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1x1 – Up the Apple Tree/Kangaroo Clean-Up

Stanley has trouble picking an apple as a birthday present for his mom; Stanley thinks a kangaroo could help him clean the mess he made in his parent's room.

1x2 – Daddy Pride/Show-and-Tell Shark

Stanley decides to trade his Daddy for a lion Daddy; Stanley wants to bring a shark to school for a show-and-tell presentation.

1x3 – Bearly Awake/The Eagle Has Landed

Stanley has trouble understanding why sleep is important; Stanley creates a kite for a competition.

1x4 – Watch Out for Lionels/Growing Pains
1x5 – Frog Legs/Who's Afraid of the Dark?

Stanley is nervous about going swimming in the big pool; Stanley worries over night noises.

1x6 – Tiger Hunt/Monkey-Bar Business

Elsie does not want to play a hide-and-seek game with Stanley while wearing a tiger costume; Stanley has trouble learning to climb on monkey bars.

1x7 – Camel Commotion/There's Snow Place Like Home

Stanley looks up deserts in "The Great Big Book of Everything" and learns about camels; Stanley learns how polar bears are insulated against the cold.

1x8 – A Whale of a Song/Sloth for a Day
1x9 – Busy Busy Octopus/Honest Ostrich

Stanley wants to put on an animal show all by himself; Stanley tries to hide that fact that he lost his friend Marci's soccer ball.

1x10 – Dolphin Talk/Whole Lotta Snakin' Going On
1x11 – Platypus Problems/Rabbit Habit

Stanley is given a costume of an unusual animal to wear to school; Mimi and Marci search for the perfect pet for them.

1x12 – Savanna-Speeders!/Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
1x13 – Hippo Helpers/Where's Stanley
1x14 – Penguin Party/Leave It to Beavers

Stanley is worried that he is the only kid his age who doesn't know how to ice skate; Stanley, Mimi and Marci decide to build a clubhouse for their new nature club.

1x15 – The Joker/Baby Pictures
1x16 – You've Got Pigeon Mail/It's a Prarie Dog's Life

Stanley searches for a way to send his mom a quick letter; Stanley, Mimi and Marci feel that safety rules are keeping them from having fun.

1x17 – Remembering with Elephants/Garbage Can Bandit
1x18 – Snow Monkey See, Snow Monkey Do/Sick Day Stanley
1x19 – Little Dog Lost
1x20 – The Big Spill/Peekaboo Parrot

Stanley is afraid of losing his dad's respect when he spills his breakfast; Stanley's Grandma Griff brings along a surprise visitor when she comes to babysit Stanley.

1x21 – Gorilla Sleepover/Sea Lion Slip-Up
1x22 – Worms at Work/Caterpillar Countdown

Mimi learns that "yucky" worms are actually beneficial to her garden; Elsie waits impatiently for a butterfly to hatch from a chrysalis.

1x23 – In a While, Crocodile/The Color of Stanley
1x24 – Searching for Spring/Save the Blue Bird!
1x25 – The Pond Couple/Who's Afraid of Walter Wolf?

Dennis has trouble adjusting when Stanley brings a musk turtle for a visit; the kids are scared of a new boy at school named Walter.

1x26 – A Little Squirrel Music/A Boy's Best Friend Is His Fish

Lionel decides to write a song about squirrels and Stanley for a song-writing contest; Dennis is worried that Stanley is planning to replace him with a new best friend fish-- one with more "pizazz."

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