doug and Tony escape death aboard the Titanic only to be hurled ten years into their future aboard a rocket bound for the moon. Problems arise which the astronauts blame on their unwilling stowaways, but the real cause is a saboteur aboard the flight - and the same man, ten years earlier, is in the TicToc complex with a confederate! Doug and Tony must discover the identity of the traitor and stop his plans or else die in space.

Qmdkqtpmmjjiih85u2bom80f8ni 1x3 – End of the World

Doug and Tony escape the moon only to materialize in an old mine shaft in 1910, the year that Halley's Comet passed very close to earth. Many in town, including prominent scientist Professor Ainsley, believe the comet will smash into the Earth and end all life! Doug and Tony know this isn't true so their goal is to rescue miners trapped below the earth and all but abandoned in the town's panic.

Dwnfdazh45hjsc7uzyfaqy1cskx 1x4 – The Day the Sky Fell In

December 6, 1941: Dr. Tony Newman confronts his OWN past at Pearl Harbor. His question, what happened to my Father?

4iuej5zci8v9y4jfwxr8zpqenvz 1x5 – The Last Patrol

In 1815 one of the final battles of the War of 1812 was fought near New Orleans, Lousiana. Doug and Tony materialize behind British lines and soon find themselves in the custody of Colonel Southall, a man history records as "The Butcher" because of a disastrous mistake attacking the strongest side of Andrew "Old Hickory" Jackson's fortifications. Southall believes the chrononauts can supply tactical information and he'll stop at nothing to get it. Meanwhile, Southall's descendant, a general in the modern British Army, visits the TicToc complex to explain what his ...

Zwzjzkiztkweobwnol33d3ijh2v 1x6 – Crack of Doom

Tony and Doug are transported to Krakatoa, a volcanic island between Java and Sumatra in great activity and the blowup seems to be imminent. The travelers in time are attacked by superstitious natives that believe that a sacrifice would appease the fire, but they are rescued by the British Dr. Everett Holland, who is research the volcano with his daughter Eve. They ask the date to Everett and Holland and Eve tells that it is 26 August 1883, the eve of the explosive eruption that destroyed the island and caused a tsunami that killed more than 36,000 people. Tony and ...

6vpwijysttyrstdi0pqyklm8ejw 1x7 – Revenge of the Gods

Doug and Tony are transported to 1200 BC in the middle of the war between Greeks and Trojans. They are captured by Ulysses' men and their knowledge of history makes Ulysses believe that they are gods from the Olympus. When Doug is captured by the traitor Sardis and brought to Troy, he meets Helen of Troy and proves to Paris that he might be a god. Meanwhile Tony witnesses the construction of the Trojan Horse and joins the team that will break in Troy inside the horse to rescue Helen and Doug.

7qrdjfwohlm4cwnzs3btzv8cdij 1x8 – Massacre

Doug and Tony are transported to the summer of 1876 and witness soldiers slaughtered by Indians in the middle of the desert. They are hunted and captured by three Indians; however Doug is rescued by the Trumpeter Tim that survived the massacre and is bringing a dispatch from General Crook to General George Armstrong Custer. Doug escapes but the leader of the Indians, Crazy Horse, brings Tony to the Indian camp to get information about the "Yellow Hair". Meanwhile, the Time Tunnel personnel summon the specialist in the Indian Wars period and Sioux descendent Dr. ...

Qnpldde61lx1mm4aqegmimgjn6s 1x9 – Devil's Island

Doug and Tony are transported to 1895 to the French penal colony of the Devil's Island, a prison where political and criminal prisoners where sent and never leave, and are mistakenly taken as two runaway prisoners. They try to explain the mistake to the cruel commanders that do not accept their explanations. When the prisoners decide to help the charismatic Captain Alfred Dreyfus to escape, Doug and Tony try to tell them that this is a doomed plan since Dreyfus has never escaped from the hellish island.

Wblgotwiiulqpjfdcqvynrosyda 1x10 – Reign of Terror

Doug and Tony find themselves during the French Revolution and become involved in a plot to rescue the doomed French Queen, Marie Antoinette.

8zh8jydrt1rbqkhio0xmm78ectx 1x11 – Secret Weapon

Doug and Tony are transported to Russia on 16 June 1956, and sooner they receive an F-5 probe from the Time Tunnel personnel with the message "Meet Alexis". They meet the double agent Alexis that gives papers and free access to them to the facilities of the Russian Project A-13. They discover that Professor Anton Biraki has built a Time Tunnel very similar to theirs, and they have been assigned to pilot a doomed capsule in the first time travel. Meanwhile in the present days, Professor Biraki is in the United States offering his knowledge to the government.

5dvwt8np5l1z1mmlsd7xoybympv 1x12 – The Death Trap

Doug and Tony are transported to February 1861 to a barn where a group of conspirators leaded by Jeremiah plots a plan to kill Abraham Lincoln, but they are surprised by a raid of governmental agents. Tony flees with Jeremiah and his brother Matthew while Doug is arrested by Pinkerton's men. The fanatic Jeremiah has prepared a time-bomb to blow up Lincoln's train but Tony knows that the plan is doomed to fail since history tells that Lincoln will die only four years later. When Jeremiah discovers that Lincoln is at the depot with Doug, he decides to blow up the spot; ...

