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Txymuajyqclczcw5yx2dkpfsjnb 1x1 – Pilot

During his first day on the job at a big-box store, Jonah makes a rough impression on floor manager Amy, and draws the romantic interest of assistant manager Dina.

Sypmri57oruabjgwubtrevbbdrt 1x2 – Magazine Profile

A reporter is supposed to be writing a piece on the store, but focuses more on Jonah; Garrett tries to avoid being photographed; Cheyenne asks her boyfriend to write a corporate jingle.

Illpd8l69hpusvz8uqllhtpkxl3 1x3 – Shots and Salsa

Amy fights racial stereotypes, while Jonah learns why you should never lend a helping hand.

Y6ejrpm17mzcpxovoqqzyoe9uz3 1x4 – Mannequin

Everyone becomes obsessed with a mannequin that looks exactly like Jonah; Cheyenne considers putting her baby up for adoption; Glenn and Dina get into an argument about parenting.

Mblugau8jim3f0nhovrp7uolqzb 1x5 – Shoplifter

When Amy's daughter, Emma, is without a babysitter for the day, Amy must defy store policy and secretively bring her to work; Cheyenne and Mateo get into a fight over a couch; Dina tracks a shoplifter.

Iefqoqiu5ravoyrodlloohhzga3 1x6 – Secret Shopper

Amy feels competitive when Glenn publicly congratulates Jonah on his superb test results; Cloud 9 employees are on their best behavior in anticipation of a secret shopper.

Jsep6px5pdeyrqrk3cmiuklvqh0 1x7 – Color Wars

Glenn announces that all employees will receive a $100 bonus if the store reaches a sales goal by the end of the day; Ben has an encounter with Amy's husband; Dina and Glenn plan a celebration.

2q3wpnmhbrlsek9lf9s0qnka54o 1x8 – Wedding Day Sale

When Cheyenne and Bo intend to make lavish purchases during the store's annual wedding-themed sale, Amy tries to talk to them about the cost of having a child; Glenn tries to show his support for gay marriage.

Lefydtfk4j9bmpi8ifaseyy63ij 1x9 – All-Nighter

The staff are waiting for a truck to deliver new Cloud 9 signs that they'll have to hang by morning, until Glenn announces that the truck is delayed and they're locked in the store for the entire night.

Qwx8f7dzdzn7w7eo60qap0mropq 1x10 – Demotion

Dina asks for a demotion so that she is free to date Jonah.

J1vtvlragfl1qosds3stjlrfsf 1x11 – Labor

Cheyenne is having her baby in the store but won't stop working because Cloud9 doesn't offer paid maternity leave. To help her, Jonah proposes a walkout.

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