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D1e3o9pgf6sezp1ggqrly8xskxr 1x1 – The Chosen One

Czar Nicholas II takes the Russian throne in 1894 and rejects modern ideas to embrace a pure autocracy. Tragedy marks his coronation day.

Tp6cjvvefmnw3jvhjfiflhhybmr 1x2 – The Boy

Russia's disastrous war against Japan prompts civil unrest. Prince Alexei is diagnosed with hemophilia, and Siberian mystic Rasputin steps in.

Ig1yplkgh93quxfktxmpde6oqym 1x3 – Anarchy

Rasputin's influence grows. The Romanovs retreat into a bubble of luxury while the czar's forces brutally suppress protests by a starving populace.

4wboxm05ijgdib5wqckmg0thwtb 1x4 – War

World War I takes Nicholas to the front. Back home, outrage grows over high casualties and Alexandra and Rasputin's political intrigues.

4k10pdvis4dyvy3xdfed6bam65e 1x5 – Revolution

Rasputin is gone, but Nicholas continues his catastrophic policies in war and at home. Deprivation pushes the population from unrest to revolution.

2m9rrmbqne8kg9zrtu9togrko8t 1x6 – The House of Special Purpose

The czar abdicates, and civil war erupts. As pro-royalist forces close in on the house where the Romanovs are imprisoned, the family's fate is sealed.

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