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7imim98nmfb1yj2phb0vxwxocfd 1x1 – So long, Patrick Henry

Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott travel to Hong Kong. Their assignment: persuade an American Olympic athlete who defected to Red China to return to the U.S.

Nlx2my31lnaoisgu1jxqn0ayanh 1x2 – Feuerwerk in Hongkong

Russ Conley, a former instructor of Kelly's, shows up in Hong Kong. He delivers a message from "the department" to Kelly and Scott.

1eqgjvmlbw57t2x45kj1ygqzvte 1x3 – Der schlaue Huan

Robinson and Scott must negotiate a deal with an aged Chinese criminal mastermind while fending off his 3 money-hungry sons-in-law.

Rqm6p0etm9qqk8mzxsoybjg5mhw 1x4 – Monsieur Beaujolais greift ein

While tracking a drugs for weapons smuggling deal Kelly and Scotty encounter the mysterious Blue Dragon society which makes sorting out the bad guys from the good anyone's guess.

Kgyzp7ohoqa20ohpnniuvbxvkz7 1x5 – Der Boss war eine Lady

While tracking a drugs-for-weapons smuggling deal, Kelly and Scotty encounter the mysterious Blue Dragon society, which makes sorting out the bad guys from the good anyone's guess.

Jsoivamvxl57fiaw10ldfvlewal 1x6 – Die Traumverkäufer

After Kelly and Scotty capture some heroin, the mobster wants it back, and to make certain he gets it returned, he's got a very valuable item to exchange; Scotty, who's being kept as a hostage in the dressing room of the beautiful drug addicted singer (Ms Eartha Kitt), who's working for the mobster.

B0d7zbsr1kzss4egvglgqpyycvj 1x7 – Wie Danny Preston das Lachen verlernte

Kelly and Scotty needs to keep an obnoxious drug smuggler alive until his escort arrives to extradite him to the States to testify.

Cfot34mbcdbjc3h29nv1atupvpt 1x8 – Einer muß verlieren

Scotty and Kelly are assigned to investigate the death of an American agent in a fiery car crash and more important, the whereabouts of the secret documents he was carrying. Word on the street is the documents were destroyed in the fire but now one really believes that, including the bad guys who are happy to trade cash or bullets to acquire them.

E0nl8rkqgoaxtppr2swyzjiwstd 1x9 – Ein Schiff kam nach Hongkong

Scotty and Kelly search for an escaped prisoner, a Chinese agent scheduled for exchange with an American held by the Chinese.

Jsep0afzltiiqyckpawwqy8wlzh 1x10 – Tatia Loring

Does an association with three, make that four, murdered agents make a woman an enemy assassin? Scotty thinks so. Kelly doesn't. But Kelly's in love.

7iwafkrdzq3n4iy2ma7wctdeljo 1x11 – Eine gefährliche Waffe

Scotty and Kelly, with the aid of a new woman recruit, an American scientist and a bellman, need to obtain a sample of a Chinese biological warfare agent.

Cbkzl0nyajya9hwqpnh5qufzk6b 1x12 – Die 50.000-Dollar-Nacht

Scott and Kelly must ecover a roll of microfilm stolen from an Army courier. Unfortunately its in the hands of a crime lord. To get it back Kelly has to meet the gangster's price; in cash or blood.

3tz7tn0d8c6xe15r5gaebgz1u9 1x13 – Die gelben Tiger

A small group of fanatical, anti-American neo-samurai called the Tigers of Heaven target friends of Kelly.

3bq74ecmgmvfqyemgzfjgudd38d 1x14 – Die Glocke von T’sen Cha

Whilst in Hong Kong, and not currently on assignment, Kelly narrowly escapes a sniper's bullet while playing a tennis. He and Alexander Scott, are actually a pair of U.S. agents, Shortly thereafter, they're told to find a freight train which disappeared between China and Hong Kong. The train was supposedly only carrying building materials. It turns out, but, there was a passenger who's of great interest to China.

