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1x1 – Folge 1

The Tick arrives in 'The City' and shortly after meeting Arthur, his side-kick to be, is called into action to foil the evil plans of the 'Idea Men'. Tick and Arthur manage to thwart the Idea Men's plan to blow up the City Dam.

1x2 – Folge 2

The Tick and Arthur are on patrol, and spot some suspicious activity. The get involved, blowing American Maid's plan to follow the thugs. Luckily they find an invitation to Chairface Chippendale's birthday party. Unlike other criminals, Chairface doesn't want to make his mark on the world...

1x3 – Folge 3

Dinosaur Neil talks about dinosaurs at his job, but when he is eating his lunch in the lab (even though a sign clearly states "Don't Eat in the Lab"), he accidentally ingests Dinosaur DNA, becomes a dinosaur, and rampages through the city.

1x4 – Folge 4

Mr. Mental invites the Tick and Arthur to his stage show at the Evil Eye so that he can hypnotize the Tick to steal a device that will allow him to take over the world.

1x5 – Folge 5

The Tick and Arthur try to save the city from the demented Breadmaster and his bakery-based weaponry.

1x6 – Folge 6

El Seed has mobilized the plants to help him take over the world. Arthur and The Tick infiltrate his army; when asked what kind of corn soldiers they are, Arthur says they are "kernels/colonels".

1x7 – Folge 7

The Tick, Arthur, Die Fliedermaus, and Sewer Urchin visit The Comet Club in Dot's car. Arthur is denied entry by "The Doorman", as he is a sidekick. The heroes are shocked to learn of The Tick, as they know a different The Tick, Barry. As those two fight, The Evil Midnight Bomber what Bombs at Midnight is seeding The Comet Club with bombs, which no superhero seems to notice...

1x8 – Folge 8

A dimension-spanning super-villain, the Thrakkorzog, clones the Tick in a plot to take over the world.

1x9 – Folge 9

Brainchild (aka Charles) wants to use his mega-multi-devastator cannon to make his mark on the earth, with the moon.

1x10 – Folge 10

Island dictator captures smart astronaut monkey, wants to use him to take over Hawaii and Wyoming.

1x11 – Folge 11

The Tick and Arthur play host to a group of Molemen and their King.

1x12 – Folge 12

As The Tick and Arthur return to The City from a trip, The City is too quiet. Soon, they learn that a clown is terrorizing the city. Unfortunately, The Tick is knocked into his own mind, for a journey of discovery.

1x13 – Folge 13

The Terror meets The Tick for the first time, and tries to take over The City.

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