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Xziun40gryq7vfsitswirperlsv 1x1 – Episode 1

Years after the crown princess delivers forbidden twins, Yi Hwi meets a court maid who looks exactly like him, to his amazement and his mother's horror.

8tktonczpep8ybuwmvcxycxah9c 1x2 – Episode 2

Dam-i tearfully bears the weight of the crown in guise of her brother. Jung Ji-un races against time to find a herbal remedy for a peeved patient.

2rkyqk3reoz7by1ea8dldjcz48m 1x3 – Episode 3

Hwi spares Ji-un his life thinking they won't ever cross paths again. Later, she's startled to see him lurking inside the palace walls.

4jse0jyjnuwltaz5kmynrhiww3z 1x4 – Episode 4

Ji-un proves to be a formidable opponent for Hwi, who's determined to make her newest royal tutor resign. Yi Hyun takes Hwi out on the town.

2jfbvln9bpxeou2ymvqj2rbxqz0 1x5 – Episode 5

Ji-un's good-hearted attempt to make his pupil warm up to people in the palace goes awry. Prince Changun tests Hwi with an intoxicating surprise.

Uqqclef45trqd0zezwxi60spziq 1x6 – Episode 6

A familiar book on the crown prince's desk baffles Ji-un. Running out of time and the means to save his friends, he asks Hwi for help.

Ac7nzaovdl65xjgw4atqy9euwli 1x7 – Episode 7

Hwi earns a chance to gain the king's trust during the Ming envoys' visit, but an ill-tempered guest tests the limits of her patience.

Wqv66mvr9jrf7nuq0ckgiiifxn3 1x8 – Episode 8

Ji-un comforts a tearful Hwi in his arms. Hyun and Ji-un team up to figure out the envoy's secret after a suspicious man visits his quarters.

Avkuvk5hd2yenpdcr1rdklr57x4 1x9 – Episode 9

The queen dowager tells the crown prince to wed. As Ji-un recalls previous night's events, he realizes the reason behind his rollercoaster of emotions.

Wo6pl9pn1fxiwneudzdgll9sf9t 1x10 – Episode 10

After a joyous day together, Hwi gives Ji-un her answer. Shin So-eun and No Ha-gyeong visit the palace as candidates to become the next crown princess.

X96n2nthan9cx1mpdstgc1kyznl 1x11 – Episode 11

Hyun visits Ji-un at his new clinic. A furious Hwi holds Prince Changun accountable for his wrongdoing, and faces staggering backlash as a result.

Tqpqph4l8dask8y01skbszuthue 1x12 – Episode 12

The king is asked to answer to overwhelming appeals for the crown prince's removal. Reentering the palace, Ji-un promises to protect Hwi no matter what.

5andz4jzt58auwkr9fhq0qyw1os 1x13 – Episode 13

Hwi carefully reveals her secret to Ji-un. Lord Sangheon unleashes his royal ambitions and makes way for the future king.

Oq0rn44hhdfgmktcaatsbeocrph 1x14 – Episode 14

Hwi and Ha-gyeong spend their first night together. Reinstated into a palace operating around Lord Sangheon, Ji-un lies low to serve the wounded king.

T7qegw8lyhxeqcekdx32x306jsp 1x15 – Episode 15

Moving in silence, Hwi strategizes retaliation against her grandfather. Kim Ga-on reappears in front of the king with a startling confession.

8hrabljsfzuql0rphui2jizncjv 1x16 – Episode 16

Yoon Hyeong-seol sets out to find the damning ledger and keep his promise to the king. Prince Wonsan puts two and two together about Hwi's identity.

Hdkiy0djzutn8znisg5pqho0zqc 1x17 – Episode 17

Rumors about Hwi and Ji-un's close relationship circulate amongst the palace staff. To protect his son, Jung Seok-jo takes matters into his own hands.

Xmxpbmgoptm902huxawuhxtjmry 1x18 – Episode 18

Hyun and Lord Sangheon learn of Prince Wonsan's secret ploy to dethrone the king. Hwi prepares to take down her grandfather - alone.

3xtv54w7qxpgfzkgv44ho3kwbfi 1x19 – Episode 19

Prince Wonsan ruthlessly proves his ambitions - and worthiness - for kingship to Lord Sangheon. Hwi prepares to abdicate the throne.

Sldbuhktkdylneddf7irwnz5g45 1x20 – Episode 20

Returning to the palace with a vengeance and an army, Lord Sangheon and Prince Wonsan spare no one in their bloody path to the crown.

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