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1x1 – Extortion in Chinatown
1x2 – Mug Shot

T.S. is assigned to protect Adam Dalton a music magazine editor who becomes mixed up in a criminal conspiracy.

1x3 – Setting the Score
1x4 – Stow Away
1x5 – The Drop
1x6 – Something in the Air
1x7 – The Silver Angel
1x8 – And Baby Makes Nine
1x9 – On Ice
1x10 – The Latest Development
1x11 – Junkyard Blues
1x12 – Killing Time

A man whom Taler put away for murder when she was D.A. has escaped. It seems that he was convicted because Taler got his daughter who saw him do it, to testify against him. Now they fear he's going to go after his daughter. But Turner doesn't think that's whom he is going after.

1x13 – Sweet Tooth
1x14 – Playing with Fire
1x15 – Sophie a La Modem
1x16 – Black and White
1x17 – The Game
1x18 – A Victim of Fashion
1x19 – Special Delivery
1x20 – Pros and Cons
1x21 – Private Eyes
1x22 – Mickey's Choice
1x23 – Working It Out
1x24 – Now You See It

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