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1x1 – Pilot

A favor for an old drinking buddy leads Hank and Britt, small time private eyes, down a rabbit-hole of corruption in deceptively sunny Ocean Beach, California.

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1x2 – Dog and Pony

Desperate for quick cash, Hank and Britt set out to capture escaped convict Mongo for a big chunk of reward money.

1x3 – Change Partners

In order to secure a loan, Hank must prove that the bank manager's wife is cheating on him. But what he discovers is much kinkier than infidelity.

1x4 – Fustercluck

Exposed adulterous fraudster Robert Lindus hires the boys trough his surprisingly loyal wife Josephine to help him make bail, despite his assets being frozen, by 'stealing' cash he hid in a secret office safe, with a mysterious key. Britt would refuse, but Hank accepts, for a fat fee and hoping to find out about his lush ex-colleague's murder. Meanwhile hank's sister is discovered camping on his attic and failing to take her psycho-medication. Detective Mark Gustafson smells a rat after Lindus' bail release.

1x5 – Manifest Destiny

Hank and Britt deal with the widening scope of the Lindus conspiracy as they try to avoid the rap for a murder they (technically) didn't commit.

1x6 – Ring-A-Ding-Ding

Hank and Britt go on a wild goose chase through Ocean Beach while searching for an engagement ring.

1x7 – Missing Persons

Hank and Britt help an amnesiac college student with the case of his missing identity.

1x8 – Agua Caliente

Separated and in danger, Hank and Britt must both work with their ex-partners to make it out of some hot water south of the border.

1x9 – Pimp Daddy

While Hank recovers from his injury, Britt teams up with a transvestite hooker to solve the death of her friend.

1x10 – Asunder

Fighting the urge to drink on Gretchen's wedding day, Hank stumbles back onto the radar of the conspiracy threatening Ocean Beach.

1x11 – Sins of the Past

Hank gets a second shot at the rape case that got him ejected from the police department in a mystery spanning multiple time periods.

1x12 – Quid Pro Quo

Hank, Britt, and new ally, Laura Ross, unravel the Ocean Beach conspiracy, which puts them and everyone they love in immediate danger.

1x13 – Hail Mary

Still reeling from his loss, Hank is out of options and out of time. Britt is faced with a decision that will change his future.

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