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Vygjynhh4kqksptuhjgsl40wlto 1x1 – Das Geheimnis im Moor

The secret in the moor.

Qyfae7xcbvl7paf4gmubk9covri 1x2 – Der Tote im Spreewald

The dead in the Spreewald.

Rq7esgcjhekjuqdaeqjanfucwpv 1x3 – Die Tränen der Fische

The tears of the fish.

6xkruovz8vh5qlgl71kr0solmcx 1x4 – Eine tödliche Legende

A deadly legend.

G2eypm2garbypzp70jw78ohq3s 1x5 – Feuerengel

Fire angel.

Ystgxmzfmztsyj5mbru0pfxsbyw 1x6 – Mörderische Hitze

It's midsummer in the Spreewald. The heat affects everyone. A man throws himself in front of a truck on a lonely country road to commit suicide. His name is Gottfried Richter. An emergency operation is performed. A lot of someone else's blood is discovered on the clothes of the prisoner on remand. The man in the accident has apparently committed a serious crime. While commissioner Thorsten Krüger and Fichte are looking for the actual victim of the bloody crime and puzzling over a motive, the past of the man is gradually revealed in flashbacks, who once found his great...

Dp0p5tgbpoxvxp2upg68ews34ne 1x7 – Die Tote im Weiher

The dead in the pond.

7vxjmw7dicomxakm2wrczckeznx 1x8 – Die Sturmnacht

The storm night.

Fvi7bfo8terp4ynbz0yjyqtsznb 1x9 – Spiel mit dem Tod

Game with death.

3ebgnhwckgurt1rz64ucggnome6 1x10 – Zwischen Tod und Leben

Knut Hellstein comes to commissioner Krüger's mobile home, demanding help in a dirty game in the energy business, calling a marker from the cop, who accepts unofficially as he failed to d-save Knut's father Karsten Hellstein, who ended up suicidal. Krüger soon suspects Knut being accomplice as well as victim. Krüger ends up comatose due to a fire bomb on his caravan, before he can question the key witness. Beat cop Fichte dragged him out of the flames and continues the investigation, while Krüger has visions including dead people. The case also involves a blackmailer,...

1x11 – Tödliche Heimkehr

The smile of the chimera.

1x12 – Zeit der Wölfe

Two people die in quick succession during forest work and a car accident. Fichte suspects a connection with a local rock band "The Wolves". Since Krüger refuses to work on the case, Fichte tries to clarify the case with police candidate Luise Bohn. Meanwhile, Krüger retires into the forest as a hermit. After the investigation does not progress, Krüger and Fichte try to find a way to work with each other again and resolve the case.

1x13 – Totentanz

Dance of the dead. A young man is found dead in a field, after having ran away naked from a wild costume party. Kruger and Fichte investigate the party goers to determine how the man died.

1x14 – Tote trauern nicht

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