B5pd30zvmwwivvsbjzlzr2izmx5 1x13 – The Alamo

Doug and Tony materialize, and immediately come under attack from Mexican soldiers. They race for the nearest shelter and barely make inside... the Alamo, days before the Mexican Army will overrun it! Worse, Alamo commander Colonel Travis decides they must be spies and orders them imprisoned.

Pdlbur9iamk4hopca3dccnrosy 1x14 – Night of the Long Knives

Doug and Tony land in nineteenth century Asia, meet Rudyard Kipling and become involved in the conflict between the British and local tribesman for control of the Kyhber Pass.

6jjxngpm7a5xs051ddbvcndstzq 1x15 – Invasion

Landing in 1944 occupied France two days before D-Day, Doug is captured by the Germans and psychologically reprogrammed to hunt down and kill Tony who must keep their knowledge concerning the impending invasion from the Nazis.

19iunc8rspgwp75lqfuuxjw942o 1x16 – The Revenge of Robin Hood

In thirteenth century England, Doug and Tony become involved with the Earl of Huntington otherwise known as the legendary Robin Hood and their efforts to get King John to sign the Magna Carta.

5k7erth1picz2fsxhpjr6wevwbr 1x17 – Kill Two by Two

Stuck on a Pacific island that is about to be bombarded by the American Navy in February 1945, Doug and Tony are captured by a downed Japanese pilot and a Japanese Army sergeant. To help the Time Tunnel staff locate this island and their two time travelers, they bring in an officer who served on that island who will not help them unless they save his son, the pilot who died during World War II.

5n309642zya4bxf1mxwq36cbczr 1x18 – Visitors from Beyond the Stars

Doug and Tony are transported to a spacecraft with two weird aliens that intend to invade Earth to steal proteins for their dying planet. They land on Mullins, Arizona, in 1885, and the aliens use a device called "Projector" to subdue the earthlings. The time travelers decide to resist the invasion to save Earth from the eminent destruction, but the powerful aliens seem to be unbeatable.

9xvntohfihjbo2thufyfkghriyj 1x19 – The Ghost of Nero

During an encounter between the Germans and the Italians in World War I, Doug and Tony land in a villa that is haunted by the ghost of the Roman Emperor Nero.

Folmokzswsxkigretbq8xkfc5wh 1x20 – The Walls of Jericho

Appearing out the tent of Josuha, commander of the Israelites, Doug and Tony are sent into the city as his spies.

Tttleyjpwrbylkqgbmkc7cjuoaj 1x21 – Idol of Death

Doug and Tony land in Mexico where Cortez is looking for the Golden Mask. Their archeology expert back at the Time Tunnel insists that they retrieve the Golden Mask that he has been searching for for twenty years or he will not help them.

Prbtyfu9cwqvif2o7auvcqqioxh 1x22 – Billy the Kid

Landing in 1881 New Mexico in the middle of a jailbreak of Billy the Kid, to defend Tony Doug shoots at Billy who escapes swearing to hunt down Doug. According to their research back at the Time Tunel, two unknown strangers were killed by him on that date.

1khb4p5bdqnrud0wisftwtmimeh 1x23 – Pirates of Deadman's Island

Doug and Tony have a run-in with pirates off the Barbary Coast in 1805 and help in the rescue of the nephew of the King of Spain assisted by American Naval officer Stephane Decatur.

Xunu2tvegzcxevotmmgitxkgzop 1x24 – Chase Through Time

Doug and Tony are transported to the Grand Canyon, Arizona, in 1547. Meanwhile, the saboteur Raul Nimon kills Dr. Alfred Stiles and plants a nuclear bomb with a timing device in the phase synchronizer console; however, the security seals all the exit and Nimon escapes through the time tunnel that is fixed in Doug and Tony. General Kirk orders the scientists to capture Nimon and discover where the bomb is hidden. However the tunnel is out of control and sends the trio to one million years in the future in a society organized like a beehive. However Nimon had arrived ...

7uup0cb8aycye0a7vbinmulnadp 1x25 – The Death Merchant

Ending up on different sides just prior to the Battle of Gettysburg, Doug and Tony must stop an attempt by Machiavelli (who had traveled in time from the Renaissance due to the Time Tunnel Project) from trying to affect the outcome of the battle and send him back into time.

Jvh3s3zb27l1vsvwy9ywctprpll 1x26 – Attack of the Barbarians

Doug and Tony must help Marco Polo stop an attack by Mongols in thirteenth century China. Tony meets and falls in love with the daughter of Kubla Kahn.

Mhohxawyggxjznqtsbs32mztyn 1x27 – Merlin the Magician

Merlin the Magician pulls Tony and Doug from their journey through time and send them to help a young King Arthur fight an invasion of Vikings.

Roo0ocm3plbxh7aax28vyg1fhiw 1x28 – The Kidnappers

After Time Tunnel member Doctor Ann MacGregor is kidnapped by a time traveler from another planet, Tony and Doug are sent there to rescue her.

Zovjvnzsl7jkhoihx82cyrryvgc 1x29 – Raiders from Outer Space

In 1883 Khartuom in battle between British and Arab forces, Tony and Doug stumble upon aliens who plan to conquer the earth using missiles. They also send a bomb through the Time Tunnel to prevent any interference with their plans.

Imkl5qkvdpulnbzxuleisgtpav2 1x30 – Town of Terror

In 1978, Doug and Tony have to stop aliens from stealing all the oxygen from the planet Earth.

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