Rynvm8k449gcf4ugo0mvhr4mysl 1x15 – Der Tiger im Dschungel

Kelly's sent on a suicide mission to spring a trap before a world renowned humanitarian blunders into it to rescue his daughter.

612y3xowgnaw264v3iolv3xtuoh 1x16 – Das Tauschobjekt

Plans go awry when Kelly and Scotty are in Tokyo to help a Russian professor defect.

Atdnhfnnqbfsb2k5uwwgytub6n 1x17 – Sag zum Abschied leise Servus

Kelly takes the blame for all manner of indiscretions to spare the reputation of a diplomat.

Prmtbrpzzoeqwzwvadd4ffzww7x 1x18 – Falsche Austern

Scotty and Kelly combat a ruthless gang of smugglers who have co-opted an entire fishing village into their scheme. Although totally unarmed, with a little help from the villagers they might have a chance.

8iykzldgiu8rh2fhhvgkwrnt9kz 1x19 – Die Gäste des Karafatma

Alexander Scott, traveling undercover in Mexico as Dr. Smithfield, is abducted along with three other agronomists that an amiable freelance spy is planning to sell to a foreign power. Kelly teams up with a taxi driver to track down his kidnapped comrade.

98n8u2snl5myikze1rwbkgkdgke 1x20 – Einmal Mexiko und nicht zurück

Scotty sportingly bets Kelly a dollar that he is capable of tracking down his friend anywhere in Mexico within a week. But the hide n' seek game becomes desperately urgent after Scott learns Kelly has unknowingly been infected with anthrax that will kill him if not treated within 24 hours.

Bhmj7rsdioe9mxqllkdichyzndy 1x21 – Nur fünf Dollar Spesen

A question over a five-dollar expense account item for "glass pants" for Scotty's mother leads to the boys recounting for Miss Clavell the whole story of their assignment to General Ortiz, democratic leader of an island republic ousted in a revolution and now living in exile in Taxco, Mexico. The general is seeking the United States' assistance in waging a counter-revolution, but Ortiz's wife is suspiciously resistant to allowing Kelly and Scott meet the general. Why the cover-up?

Wmaqd4rjxvh8jpuwrjtnqnsqzfl 1x22 – Entführung auf Mexikanisch

Kelly and Scotty are assigned to kidnap a government official to detect shortcomings in her security detail, but Maude Murdock, a brash and scrappy Oklahoma woman, doesn't kidnap easily.

Xwej4mjfvyyc5zoissroq8o8nry 1x23 – Der blauäugige Riese

Kelly's girlfriend insists she was rescued by the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. Kelly and Scott's investigation of her claim soon dovetails with their assignment to locate a Soviet Air Force pilot thought to be defecting.

5ekenxwrlih7qhanxvdrfx00htg 1x24 – Senor Munoz

Robinson and Scott must go undercover in a group of famous American personalities dedicated to overthrowing the government of a country friendly to the United States.

Kqwcyzmr75ftiblgtc3fdmcx6th 1x25 – Zwei Männer und ein Baby

Robinson and Scott are assigned to bring in a female American agent who fled after killing an enemy agent.

Trmgoauctegznmfwg5j34lxzney 1x26 – Kathy schafft alle

Robinson and Scott are assigned to chaperon Kathy, the spoiled teenage daughter of a powerful advisor to the President. Things go seriously wrong when Kathy gets mixed up in a drug smuggling ring.

V5c0aiwnyiqpwgarkikzeqapjev 1x27 – Episode 27

Sinister Soviet scientist Dr. Karolyi kidnaps Kelly and brainwashes him into believing Scott is a traitor who must be killed.

Rah3ydobxjv93zap6th2k7oek0o 1x28 – Kühles Gold und heiße Liebe

Greed, jealousy, and treachery await when Robinson and Scott are ordered to find a lost gold shipment in the Mexican jungle.

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