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Tpiqr1eazuclk8qpyxeym8kynhs 1x1 – Divide and Conquer

Cinderblock breaks Plasmus out of jail and a fight divides some members of the team.

Qnqy93xuk2lddhdbh1uhkzbon6a 1x2 – Sisters

Starfire's sister, Blackfire comes to earth. Weird alien robots start attacking Starfire and it is up to the Teen Titans to protect one of their own, but things are not always what they appear to be.

7gnfoetomfwczeaeygwzb3z8yqn 1x3 – Final Exam

Slade hires the newest graduates of the H.I.V.E to take on the Teen Titans

Lhomheg6ir96ohxi2e5cgyzbsl5 1x4 – Forces of Nature

Slade finds a pair of super powered brothers, and convinces them to use their powers for their own amusement, no matter the cost to others. The Titans show up and show them what really matters.

Pqzwhufh2vlrgbba3ehhangkmvg 1x5 – The Sum of His Parts

Cyborg is frustrated when his limited battery charge allows a villain to escape. The mysterious robot, Fixit, might have the solution - if Cyborg is willing to pay the price.

Foeed2rnn61wdzkqdca1zetycie 1x6 – Nevermore

After an encounter with Dr. Light, Raven starts acting strangely. Cyborg and Beast Boy go into Raven's room and find themselves encountering several different version of Raven.

S0mlqtabjbl9caxn4siskomec4m 1x7 – Switched

After an encounter with the Puppet King, Raven and Starfire switch bodies. Now they have to work together to rescue the boys.

Emzwqntrfye90xh6qadindh1qcr 1x8 – Deep Six

The Titans go after Trident, an undersea criminal, with the assistance of Aqualad.

2xjb1okegm6a3fg7qmtatrxwpqx 1x9 – Masks

Robin is obsessed with finding Slade. Then a new criminal shows up: Red X. Red X goes on missions stealing equipment for Slade. The Titans try to stop Red X, but he seems to be one step ahead of the Titans.

Nmadmh3ookervbxawzvs9ho6gs6 1x10 – Mad Mod

Mad Mod captures the Titans and tries to brain wash them. The Titans are trapped in a weird virtual world, can they find their way to the real world without being brain washed?

W7kln47j2iq9zvazmapur1lsxwr 1x11 – Car Trouble

Cyborg is in a chase around the city when various villains get their hands on his newly-built "T-Car."

Dq1edqrwdlanbzuv6rdrd2xfybr 1x12 – Apprentice: Part 1

While the other Titans locate a bomb planted by Slade, Robin finally locates Slade. Slade gives Robin a choice: become Slade's apprentice, or Slade will destroy the rest of the Titans.

Ba8ngs5fmshved2asvzukkqlca5 1x13 – Apprentice: Part 2

Faced with a grave threat against his friends, Robin is forced to be Slade's protégé while the team investigates their leader's unknown reasons.

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