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1x1 – Pilot

"The Makeover": Virgina Hall (Tracey Ullman) is an unattractive woman who spends $9,100 for a full cosmetic makeover to make her look attractive to her prison pen pal boyfriend when he is paroled from prison. But was it all a waste? 'Daniel Rosen' does a juggling act with bowling ball pins. "High Hopes": A naive couple (Dan Castellaneta and Julie Kavner) decide to open up their own restaurant, until a visit by the mysterious angel 'Dreambuster' shows up. "The Audition": Angela Tanner (Tracey Ullman) is a young woman who auditions for a singing position in a local play...

1x2 – The Letter/Quality Time/David Meets the Folks/Blind Date

'The Letter': Justine, returning home from a failed marriage, meets her former flame Brian, who has lots in common... except for his terrible kissing ability. Extra segment: Jamey Turner does an unusual recreation of "Ode to Joy" with the rims of drinking glassed filled with water. 'Quality Time': Sara and Greg Downey are L.A. yuppies who try to squeeze in quality time for their neglected three-year-old son Max. 'David Meets the Folks': Carla Cooper is reluctant to introduce her new boyfriend, David, to her parents for a theater outing because he happens to be a male ...

1x3 – Lottery/Ambulance Pickup/Golf/Girl on a Ledge

"Lottery": In 1967, the stingy Nancy Wilkinson is reluctant to share a winning $16 million lottery ticket with her college roommate Barbara. Twenty years later, the wealthy Nancy shows up at the diner where blue-collared Barbara works for reconciliation. "Ambulance Pick Up": Lynette, an English-accented ambulance paramedic, has to fend off come-ons from Roger, a hit-and-run victim. "Girl on a Ledge": When suicidal Mary is standing on a ledge determined to jump, police negotiator Lt. Kelly tries to talk her down with a dance on the ledge. "Good Night": Homer and Marge ...

1x4 – Like Mother/Spontaneity/Answering Machine/Inhale Pink

"Like Mother": Susan hates her overbearing and meddlesome mother until one night, a psychosomatic manifestation from her repressed guilt makes Susan turn into her mother. "Spontaneity": A couple argues about not being spontaneous since they sit every evening in front of their TV set. "Answering Machine": Donna is a soft-spoken young woman who decides to improve her message on her answering machine with a little music flavor. "Freeway": Dr. N!Godatu goes out for a drive with her best friend Pat, only to detour onto Pat's worst nightmare: a L.A. freeway.

1x5 – Episode #1.5

"Comedian": Molly Reed (Tracey Ullman) is a young Southern belle who's new boyfriend, Rick Field, is a comedian who uses marriage as a joke in his nightclub act which Molly finds offensive. "Kay and the Co-Worker": Kay Clark (Tracey Ullman) is a frumpy, English spinster with a dreary office job, who meets a new co-worker whom she distrusts. "The Right Guy": Ira is a young songwriter who is reluctant to open up his feelings to Bunny (Tracey Ullman), the unsure-of-herself girl of his dreams after she has a bad date. "Watching Television": Bart and Lisa argue over what ...

1x6 – Episode #1.6

"Kay on Vacation": Kay Clark goes away for a week to a posh Caribbean resort and meets lots of eccentric people whom include her nymphomaniac roommate Cindy, and loser tourist Barry. "The Session": Chain-smoking psychiatrist Dr. Alexander Gibson has a heart attack during a session in his office with Brenda King, an dull-witted nymphomaniac woman who is slow to understand what is happening. "Close to You": A schmaltzy nightclub singer opens up her repressed rage about her departed boyfriend on-stage during a show. "Bart Jumps": Homer tries to persuade Bart to jump off ...

1x7 – Episode #1.7

"Francesca - A Girl's Life": Francesca McDowell, a giggly-gangly New York City teenager living with her gay father Dave and his live-in partner William goes out on her first date with a local boy named Martin. "Happy Lady": An overly cheerful Cockey hospital patient causes nothing but misery for another lady in pain from a car wreck. "Vive la Different": Carmel Pinkum, a prissy, Southern booster for 'People with Positivity' auditions for the lead singer with a punk rock band. "Fish Tank": A cold-stricken Dr. N!Godatu calls two goofy repairmen to repair her fish tank ...

1x8 – Episode #1.8

"Trapeze": Two Russian trapezes performers called 'The Flying Asternovishes' Maja and Anika, try to put aside their personal differences during a circus performance. "Smalls' Talk": Dr. Gillian Smalls is a cynical radio talk show psychiatrist who takes her job so lightly that her long-suffering screener, Marcy deals with all the serious phone calls. "Last Chance Commercial": Sandra Decker is a 70-year-old, bitter, has-been Hollywood actress, who doesn't own a car, tries to make a comeback with a frozen soup TV commercial. "Babysitting Maggie": Left alone to babysit ...

1x9 – Episode #1.9

"Meg and Tina in August": Meg and Tina are two U.S. Postal workers living in Queens, New York try to deal with one another when Tina seems to have all the luck with picking up guys. "Pre-School": Sara and Greg Downey try to get their son, Max, accepted into a privileged pre-school. "Kiki Howard-Smith Sings": Kiki Howard-Smith, a perky Australian golf player, films a music video singing her very own song of "Golf" (a take on the song "War"). "The Dream": Dr. N!Godatu narrates a strange dream she had involving meeting the man of her dreams.

1x10 – Episode #1.10

"Ariel's Comeback": Ariel Faber (Tracey Ullman), an anorexic, bisexual, pop singer and ex-junkie, tries a comeback into the public eye and captures the attention of a fire marshal (Sam McMurray) who persuades her to make a change in her life. "Dance Challenge": On a TV sing-and-dance show, the flashy Latina dancer, Blanca Valaday (Tracey Ullman) faces a real challenge when she tries to do her dance knowing she doesn't have underwear under her skirt. "Sir": A callous Englishwoman (Tracy Ullman), who dines at a London restaurant every day, tries to act friendly to her ...

1x11 – Episode #1.11

'Breakfast': A middle-aged couple comes face-to-face with the facts about their long-lost love for each other during a usual breakfast morning. 'Crisis on Elm Drive': After the nanny phones to say she's not available, Sara and Greg Downey reluctantly decide to spend the whole weekend with Max. 'Meg and Tina Get Pizza': While Meg goes into a local restaurant to pick-up a take-out pizza, Tina has a romantic dance fling with a stranger in the parking lot while his friend robs the nearby convenience store. 'Burp Contest': Bart and Lisa have a belching contest over who can...

1x12 – Episode #1.12

'Francesca's Choice': Francesca must decide whether or not to mention her father's homosexuality in a school paper about her home life. 'Gotta Dance': Dr. Gibson tries to make Don, a professional dancer, open up his feelings during a session. 'Scandal': In London, England, a senior Parliament member holds a press conference with his spiteful wife in an attempt to prove allegations of a extramarital affair are false. 'Eating Dinner': The Simpsons have dinner where their crude dinner habits are revealed.

1x13 – Episode #1.13

'Kay's Happy Hour': Kay, fed up with the office staff playing practical jokes on her, quits her job and spends the time in a bar listening to the facts of life from the barman and a fellow drunkard. 'Click': A terminal couch potato does not care about the boy his teen daughter is going out with. 'What I Did For Love': A mother-daughter singing duo sing about the times after a failed audition during their long drive home. 'Scanner': Dr. N!Godtau displays a brain scanner that shows what her patients have on their minds.

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