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Lr14b7pgz8apfj4hikea7xt9har 1x1 – The Way Men Divide

A young D.A., out to make a name, goes after cases that may be connected to VIPs. Hoping to make an even bigger name for himself, he goes after cold cases that are not only connected to VIPs but important people who want them solved.

5zqxjod1o4p6s0rgkwc4pxpw5d9 1x2 – No Such Thing as Justice

As the execution date looms, Christine and the Innocence Initiative staff scramble to prove a flaw in the case, while Adam plays every card he has in an effort to block them.

6kjjnlvj2xlbuiymsemlueufu1s 1x3 – Facts Are the Enemy

Christine's preoccupation with the Butler case makes it hard for her to focus on her impending bar exam, while Adam attempts to resolve his doubts by confirming Jenny Butler's eyewitness ID.

9rbwflspc9h1jdcprfybbi6imwu 1x4 – Never Forget

Terry has difficulty re-entering society after his release. Adam chases down loose ends, while Christine finds herself unprepared for the most important test of her life.

Foz1nhqfo1ilnt4rvpgwd8zzum5 1x5 – I'm for Justice

The Page family deals with Jenny's fate. Trey finds himself at odds with his father as he voices his own views about right and wrong. Christine reaches out to her estranged family for help as her investigation into Terry's case turns dangerous.

Fed1z4yorbpunpohnaop9hgsmzf 1x6 – And the Little Ones Get Caught

Adam is furious when he learns the truth about the Butler DNA evidence. While investigating his own murder case, Terry deepens his involvement with the wealthy Zale family. Clark's own investigation into Terry's case suddenly becomes dangerous.

Qrspicshzfjnnwzlc1jg7sahw9 1x7 – I Can't Go Back

It is now Terry's turn to help Christine. Adam wrestles with a decision that endangers his family and political future. Terry puts his freedom on the line when he goes in search of DNA evidence that will prove his innocence once and for all.

82jywg8khibpf9vp4y1edp5ucyc 1x8 – To Whom Evil Is Done

As Christine and Terry get closer, Stanley Zale forces her to choose between the two men in her life. Billie forms her own plan to protect her family. Bobby and Danny trap Eric in a violent event that reaches Terry and Christine in an epic finale.

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