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1x1 – One Plus One

Birdy is a blazing hot Federation Agent charged with apprehending interplanetary scumbags, but tragedy strikes when an innocent boy gets caught in the middle of her cosmic crime-fighting.

1x2 – The Partnered One

Tsutomu isn't thrilled about living inside Birdy until his battered body is nursed back from the dead. Things get even worse when a last-minute photo shoot turns out to be an alien ambush!

1x3 – View of Life

When an icky alien rears its ugly head at recess, Tsutomu must tackle the interstellar menace in his own body if he wants to save the girl of his dreams.

1x4 – A Stranger from Earth

A visit to Birdy's home planet turns ugly when the curvy agent's tactical approach is called into question by the courts. Back on Earth, Shyamalan sets in motion a plan to unleash the Ryunka!

1x5 – Another World

Tsutomu's return to Earth is delayed when Birdy is ordered to investigate a terrorist attack on her home planet. Her mission: utilize her feminine charms to get close to the bad guys!

1x6 – Both of Us

Birdy's determination to recover the deadly Ryunka makes Tsutomu late to a pretty girl's party, but circumstances suggest they've been searching in all the wrong places.

1x7 – Night Walker

A haunting melody echoes through the darkness of the subway, luring unsuspecting girls to their mortal end. When Tsutomu's sister is targeted by the killer, Birdy goes undercover to crack the case.

1x8 – Ghost Village

Tsutomu and his friends take a summer road trip in search of abandoned buildings they can explore, but things get dangerous when Sayaka undergoes a startling transformation!

1x9 – The Champion of Justice

Birdy's fetish for soaking her beautiful body in the tub nearly exposes her true identity. Later, under cover of darkness, the intergalactic agent engages in a brutal catfight with deadly marionette.

1x10 – You're the One

Tsutomu's big date provides the perfect opportunity for Birdy to confirm her suspicions about the Ryunka's true identity. Meanwhile, Natsumi uncovers a startling secret concerning Shyamalan.

1x11 – Bye Bye Buddy

Determined to protect Sayaka, Tsutomu stands guard outside her home, but Birdy's crushing bombshell reveals bigger problems than simply finding the Chairman's killer.

1x12 – Doomsday

Shyamalan reveals the details of his sinister plan, and Tsutomu mounts a desperate final attempt to save Sayaka. Meanwhile, Birdy is given deadline to destroy the Ryunka.

1x13 – Stand by Me

Birdy learns of a method by which the Ryunka can be destroyed without terminating the life of its host; however, it requires someone willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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